Killer Cop Humor

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7 thoughts on “Killer Cop Humor

  1. Hamster Tamer

    Life is going to be SWEET… for the attorneys of the elderly mom and middle-aged daughter who were freaking AMBUSHED for the crime of… delivering newspapers. Here’s their “similar to Dorner’s ” pickup truck:

    😯 Notice the deliberate HEAD SHOT aiming!… only the fact that this was handgun (prob. 9mm para) fire (and victims were quick to duck) saved these innocent women from death by OVERKILL. i.e. tailgate and cab wall would not have stopped rifle fire… I figured high % of LAPD squad cars were rolling with with AR-15/M-16s during “The Troubles”. There was NO curfew in effect, NO martial law… of course newspapers are delivered in the very early morning, duh.

  2. TempestTcup Post author

    Yeah, I was pretty stunned at how trigger happy the cops were & how they thought nothing of burning down someone’s cabin. I would be pissed if I worked hard to buy a nice vacation cabin & the cops burned it down to kill their fugutive.

    I think I heard that the million dollar reward was only good if Dorner was taken alive & that couple won’t be receiving it (I could be spreading a rumor – haven’t had coffee yet & don’t want to look it up). If so the cops had great incentive to kill Dorner.

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