My First Red Pill: Butter


There I was, minding my own business, bored at work & surfing the edges of the interwebs circa 2009, & I saw something about how cracking fresh black pepper on my food would increase the nutrient absorption by 2000%. I searched more on this & found Whole Health Source & started reading. I can’t find the original post I read (I heard that he culled his posts awhile back), but I started looking around on Stephan’s site.

Somewhere I stumbled onto a post about fats, which blew my friggin mind. I mean, I already knew about good fats & bad fats; in order of good to evil they are: olive oil, vegetable oil, & the very worst ever: Saturated Animal Fats. I can’t find anything that I remember reading on that site back a few years, but the gist of what I read was that saturated fats were pretty stable, but polyunsaturated fats (veg oils) when you looked at the molecule there were all these places where oxygen molecules (disclaimer: not a scientist!) could attach, thereby oxidizing the fat, rendering it rancid. I’m not even going into the chemical process used to extract veg oils.

I, like everyone else in the free world, was on a major Extra Virgin Olive Oil kick, so when in the comments of a post (that I cannot find, damn it) someone asked Stephan which was better for you, butter or olive oil, Stephan said Butter. Butter. I had like a million bottles of olive oil in the pantry.

My first red pill was the day I started melting a thick pat of butter on everything I ate. Much to my surprise, I did not gain weight; what did happen is that I noticed that I no longer had hangovers. Seriously. I have had maybe 20 hangovers total since 2010 & I like to hang out at bars a lot. Sometimes on a Friday I may visit 4 different bars.

The reason it was such a red pill is that saturated fats are the most vilified fat in the US, yet by eating a bunch of it I actually found a major benefit. What else was Conventional Wisdom wrong about? Well, I’m about to take you on a very slow hop down the rabbit hole because CW is wrong about pretty much everything.

Tl;dr:  Everything you have ever been told is a complete & total lie.


3 thoughts on “My First Red Pill: Butter

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  2. Jim

    “Everything you have ever been told is a complete & total lie.”

    Yup. Went down that road over a decade ago. I know the feeling.

  3. TempestTcup Post author

    I always suspected something, but I had no idea how all encompassing the lies were. The louder and more often the MSM screams something, the bigger the lie.

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