The Level Above “I’m Doing Fine”


J.Stanton at has an excellent article on avoiding a ‘diet of birdseed (known as “grains”) and birdseed extracts (known as “vegetable oils“)‘.

Even if you’re not on prescription medication right now, are you really “fine”?

Do you need caffeine in order to wake up in the morning, or not fall asleep after lunch?
Do you still suffer from acne? Headaches? Acid reflux?
Do you sleep through the night?
How quickly do you go through that bottle of Tylenol or Aleve? How about the cortisone, to deal with that random itchy, flaky skin?Are you convinced that you must continually restrict your eating to maintain a healthy bodyweight—let alone the body composition you want?
What’s that stuff hanging over the top of your belt? Even if you don’t care about your appearance, imagine how much lighter on your feet you’d feel if you didn’t have to carry around that extra twenty pounds.
Can you go more than five hours without food, without becoming weak and shaky?

This whole article completely speaks to me because I had a lot of the same experiences getting off of wheat & vegetable oils as he did. I was never fat & never on daily medications, but I took a lot of OTC pain relievers & had to eat regularly or I would see spots before my eyes. I also think that my moods are a lot smoother & I don’t experience that “I’m wasting my life!” angst I used to get all the time. Here is another excerpt that goes along with my thinking recently:

For example, we have the ongoing Potato Wars: some people (often the young, male, and/or athletic) radically improve their performance and mood by increasing their starch intake, while others (often older and/or female) find that there’s no such thing as a “safe starch”.

I’m the older female, of course!


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