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Introverted Girls (part 1 – finding them)


I am going to try my best to explain the introvert girl, but I really only have me and a couple of friends to go by. Keep in mind that I might be a special snowflake so YMMV.

I’m also kind of an extreme version; I scored high in all 4 areas of INTJ – 60s & 70s in all areas. I took an Autism Spectrum Quotient & also scored high (I’ve always scored high on tests, lol!) at 27 when I think “normal” is 16 & Aspergers is 35 or so. As a more introverted person I might see the less introverted as extroverts.

If I were typed by Koanic Soul for his forum (husband didn’t seem wildly excited about me sending pictures, so no go) I would probably be typed as a TT because I have a good-sized occipital lobe & large green eyes. This type is described as “sensitive” and monogamous and is protected from the rest of the forum. Also, another funny thing about his site is I have always used koans, I just didn’t know what they were called & I thought it was a OCD thing or something.

All that being said, other introvert females probably won’t be as bad as me.

So, where the hell are you going to find these introverted girls? The problem with meeting introverted girls is that either they segregate themselves or they are segregated by society, employers, etc. Like right now at my job there is a large office that houses all the office workers & then I’m put in a separate office (the only person not in the large office) so that I can “concentrate on numbers”. At first I was kind of hurt that they segregated me, but now I’m fine with it. Those extroverts in the large office NEVER SHUT UP EVER!!! Plus, my office has large windows. I win.

The introverted girl will be put in a position best befitting her brain – she will be in a secluded, quiet place cataloging something. She will be in the bowels of the museum cataloging pottery, not at the front desk greeting people. She will be in the back of the library, not manning the information counter. She will be in the kitchen, not the hostess at the restaurant. In college she is the girl painting in the deserted art building in the middle of the night. In other words, she will rarely be seen in public.

The introvert girl is the one that takes a book to the bar during happy hour. Or really, the one reading a book in public. In fact, this might be a way to get past her defenses; sit next to her & open a book & start reading. Now of course, with the ubiquitous smart phone, she will be reading something on her phone about Gut Flora or whatever is her latest obsession.

And she will have defenses! If you do find the elusive introvert it will take you some time before she lets you past her shields. If you come on too strong there is an equal chance that she will leave or she will cut you down viciously. Sometimes her introversion will be masked by alcohol & she might even engage! But she will probably not go home with you.

I think the best approach to meeting an introverted girl is to cultivate an interest in something non-mainstream. I’m wracking my brain to think of where these girls might actually hang, but I’m coming up empty.

Personally, one of my favorite activities is looking for strange books in the “metaphysical” section of Goodwill. You can find a lot of cool anthropology books from the 1970s before political correctness killed the field. I also look for really old cookbooks with pioneer recipes & old-time frontier wisdom. I like going to Asian & Mexican groceries to look at the offal (& sometimes buy, but it intimidates me!); I like going to mainstream grocery stores at 8am on the weekends.

I go to happy hour at very small neighborhood bars. This might be the easiest place to find them. A lot of times you might find them in a larger group of girls during nighttime hours; she is the one quietly smiling. Just look for the big-eyed girl who won’t talk to you. No pressure!

photo via trishwriter11

How to Create a Happy Husband


This is from a comment I left on Ian Ironwood’s excellent post: Breaking Beta: The Boob Test, about how I upped my husband’s Alpha by reverse-engineering. I’ve been leaving comments like this all over the manosphere, but I never thought to actually post this here. I know this sounds manipulative, but it only involves three little, but very important steps:

Don’t be a Bitch; Always be Enthusiastic; & Let Him Run the Show.

I started on a program to Reverse-Alpha my husband (reverse me being a complete ball-buster) last year about this time & it’s going swimmingly! What I did was quit doing all of the things that made him back down into Bad-Beta (the cringing Beta, not the flowers & sweet words Good-Beta). By me not nagging & shit-testing him, he improved dramatically! I think this is what the seven-year-itch is about – it takes the wife that long to know exactly how to suck the soul right out of domesticate the husband.

Then, I quit initiating sex (I was the main initiator & sometimes felt like I was forcing myself on him) while always ‘accidentally’ being ready & available for it. Oopsies, look I just happen to be clean, nude & cuddled next to you when you wake up! I told him about 6 months later that my body was his to touch whenever & however he wanted: not just ‘never say no’, but ‘always be very enthusiastic’. That’s when he discovered his new-found passion of swatting my ass, lol.

I had been running the marriage (yeah, I know, I know), but I stepped back & quit making the big decisions. I pretty much quit making all decisions except my personal work ones & little ones, like what I’m cooking for dinner. I started leaving pertinent Red Pill blog posts on the screen when he got online to check his stocks & the news. He started bookmarking some of them & then he would sometimes implement some of the ideas therein. I have the most amazing marriage now.

