Never Listen to Dating Advice from Women


Having said that, it doesn’t stop me from issuing said advice, but it is up to you whether or not you take it. Cruising blogs lately I’ve noticed that a lot of young men are not really fond of the whole pick up artist lifestyle, and it seems to not be as satisfactory as they thought it might be.

There’s the thrill of the hunt, the pleasure of the physical release & the affirmation of the score, but then the aftermath is a letdown. Maybe she is about to hit the wall or she is too silly to hang out with, but having sex with someone you wouldn’t date just isn’t very fulfilling.

So, how about finding a nice young girl that is hot enough, that you wouldn’t mind spending an hour talking to & turn her into a girlfriend? She doesn’t have to be THE ONE or even a serious relationship. Date a girl who is “good enough”. Kind of a FWB situation, but let her think she is a GF. It sounds kind of sneaky, but it would have a lot of benefits for both of you.

The benefit to the male is that he gets laid regularly, might get some regular meals & he doesn’t lose his attraction for women by having sex with a bunch of sluts hitting the wall. The benefit to the female is that the man can teach her to be a better girlfriend for the next guy after he turns her loose.

Say you meet a “good enough” girl & go back to her place & it’s a mess. You can say something like, “Oh, you weren’t expecting company, I can come back when it is clean” & then you leave. She will clean that pigsty up. Tell her you want her to cook dinner & she will learn to cook. You instantly have the upper hand because you just don’t care that much.

You date her, fuck her, have her cook & clean, and then when you meet someone you really want to date, you cut the strings. Say you date for long enough for her to expect the L-word, or she falls in love with you, you can always look sad & pretend like your heart was terribly broken by someone else. Play the tortured soul; chicks love that. Only she can heal your wounds. If she insists too much cut her loose.

Now, if she is really a good girl & looking for a husband & babies, it might be mean to do this, but your chances of running across that sort of girl are pretty much nil. Basically what you will be doing, if you date her for a year or so, is that you will be keeping her from being a whore for a year. You are keeping her penis numbers down. You are doing her a huge favor.


5 thoughts on “Never Listen to Dating Advice from Women

  1. Bill Powell

    No, actually what you wrote made sense. With that said, yes you’re trolling for haterade LOL.

  2. TempestTcup Post author

    It just seems like it would be a lot less stress while improving the other areas of your life. Like you’ve taken care of a need for awhile while you are concentrating on other things.

    If you had 2 it would be a good start to a harem, but would unnecessarily complicate things. 🙂

  3. Francis Begbie

    “The benefit to the female is that the man can teach her to be a better girlfriend for the next guy after he turns her loose.”

    Lol. Alpha fucks and beta bucks.

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