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Blathering on about Nothing Important


There was a crisis at work yesterday that I handled as well as possible & now I’m just hanging out to see how it pans out. I did all I could & now everything is in others’ hands. Once they act, then I will be busy again. I don’t expect that to happen for a couple of hours.

I found a place about thirty minutes away that sells raw milk, so I want to go there this weekend. It will be annoying because I will have to deal with salespeople (the only thing I dislike doing as much as I dislike talking on the phone), but I’m willing to torture myself for some yummy yummy cream for my coffee & milk for yogurt. There is also a place in town with cheap ammo.

This has been a crazy busy two months so far at work, plus I launched this site. I mean, I know it is just a fluffy little blog & all, but the outpouring of response and support has been incredible. I think the manosphere has to be one of the most polite places I’ve ever experienced. Sure, there are little pissing matches here & there, but they blow over quickly & then this little corner of the internet goes back to 99% polite and helpful.

It was finally light out when I drove to work at 7:10 this morning. I’m getting really excited about Spring & Summer even though it was 31F & my car was frosted over. Last summer I took up sunbathing for about forty minutes for two or three afternoons a week. I also turned off my water heater for the entire summer. Cold showers are really only cold for the first five seconds, but those five seconds are killers!

It is all a part of Keoni’s Paleo Radiation Therapy & Richard’s Cold Therapy & Adaptation. Sunbathing really makes your skin tighter & the fat under your skin smoother. I’m older, so I really notice this, lol. I never got dark, but had a nice tan glow & some really awesome tan lines! The cold water thing just feels good in the summer; it feels as good as a hot shower in the winter. The only thing that is kind of annoying about not having hot water is rinsing out frying pans.

Anyway, the sun is streaming in my windows here at work & it is really nice & brightens my day considerably. I’m going to clean my office (it is a total wreck & I know there are a couple of deadlines somewhere in all those mounds of paper), handle the crisis fallout and kiss February goodbye. Then I have a 3-day weekend! Yay for me!

Lose the Microwave


I was reading an article over at Excavating Eden on Three Ways Modern Civilization Neuters You about microwaving food & it reminded me of exactly why I ditched my microwave. I always had an uneasy feeling using it, but didn’t really have anything definite to go on & it is just too convenient to use. I had to go cold turkey.

We got rid of our microwave a year or two ago.  I was making a lot of bone broths & the microwave was awesome because you could make the broth, store it in mason jars in the refrigerator & then heat it up as needed in the microwave. Easy peasy. Until I read the bad news in this (very excellent) Weston A.Price article.

Whatever form of gelatin is used, it should never be cooked or reheated in the microwave. According to a letter published in The Lancet, the common practice of microwaving converts l-proline to d-proline. They write, “The conversion of trans to cis forms could be hazardous because when cis-amino acids are incorporated into peptides and proteins instead of their trans isomers, this can lead to structural, functional and immunological changes.” They further note that “d-proline is neurotoxic and we have reported nephrotoxic and heptatotoxic effects of this compound.”55 In other words, the gelatin in homemade broth confers wonderous benefits, but if you heat it in the microwave, it becomes toxic to the liver, kidneys and nervous system. […]There is no reason to think that proline is the only amino subject to this kind of destruction, and it is likely that other aminos would be similarly affected. The studies, however, were done on proline.

So, instead of making an extremely healthful substance I was basically poisoning my household. Yay! Liquid death! Then I looked up what else contains proline & even coffee has it. Basically if there is protein in a food, you should not microwave that food. Our microwave was promptly donated to GoodWill to poison the less fortunate.

A lot of restaurants freeze then microwave their food like Applebee’s does, so this is another reason to do more of your cooking at home.

Crazy or just Female?


A friend called & summoned us to a biker bar waaaay too early to watch the Daytona 500. Another friend showed up looking pretty rough. He had given his girlfriend $500 to pay the bills & she went to the casino & blew the whole wad a few days ago, so his electricity was turned off, and his phone, etc.  She conveniently left to go stay in a hotel (with electricity! & why didn’t she use the hotel $$ to pay the bills?) because he was mad. So of course the subject changed to why women were so nuts.

The other friend got divorce-raped a few years back & wondered why his ex was so nuts. We told him he needed to check out the manosphere & instead of looking at us like we had just eaten a baby, he actually said, “That’s exactly what I need.” Wow. That’s a first! We explained that there were a lot of facets to it like PUA, MRA, relationship game, financial, etc. All of them can pretty much tell him why his ex is nuts.

