Crazy or just Female?


A friend called & summoned us to a biker bar waaaay too early to watch the Daytona 500. Another friend showed up looking pretty rough. He had given his girlfriend $500 to pay the bills & she went to the casino & blew the whole wad a few days ago, so his electricity was turned off, and his phone, etc.  She conveniently left to go stay in a hotel (with electricity! & why didn’t she use the hotel $$ to pay the bills?) because he was mad. So of course the subject changed to why women were so nuts.

The other friend got divorce-raped a few years back & wondered why his ex was so nuts. We told him he needed to check out the manosphere & instead of looking at us like we had just eaten a baby, he actually said, “That’s exactly what I need.” Wow. That’s a first! We explained that there were a lot of facets to it like PUA, MRA, relationship game, financial, etc. All of them can pretty much tell him why his ex is nuts.

Thing is that I’m pretty sure both of them wish their respective exes were not nuts so that they could be not nuts together & live happily ever after. I told them that the ‘sphere would explain why chicks are cray cray & what to do about it. I’m kind of a naughty girl because I neglected to tell them that they had a lot of work to do on themselves in order to handle their women correctly.

I also neglected to tell them that their women weren’t nuts (okay, maybe they are), but they were just being female (okay, fine, females are nutz!), and the men just needed to know how to deal with. You know, that whole flies/honey thing on feeding them the red pill.

Now I know that as a female, I am not qualified to give them relationship advice, so the best I can do is steer them in the right direction to find men that are. Frankly, since my husband hasn’t fully absorbed the red pill goodness yet, he isn’t qualified either. And it’s totally fine that he isn’t fully red pill because he might get funny ideas, lol!

Besides, even though I try my best to not shit-test, be solipsistic, and be hypergamous , I still do & I still am. I know better, yet I still continue to act those ways. Does that make me crazy or does it make me female? I try not to shit-test because I can cut a man down with my razor-sharp wit. I’m really super-good at it, having had a ton of practice over the years (sorry sweetie! 🙂 ).

The solipsistic thing, well duh, here we are & I’m talking about myself. Luckily about the hypergamous thing, my husband is always the best looking guy in any room, so that is no problem at all. Anyway, I’ve been working on my failings for about a year or so & I still have those failings, so how could females never exposed to red pill wisdom ever stand a chance?


6 thoughts on “Crazy or just Female?

  1. Red Pill Woman

    Nice post! This bit made me laugh out loud:
    “instead of looking at us like we had just eaten a baby, he actually said, “That’s exactly what I need.”

    I think it’s refreshing that you notice your faults and admit them. That’s incredibly hard for ANYONE to do. What part are you afraid of with your husband swallowing the red pill?

  2. TempestTcup Post author

    A lot of guys have stated that they feel less attracted to women once they realized how their nature is.

    And of course I don’t want him to get any “harem” ideas, lol!

  3. Red Pill Woman

    Ah, yes, I see what you mean. I’m slightly worried about my boyfriend embracing the red pill fully. If he embraces his alpha 100%, maybe he’d realize he can find better. I think it’s insecurity for me though.

  4. LostSailor

    Well, there’s female and then there is crazy. There is a difference. Red Pill knowledge and behavior can handily deal with the former, but it may not be enough to deal with the real crazy, though hopefully no actual weaponry will be necessary. Having dealt with crazy in the past and having friends who have dealt with it, I can say that it usually involves wild, teary emotional scenes often in public; stalkery behavior and emotional manipulation, such as threats of suicide; it often can be physical.

    The only real way to deal with the real crazy is to try to nip such behavior in the bud when they first appear. That is, apply as much Red Pill response as possible. If it continues, kick to the curb immediately and change the locks. Seriously. I have a friend who tried to make it work with a woman who would sell his belongings to buy shoes and clothes and when he broke it off, almost drained his bank account. I know another guy whose wife is, while only possibly crazy, so controlling that she once locked the guy out of his own apartment all night for returning from the pub at 9:04 rather than 9pm. Unfortunately this guy is a completely lost-cause gamma with no game at all. He slept in the hallway. I would have gone backed to the bar to find a nice young lade to put me up for the night.

    As for your friend’s GF, TTC, she may or may not be truly crazy, but such profound solipsism and irresponsibility are definite warning flares. If he doesn’t have enough spine or Red Pill skills to deal with her immediately, he should get rid of her as soon as possible. Such behavior isn’t just “being female.” Being female is flaking on a date at the last minute or demanding a classier (read: more expensive) restaurant. Blowing his utility bill money at a casino is an early stop on the express train to crazy town.

    But glad to see you’re hanging out in biker bars. I certainly approve…

  5. TempestTcup

    They both completely live in the moment. They are incredibly functionaly disfunctional people. I’m pretty sure he is only mad because he wasn’t invited to the casino, lol. But yes, she is super crazy. He just doesn’t really give a shit, so if she goes away another will be along shortly. They are late night & I’m happy hour, so I don’t have to deal with any drama. Whew!

    & yeah, biker bars are a hoot. We never get messed with in them, & much like old people’s bars (another fav genre) they always have food!

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