Raw Milk


I went yesterday to an adorable dairy & bought some raw dairy items. It was pretty reasonably priced; I got a gallon of whole milk, 6 pints of heavy cream, a large block of jalapeno cheddar & 2 bags of fresh curds for $28.

So last night when we got home we had some White Russians with my homemade kahula. Regular kahula is way too sweet, so I make my own. It is super easy, you just make a pot of really strong coffee & put it on the stove until it gets really thick. Add a tiny amount of sugar – maybe 1/4 cup, or molasses, or whatever sweetener you feel comfortable with. Pour a teaspoon of vanilla & then finally add some booze to it. Rum or vodka is good, but I use everclear so it doesn’t get watered down.

The dairy I went to has been in business since the 1920s & is located in an older section of a small town. It is right smack dab in the middle of a not great neighborhood full of ramshackle Victorians, so you have these cows wandering around this piece of land in the middle of a neighborhood. It looked just like the picture above except it was only a couple of acres.


4 thoughts on “Raw Milk

  1. Dr. Illusion

    After much searching, I was recently able to locate a place where I could buy raw milk. It’s 6 dollars a gallon, but well worth it, since whatever we don’t drink we can make butter and cheese from. I’ve been considering buying a cow or two.

  2. TempestTcup Post author

    My husband does all the grocery shopping & he said that the prices at the dairy were actually lower than going to the grocery store & getting the junk stuff. Well worth the 20 minute drive! Plus there is a gun shop right by the dairy with cheap ammo, so he likes that, lol.

    Every once in a while I see small farms for sale & entertain the idea of getting some cows & chickens, but yikes it is a real commitment. My next quest is trying to get 1/4 of a grassfed cow with lots of bones & offal. I have the freezer ready & waiting.

  3. Bill Powell

    I went to an art market/farmers market this past weekend and there was a gentleman there selling raw milk products. I asked him how he was getting away with it with the way the FDA is doing their damnedest to crack down on selling whole foods. He said, “I sell it as pet food, what you do with it when you get home is none of my business.” I shook his hand, took his card and bought a couple of gallons of milk and some butter. I’ll be shopping with him again.

  4. TempestTcup Post author

    Here so far they are only allowed to sell it straight from the dairy so you have to travel to get it & there are very few places that do the raw dairy products. When this guy sold me the milk he asked “whole, skim or 2%” & was VERY pleased when we said whole. He might have actually been the owner, too. He was pretty invested in the transaction & determined to make us repeat customers. It worked.

    I like the pet food angle, though!

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