Busy, Bloody


You have no concept of how much of my job has today as a deadline. Realistically about 20% of my entire job for the year has today as a deadline. Hopefully I got everything done because my brain has been mush for the last week.

Luckily I have three days to recover since I now work a 4 day week. Of course, those same 3 day weekends are probably going to be the death of me and any sort of productive activities. Do I paint the window trim that needs it so desperately? No, I do not. Do I visit bars earlier & earlier in the day? Yes, I do.

Tomorrow I’m going shopping for cute bras to attempt to match them to my panties as per Danny’s suggestion. Not sure if hubby will notice or anything, but maybe he’ll reward me with a good old fashioned ravishing. Most likely he will find the pair during an already scheduled ravishing. As long as said ravishing occurs, I’m good. Either I will be rewarded by being ravished or he will be rewarded with cuteness while ravishing.

Do Not Read Past This Point – Menopause Related.

Since transitioning from not having a period for 6 months to having my 2nd 2 week long period (period fatigue extraordinaire!) I started using the disposable version of the Moon Cup or Diva Cup (I bought the disposable ones because that’s all the store had). They work pretty damn well.

Don’t get me wrong – it is gross as hell dealing with it, but as far as being able to not be constantly leaking all day it rocks massively. Then YOU choose when to gross yourself out. Plus you can have sex while using them. Kinda messy sex, but not nearly as messy as without.

I have the best husband in the world, too; the other day I came home to freshly laundered piles of blood-colored towels of every size. I guess once he realized that blood was going to be a big part of our lives for a while, he went out & purchased them to make my life easier. Super Awesome! I did notice a few of them by the bed (hahahaha), which is conveniently outfitted with blood-colored sheets.


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