Lose the Microwave


I was reading an article over at Excavating Eden on Three Ways Modern Civilization Neuters You about microwaving food & it reminded me of exactly why I ditched my microwave. I always had an uneasy feeling using it, but didn’t really have anything definite to go on & it is just too convenient to use. I had to go cold turkey.

We got rid of our microwave a year or two ago.  I was making a lot of bone broths & the microwave was awesome because you could make the broth, store it in mason jars in the refrigerator & then heat it up as needed in the microwave. Easy peasy. Until I read the bad news in this (very excellent) Weston A.Price article.

Whatever form of gelatin is used, it should never be cooked or reheated in the microwave. According to a letter published in The Lancet, the common practice of microwaving converts l-proline to d-proline. They write, “The conversion of trans to cis forms could be hazardous because when cis-amino acids are incorporated into peptides and proteins instead of their trans isomers, this can lead to structural, functional and immunological changes.” They further note that “d-proline is neurotoxic and we have reported nephrotoxic and heptatotoxic effects of this compound.”55 In other words, the gelatin in homemade broth confers wonderous benefits, but if you heat it in the microwave, it becomes toxic to the liver, kidneys and nervous system. […]There is no reason to think that proline is the only amino subject to this kind of destruction, and it is likely that other aminos would be similarly affected. The studies, however, were done on proline.

So, instead of making an extremely healthful substance I was basically poisoning my household. Yay! Liquid death! Then I looked up what else contains proline & even coffee has it. Basically if there is protein in a food, you should not microwave that food. Our microwave was promptly donated to GoodWill to poison the less fortunate.

A lot of restaurants freeze then microwave their food like Applebee’s does, so this is another reason to do more of your cooking at home.


6 thoughts on “Lose the Microwave

  1. yousowould

    I’m pretty sure we’d know by now by dint of swathes of people mysteriously dropping dead if there were any significantly harmful effects from microwaves, they have been around some time after all.

    Personally, I only use mine to heat veg, but I’ve no plans to chuck it out any time soon!

  2. TempestTcup Post author

    That’s true, but if it adds to the general unhealthiness of people, it might be something to avoid, like that cookie might not kill you but 20,000 of them might. I mean, the jury is still out, but I haven’t really missed it much.

    Now instead of microwaving stuff, I just heat it up in a pan with a bunch of butter!

  3. TempestTcup

    Hahaha, it’s like when we went Paleo & donated all of our whole grains & canned goods to the veteran’s food bank & felt sorry for them.

    I still have mixed feelings about that!

  4. Dr. Illusion

    First off, in response to LostSailor, butter is extremely healthy. As long as it is grass fed organic butter. Although, for cooking, I prefer ghee. Butter tends to burn and turn dark, ghee kicks ass.

    The only thing I microwave is water. That’s because when I get home from work every day I take a half teaspoon of Kratom mixed with a shot of hot water, and it’s not worth the time to heat the water on the stove. Other than that, no microwaving anything.

    I used to be a cook for Ruby Tuesday’s and Ocharley’s. In both places, we used the hell out of the microwave. You order shrimp pasta? We throw some frozen shrimp in a bag with some butter and nuke that shit. How is the pasta cooked? In a bag with some butter in the microwave. Chicken hasn’t thawed out yet? Nuke that shit. Everything aside from steaks was either from a steam table or the microwave. I only eat out at the nicest restraunts, for that reason. I’ve worked there, I know what they do, fuck that.

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