Bits & Ends


We are looking at 2 houses tomorrow, which I used to get excited about & I would get all emotionally involved & then my hopes & dreams would get dashed upon the rocks. Not any more; I’m as hard as a diamond, now. I mean, I really want to move, but I know it is a pipe dream. Anyway, I’m torturing another realtor! Fun!

I’m still playing with resistant starch, but not really very hard. Potatoes wrecked my system for about a month & a half & rice tends to give me heartburn. Well, actually it didn’t before, but then the other night I misguidedly ate a street-vendor hotdog that gave me MASSIVE heartburn & now heartburn seems to happen easily. It’s enough that I’m seriously considering going back to eating bits of meat floating in broth & butter. (Damn, that sounds good!)

My job is totally hectic right now – the first month of the year is my busy time, so I’m not sure how much time I’m going to be spending here in the near future. Of course, I only work 4 days a week now, but that actually adds stress, somehow. I’m meeting friends from high school (lol, we are crazy old, too) for a couple of beers Thursday, which should be fun, but actually added stress because last night my car exploded. Well, some sort of shaft thingie exploded. Hell, I don’t know.

A friend at work is fixing it for me & it is going to cost $60 for the part & he is going to charge $20, which means I’m going to have to force another $40 on him so that I don’t feel like I’m taking advantage because I totally am. Taking advantage. Use & abuse.

I’m still taking Zinc to ward off uncontrolled vaginal bleeding & I’m kinda worried about ODing on it because I’m taking way over the recommended amount (150 to 225MG daily), but when I slack off I start bleeding again. I would contact my OB/GYN but he is super surgery-happy & I’m super keep-all-my-parts-happy.


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