Bitch & Moan & Grumble & Groan (Part 4)


Across the street from our house is a Mexican family we never see, an empty house, a habitat full of Huge Manatees, a meth house, and another Mexican family that we never see. The empty house is occasionally occupied with the most annoying people that glare at us when we see them. There are a revolving door of disgruntled assholes with fucked up friends that try their damndest to destroy our property.

The Huge Manatees are truly huge ambling beasties. There was originally about 5 of them in the two bedroom house that they “built themselves”. They obviously used all their capabilities “building their own house” because they have been unable to do anything since. Seriously, they can barely figure out how to open the car door, squeeze themselves in, & drive down the road. Working is out of the question. The government supplies them with fresh cars every couple of months and an obviously never-ending supply of food. Volunteers come mow their yard during the summer because they are incapable.

For Thanksgiving they had another family come for an extended visit and then a second family visited for Christmas. We are waiting for those two families to leave, but alas. There are currently about 12 enormous manatees living in a 1000 sqft house. Their toilet must be super-heavy-doody. Their floor is hopefully a thick concrete slab heavily reinforced because it has about 4800lbs waddling around on it.

The meth house is occupied by an endless stream of semi-homeless. Don’t try to report their meth activities to the police because the police will inform you that it is a “known meth house” and therefore just fine. The cops are busy with unknown meth houses, so we will just have to wait. Every so often one of the semi-homeless will stroll over to see what they can steal, but then they see the security cameras and amble on back. There aren’t utilities at the meth house, so I imagine the shit is literally piling up.

The saga continues…


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