Resistant Starch (contd) + Yogurt Recipe


It’s weird how I can be hungry and full at the same time. I’m trying to get a little resistant starch with every meal, but because of the RS, I’m not really eating many meals. I am farting like a crazy person though & I may never quit pooping.

I read that the farts are from the RS being fermented in my large intestine, so I decided that tomorrow I will bring a baked & cooled potato to work and eat it with some homemade yogurt to get some probiotic with my prebiotic. Bacteria Ahoy!

Making Greek yogurt is laughingly easy. I start this in the evening. First you start out with a half-gallon fresh whole milk & a cup of heavy cream (just because) and heat to 180F. You will know when it is close because it will get nice & frothy – do not boil!

When it gets up to temp, fill a mug with it, add a small amount of cocoa & a tiny amount of sugar, cinnamon & nutmeg & stir well. Give to your husband because he really likes hot chocolate. Pour the rest of the hot milk into the crock from your crockpot (or, you know, any container, I guess) and let cool to 115F.

Add a starter yogurt – the last 3 tablespoons of your last batch & stir well. Cover with lid & put in a cooler and wrap towels around it. The trick is to let it cool as slowly as possible so it’s nice & warm for the culture to multiply. Go to bed.

Get up in the morning & pour the yogurt into a colander that is lined with a tea towel & set in a lasagna pan (for drainage). Make sure the tea towel is not hanging out of the pan or it will leak all over the place! Put in fridge to drain. Go to work.

Come home from work and spoon your yummy yogurt into a couple of mason jars. Chow massively!


4 thoughts on “Resistant Starch (contd) + Yogurt Recipe

  1. TempestTcup Post author

    I don’t. I use it like sour cream (on potatoes, etc) or eat it plain – it’s super creamy & rich. If you want it sweet you could drizzle some raw honey on it & throw some berries in the mix.

    Just be careful of the temperatures – you don’t want to scald or boil the milk & it needs to be right at 115F when adding the starter & then kept warm overnight (8 to 12 hours). If when you tilt the container the yogurt separates from the edge clean, it is ready to “Greek”. The whey that is drained is actually pleasant to drink & full of protein & probiotics.

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