Bone Broth

1 gallon of beef stockbone broth

This is what my refrigerator pretty much looks like right now except I’m more of a Kerr girl than a Ball girl (canning humor). I’ve had the same bone broth going for quite a few days now & each morning I strain off a quart or so, pour in new filtered water with a splash of apple cider vinegar & start the process over again.

The reason it has been going so long is that I keep cooking things with bones for dinner, so each evening after dinner I toss the bones, skin & fat of whatever we ate into the crockpot plus the ends of whatever veggies we cook with dinner. Tonight I’m making chicken soup with some of the broth & since I’m using the dark meat from the rotisserie chicken we savaged the breasts from last night, I will have the bones & skin from that to add to the pot.

Chicken soup is awesome because you just use whatever veggies you happen to have in your crisper, saute them slowly in a buttload of butter with the diced meat, add broth & simmer for a few & then just after you serve the soup, you pour a large dollop of raw heavy cream into your bowl. Heaven.

I generally have a nice cup of broth with my lunch at work; I’m not sure if this will extend into the summer, but right now it is a tasty, warm addition to my day. Sometimes there is meat in my broth for sort of a gruel, but usually it’s just broth. I started doing this for my hair a couple of years ago & I swear it went from thin & just starting to gray to now thick & brown. It is literally less gray now than a couple years ago; there are just a few gray strands left.

My husband is much less gray too, and he actually has an advancing hairline now. The bone broth has another interesting effect on him; we now refer to it as boner broth because, well I’m sure you can figure it out! Broth has a lot of curative properties not necessarily related to huge throbbing boners; it basically breaks down the bones into easily absorbed gelatin, minerals & cartilage. Eat what you are. Just don’t heat it in the microwave.

Sometimes when I’m at the Asian market I will get a tray of chicken feet or ox tail just for some brothy goodness. Sometimes they have huge marrow filled bones just for broth. I’m not really picky & sometimes I mix & match the bones. Since I made baby back pork ribs Sunday, I went ahead & threw the bones into the chicken broth pot.

Oh & now baby back pork ribs are my new favorite “large chunk of slow cooked meat” to make & I love me some large chunks of slow cooked meat!


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