Wazzup Kim Jong-un


This picture was on Drudge this weekend. Does it look like Kimmy is being restrained? Or is he being held upright? Frankly, if I were restraining someone I would get some younger, stronger men to do it, but that’s just me. The Telegraph says it is ritualistic:

The new leader of the authoritarian regime was pictured with his hands clasped firmly around those of two senior generals, in a ritualistic photograph that strongly echoed the New Year’s routine of his father, Kim Jong-il.

In other news, is anyone else alarmed that Cyprus is levying money from people’s savings accounts? Um, why would anyone ever deposit money into a bank again? Notice of course that they aren’t taxing the population; they are only taking from people responsible enough to have more money than they spend. So the deadbeats & spendthrifts get a pass. Business as usual.

What’s more disturbing is that this isn’t a big story in America. If you look closely, you might find a small blurb buried on a news site, but it should be splashed across the headlines everywhere. I think this is a test to see how the world reacts to the news. Like if people are not upset & the news doesn’t spread, we could see this happening here.

It would be totally fine with what passes for news in America. Gawker Inc seems fine with the plan because it will mostly affect Russian Businessmen. Doesn’t affect me! The only negative thing they had to say about it was, “Why lean on the little guy?” in reference to the small depositors. Or in other words, “Tax the Rich!”

The ironic thing here is that money is taken from bank accounts to bail out the banks.


4 thoughts on “Wazzup Kim Jong-un

  1. TempestTcup Post author

    Seriously. Last I read is that they voted the levy down, but you would have to be an idiot to leave your money in a bank after the scare. There is going to be a huge bank run Thursday (unless they come up with some asinine new rules to prevent) & I would imagine some riots, etc.

  2. TempestTcup Post author

    So far that I have seen the banks will remain closed until Tuesday the 26th. They can’t open the banks because they will have a bank run. There’s probably not enough cash to cash out everyone’s account. It’s nuts; they should have taken the 10% because just the scare alone is enough to cause a bank run.

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