Thing is that I’m pretty sure both of them wish their respective exes were not nuts so that they could be not nuts together & live happily ever after. I told them that the ‘sphere would explain why chicks are cray cray & what to do about it. I’m kind of a naughty girl because I neglected to tell them that they had a lot of work to do on themselves in order to handle their women correctly.

I also neglected to tell them that their women weren’t nuts (okay, maybe they are), but they were just being female (okay, fine, females are nutz!), and the men just needed to know how to deal with. You know, that whole flies/honey thing on feeding them the red pill.

Now I know that as a female, I am not qualified to give them relationship advice, so the best I can do is steer them in the right direction to find men that are. Frankly, since my husband hasn’t fully absorbed the red pill goodness yet, he isn’t qualified either. And it’s totally fine that he isn’t fully red pill because he might get funny ideas, lol!

Besides, even though I try my best to not shit-test, be solipsistic, and be hypergamous , I still do & I still am. I know better, yet I still continue to act those ways. Does that make me crazy or does it make me female? I try not to shit-test because I can cut a man down with my razor-sharp wit. I’m really super-good at it, having had a ton of practice over the years (sorry sweetie! 🙂 ).

The solipsistic thing, well duh, here we are & I’m talking about myself. Luckily about the hypergamous thing, my husband is always the best looking guy in any room, so that is no problem at all. Anyway, I’ve been working on my failings for about a year or so & I still have those failings, so how could females never exposed to red pill wisdom ever stand a chance?

Meeting Other Introverts

goldfish jumping out of the water

Say you are an introvert, how do you go about meeting others of your kind? On the surface it seems easy, but the problem is that the introvert isn’t going to come up & introduce themselves or anything. If you happen to sit next to an introvert they probably won’t talk to you beyond acknowledging your existence (if you even get that) unless they’ve had a few too many.

If someone does talk to you, they are probably an extrovert & talking to them can either be mildly amusing or can be exhausting. The problem is that extroverts don’t really parse their speech; whatever comes into their heads comes out their mouths, generally. This is why talking to most people can be so annoying.

Meeting other introverts is a lengthy process, but it is worth it because once you get them to talk to you they have incredibly interesting things to say. They spend most of their lives in solitary activities like reading books & looking up things on the internet. Sometimes they just roll ideas around inside their heads until they either make sense or are discarded.

So how do you do it? Well, little known fact is there is a place introverts gather; happy hour at your small local neighborhood dive bar. Extroverts go out at night; introverts gather from happy hour until about 10 when the bar fills with the late night extrovert crowd. Now if you are an introvert, you might find it difficult going into a strange bar because places full of people aren’t your cup of tea, but gird your loins & go in. The perfect bar is one where when you walk in everyone looks at the door, but no one greets you except maybe the bartender.

So if you successfully enter a bar & obtain a beverage, then sit at the bar & drink your drink. Sitting at the bar is imperative; no one will notice you if you sit at a table & if they do notice you, sitting at a table signifies that you want to be left the hell alone. Sitting at the bar is a friendlier approach even if you never speak to anyone except the bartender to say “Miller Lite”.

If anyone talks to you, they are either an extrovert or drunk. You can either talk back or ignore them; it doesn’t matter, you are biding your time & becoming a regular. This is a lengthy process. You may show up at the same bar for a month & never meet another introvert, but they all see you, and your repeated appearance will make them more comfortable around you (and you them).

Extroverts are bewildered by the mere thought of this process, this mating dance. Extroverts have no problem meeting people, so they see no need to get comfortable around people before opening their prolific yaps. Yap, yap, yap, yap, yap. I mean, don’t get me wrong, some of my best friends & favorite siblings are extroverts. They are super swell, but they just don’t understand.

Since this is such a lengthy process, you would do well to do this at multiple bars. Three different bars should be sufficient. You don’t want to be seen at the same one every day, if you can even drag yourself out in public that often. Plus, you need more than one bar because seeing the same people time after time can be draining. It’s like they need more time to have different topics of conversation, or if you see them too often you get sucked into their drama. Drama = trauma.

After the second or third time all the other introverts see you, they will start to give little signals of acknowledgement: a nod here, a grunt there. This is good – baby steps. Eventually one of the less introverted ones will actually speak an entire sentence or ask a question. When this happens, you are in. You have been accepted. It may take another month or two to be fully integrated into their “cone of silence” but once you are in, the place is yours forever.