Tl;dr: Men are much more Alpha when they are not miserable!

Some Incredibly Interesting Sites I Found While My Husband Was Sleeping


These were really interesting things I happened upon today that you might want to read.

There are these two really great posts on introvert game: Didact’s Reach & Excavating Eden. I’ve been thinking about doing a post on introvert girls, but I might be a special snowflake. All I know is my personal experience & my friends with big eyes, lol.

This is an excellent rundown of the Cyprus Event from Anonymous Conservative. How it affects the dollar and you.

And this person, The Observer, really needs to get the fuck out of my brain [I mean that in a good way]. Or not. Whatever. Okay, maybe there is room there for everyone…

Cyprus Wakes Up


Finally some people in Cyprus are actually protesting against the heist that is being threatened. I’ve been pretty disappointed by how incredibly sheep-like the Cypriots have been about the prospect of having savings stolen; they so calmly & peacefully waited in line at the ATM for whatever scraps of cash they were allotted FROM THEIR OWN MONEY!!!!

Cyprus is one of the oldest civilizations, but they have a long history of rolling over & peeing on themselves. The most outlandish was in 1974 they allowed Turkey to take the Northern section of their island. They still haven’t gotten it back! That was almost 40 years ago. WTF? Northern Cyprus now resembles Chernobyl.

Bone Broth

1 gallon of beef stockbone broth

This is what my refrigerator pretty much looks like right now except I’m more of a Kerr girl than a Ball girl (canning humor). I’ve had the same bone broth going for quite a few days now & each morning I strain off a quart or so, pour in new filtered water with a splash of apple cider vinegar & start the process over again.

The reason it has been going so long is that I keep cooking things with bones for dinner, so each evening after dinner I toss the bones, skin & fat of whatever we ate into the crockpot plus the ends of whatever veggies we cook with dinner. Tonight I’m making chicken soup with some of the broth & since I’m using the dark meat from the rotisserie chicken we savaged the breasts from last night, I will have the bones & skin from that to add to the pot.

Chicken soup is awesome because you just use whatever veggies you happen to have in your crisper, saute them slowly in a buttload of butter with the diced meat, add broth & simmer for a few & then just after you serve the soup, you pour a large dollop of raw heavy cream into your bowl. Heaven.

I generally have a nice cup of broth with my lunch at work; I’m not sure if this will extend into the summer, but right now it is a tasty, warm addition to my day. Sometimes there is meat in my broth for sort of a gruel, but usually it’s just broth. I started doing this for my hair a couple of years ago & I swear it went from thin & just starting to gray to now thick & brown. It is literally less gray now than a couple years ago; there are just a few gray strands left.

My husband is much less gray too, and he actually has an advancing hairline now. The bone broth has another interesting effect on him; we now refer to it as boner broth because, well I’m sure you can figure it out! Broth has a lot of curative properties not necessarily related to huge throbbing boners; it basically breaks down the bones into easily absorbed gelatin, minerals & cartilage. Eat what you are. Just don’t heat it in the microwave.

Sometimes when I’m at the Asian market I will get a tray of chicken feet or ox tail just for some brothy goodness. Sometimes they have huge marrow filled bones just for broth. I’m not really picky & sometimes I mix & match the bones. Since I made baby back pork ribs Sunday, I went ahead & threw the bones into the chicken broth pot.

Oh & now baby back pork ribs are my new favorite “large chunk of slow cooked meat” to make & I love me some large chunks of slow cooked meat!

Wazzup Kim Jong-un


This picture was on Drudge this weekend. Does it look like Kimmy is being restrained? Or is he being held upright? Frankly, if I were restraining someone I would get some younger, stronger men to do it, but that’s just me. The Telegraph says it is ritualistic:

The new leader of the authoritarian regime was pictured with his hands clasped firmly around those of two senior generals, in a ritualistic photograph that strongly echoed the New Year’s routine of his father, Kim Jong-il.

In other news, is anyone else alarmed that Cyprus is levying money from people’s savings accounts? Um, why would anyone ever deposit money into a bank again? Notice of course that they aren’t taxing the population; they are only taking from people responsible enough to have more money than they spend. So the deadbeats & spendthrifts get a pass. Business as usual.

What’s more disturbing is that this isn’t a big story in America. If you look closely, you might find a small blurb buried on a news site, but it should be splashed across the headlines everywhere. I think this is a test to see how the world reacts to the news. Like if people are not upset & the news doesn’t spread, we could see this happening here.

It would be totally fine with what passes for news in America. Gawker Inc seems fine with the plan because it will mostly affect Russian Businessmen. Doesn’t affect me! The only negative thing they had to say about it was, “Why lean on the little guy?” in reference to the small depositors. Or in other words, “Tax the Rich!”

The ironic thing here is that money is taken from bank accounts to bail out the banks.