Taking up Smoking


It is amazing the looks I get when I tell someone that I’ve taken up tobacco after a 15 year hiatus. It is hilarious! It’s just that EVERYTHING that we are told is bad for us (sat fat, etc) turns out to be good for us & EVERYTHING that we are told is good for us (whole grains, etc) turns out to be bad. By that reasoning, tobacco should be incredibly good, right?

We actually talked about it a couple of months before our first foray back into smoking. Cigarettes are way too addicting, at least the large commercial ones are. The other day the hipster bar tranny (all the bars have a token one) gave us a Dunhill to split & we got high as fuck on half of it, saved the other half for about an hour later & got all giddy again. I haven’t experienced any nic-fits or anything yet, but I know better than to tempt fate by buying an entire pack.

I bought a small tin of tiny cigars at the tobacconist a few weeks ago & still have 3 left. We split one Friday night, but haven’t indulged since. Anyway, people get REALLY ANGRY when they see us smoke. The funny thing is that since I’ve been smoking, I have quit having my nightly dreams in which I completely enjoy smoking.



5 thoughts on “Taking up Smoking

  1. yousowould

    And why not. A life without vices is a very dull life indeed, and I’m sure half a cigar every now and then isn’t going to hurt you. I’ve been enjoying the smoky pleasures of a couple of rollies a day for years.

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