You may think I’m poking fun, or this is a satire, but I’m absolutely serious. Both my husband & I are INTJs, and this is how we deal with socializing. Just as you need some quiet alone time, you also need to talk to other people. You can’t sit home forever (well you can, but I don’t suggest it). We have four or five different small bars (occupancy < 80) we shuffle between. All of them are populated almost exclusively by introverts during happy hour – not at night; the night crowd is very different. Right now there are two of them we are avoiding (don’t ask), but in a couple of months we will have a different two we avoid & will return to the original two. Sometimes people have to miss you to appreciate you.

Growing a Garden


This summer I am going to attempt a garden again. I tried it about 4 years ago & had good(ish) results, but then the next two years there was a terrible drought & the garden sucked massively. Last year I didn’t even try. Before I always did the container thing, but this year I am going to actually dig a garden, amend the soil, raise it a bit with the large rocks I have littering the yard, and buy plants instead of using seed.

I have a small area in full sun picked out & I plan on going with 2 tomato plants, various hot peppers, onions, garlic & some spices like basil & rosemary. Another thing I am going to start is a compost heap. I’ll put it to the West by the neighbors I hate the most.

I know nothing about compost heaps, but luckily this box in front of me with the pretty pictures & lots of words will tell me how. Funny thing is that after being forced to pay for recycling (I was not going to pay but now I have no choice – we always did the aluminum recycling because it paid us) the only trash I have is a small amount of food waste.

Being low carb means that I really don’t have that much vegetable food waste (& most of that goes into the bone broth bag in the freezer), so hopefully I can use some of the old bones from after I make broth & stuff like that. There will be plenty of yard trimmings at any rate.

On Living Frugally


I like reading about people living frugally. Not cheap where you live a mean existence, but living well below your means & then splurging sometimes for special things. I’m much more of a splurge than my husband is, but when it is apparent that a splurge is happening (like the other night at the sushi place) he can jump right in with the best of them.

A long time ago in the early 90s, I was working part time as office manager at a machine shop & my mom called & asked what I was doing. I replied that I was working on a budget to see how little I would have to work to meet my ends. I was always big on spend less = work less. Right now I’m slowly whittling my current job down to a part time gig.

Lower your cost of living wherever you are able. That car payment adds how much to your monthly expenses? I work in the most depressed area of my town & I see way more brand new, high-end luxury cars here than in the better parts of town. Every shack in this neighborhood has an Escalade parked in front. Granted, everyone here has their rent paid by the gubmint, food paid by the gubmint & daycare paid by the gubmint whilst working at their gubmint jobs, but still, how much does that cost per month?

The key is to have no debt. Pay everything off. Literally do not spend money on ANYTHING until you pay that debt off. Credit card debt is the worst; if you are unable to pay it off each month then quit using them altogether. First pay off your credit cards, then your car loans, then your school loans and then finally pay off your house (but only if you really want your house forever).

How much is your phone bill per month? How much do you spend on TV? How much is your weekly restaurant tally? How much of a car do you need? How much of a house do you need? If it is just you or the two of you, if you need a large house you have too much crap. That you bought on credit. On which you still carry a balance. On which you are paying interest. Next time you see some crap you want, just say NO.

Do not clip coupons. Coupons are for highly processed crap-in-a-box. Buy meat (you can buy cheap ground beef & make chili for practically nothing) buy a couple of potatoes & cook your own damn meal instead of eating the frozen/microwaved stuff they sell at all the chain restaurants. This will save you a bunch on doctor bills in the future, too.

I’m not advocating frugality for savings, though; I say be frugal so that you hardly have to go to work. If you can work 20 hours a week and live well then why not do so? Have a little extra in savings so that a financial disaster doesn’t destroy you, but saving for the future is useless in this unstable economy. Work less, spend less, live more.

A lot of the Baby Boomers think that they need to save more for retirement when what they really need to do is spend less. Like the Gubmint, instead of trying to increase revenue, try spending less. Hahahaha, just kidding, there would be riots in the streets if the gubmint quit handing out money and prizes to the entitled class!

I figure that if anything happened to my job & suddenly jobs requiring math & Excel spreadsheets disappeared, I could probably eke out an existence on as little as $10K – $15K per year. If I was able to manage a 20-hour-week job somewhere, I would be able to do that & go to the bar occasionally. It all depends on your priorities; you can work a lot for a lot of crap you don’t need or you can work a little & have a lot of extra time.

Granted, if you have kids, all bets are off. They require a lot of room & money, so reducing your expenses is not going to happen if you have kids.