Blathering on about Nothing Important


There was a crisis at work yesterday that I handled as well as possible & now I’m just hanging out to see how it pans out. I did all I could & now everything is in others’ hands. Once they act, then I will be busy again. I don’t expect that to happen for a couple of hours.

I found a place about thirty minutes away that sells raw milk, so I want to go there this weekend. It will be annoying because I will have to deal with salespeople (the only thing I dislike doing as much as I dislike talking on the phone), but I’m willing to torture myself for some yummy yummy cream for my coffee & milk for yogurt. There is also a place in town with cheap ammo.

This has been a crazy busy two months so far at work, plus I launched this site. I mean, I know it is just a fluffy little blog & all, but the outpouring of response and support has been incredible. I think the manosphere has to be one of the most polite places I’ve ever experienced. Sure, there are little pissing matches here & there, but they blow over quickly & then this little corner of the internet goes back to 99% polite and helpful.

It was finally light out when I drove to work at 7:10 this morning. I’m getting really excited about Spring & Summer even though it was 31F & my car was frosted over. Last summer I took up sunbathing for about forty minutes for two or three afternoons a week. I also turned off my water heater for the entire summer. Cold showers are really only cold for the first five seconds, but those five seconds are killers!

It is all a part of Keoni’s Paleo Radiation Therapy & Richard’s Cold Therapy & Adaptation. Sunbathing really makes your skin tighter & the fat under your skin smoother. I’m older, so I really notice this, lol. I never got dark, but had a nice tan glow & some really awesome tan lines! The cold water thing just feels good in the summer; it feels as good as a hot shower in the winter. The only thing that is kind of annoying about not having hot water is rinsing out frying pans.

Anyway, the sun is streaming in my windows here at work & it is really nice & brightens my day considerably. I’m going to clean my office (it is a total wreck & I know there are a couple of deadlines somewhere in all those mounds of paper), handle the crisis fallout and kiss February goodbye. Then I have a 3-day weekend! Yay for me!


2 thoughts on “Blathering on about Nothing Important

  1. Dr. Illusion

    The Manosphere is a very polite place, the majority of the time. Also known as men being men, when left the hell alone. Women, for the most part, get off on tearing each other down. Men enjoy mentoring and building each other up.

    It was below 40 degrees today and yesterday, but Mistress and I were still out in the backyard in our bathing suits soaking up Vitamin D. It wasn’t bad until the wind kicked up, then I could cut diamonds with my nipples.

    Tanning definitely tightens up the skin. If you ever pay attention to those bogus commercials trying to sell diet pills and workouts, the only real difference between the before and after photos is the person got a tan and tightened their skin up.

  2. TempestTcup Post author

    There’s an old wives tale that goes something like, “every baby needs the January sun.” The older I get the more I realize how most of the old sayings are true.

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