Gut Flora


Here’s a good health reason to kiss skinny people.

After all, gain or loss of weight changes gut flora, obese individuals have damaged gut flora, and trading gut flora between fat and lean animals, trades weight gain/loss behaviors.

I’ve been fascinated with bacteria’s role in the body ever since I discovered how they work in helping digest food, etc. Even my failed experiment playing with resistant starch taught me that you needed bacteria in the colon & the colon likes RS.

I’ve been making my own yogurt for quite a few years but that only provides the bacteria that came with the original yogurt starter. There are something like 2000 species of gut bacteria & yogurt provides about 5 of them.

I do go to the Asian market & get Kimchi. I would make my own, but I think it’s best to get some of the bacteria from sources outside my house. Also, if you can find an authentic Mexican restaurant, they will generally ferment their salsa. You can tell by how bubbly & carbonated it is. If it doesn’t pop on your tongue it isn’t fermented.

And you know what else is fermented? BEER! My favorite food! Of course the stuff I quaff has been stripped clean of anything beneficial, but I would like to start making my own soon.

The article goes on to say how to obtain sources of beneficial bacteria & it contains a lot of suggestions like: DON’T WASH YOUR HANDS SO DAMN MUCH! You know, like maybe quit sanitizing everything so much. Dig in the dirt, grow your own veggies & herbs & then don’t wash them before eating them raw.

This is why you should kiss skinny healthy people – they generally have the proper gut bacteria to process their food & not become obese. They are probably not eating a ton of the foods that reduce gut flora in the first place like highly processed crap in a box/bag.

Sources of Bacteria to Repair Damaged Gut Flora

* We must eat new bacteria in order to replace bacterial species lost by antibiotics or unhealthy diets.
* Probiotics — specialized bacteria that grow in milk products
* Spices and herbs — plant products abundantly contaminated with bacteria that digest plants
* Fresh vegetables — bacteria are on the surfaces of plants unless the vegetables are cleaned or cooked
* Fermented foods — Bacterial growth leading to acid or alcohol production has beed used in the preparation and storage of many foods and provides a rich bacterial resource.
* Environment — Bacteria are transferred to our hands and face from other people, pets and surfaces, unless hands and the body are continually washed. Sanitizers and frequent washing of hands and surfaces eliminate acquisition of environmental bacteria to repair damaged gut flora. Social isolation and hygiene block repair of gut flora.
* Replacement — experimental replacement of damaged with healthy gut flora (fecal transplant) has been very effective in curing many diseases without significant risks, but is restricted by the medical industry.


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