Some Incredibly Interesting Sites I Found While My Husband Was Sleeping


These were really interesting things I happened upon today that you might want to read.

There are these two really great posts on introvert game: Didact’s Reach & Excavating Eden. I’ve been thinking about doing a post on introvert girls, but I might be a special snowflake. All I know is my personal experience & my friends with big eyes, lol.

This is an excellent rundown of the Cyprus Event from Anonymous Conservative. How it affects the dollar and you.

And this person, The Observer, really needs to get the fuck out of my brain [I mean that in a good way]. Or not. Whatever. Okay, maybe there is room there for everyone…


4 thoughts on “Some Incredibly Interesting Sites I Found While My Husband Was Sleeping

  1. Ruxman

    The post on introverted girls sounds like a good idea, I find them a lot easier to socialise with and they’re more appreciative of what I have to share. I’m commenting on a post that doesn’t exist yet.. trippy.

  2. TempestTcup Post author

    Lol! Yeah the funny thing about introverted girls is that only introverted guys are really interested in them. The extroverted guys will date them if they are hot, but they always end up dumping them for the extrovert narcissist queen bee.

  3. Bill Powell

    Those guys are individuals I’ve been reading for a while. Alright girl, come clean, you found these guys from my site didn’t you LOL. Us introverts have to stick together.

  4. TempestTcup Post author

    Hahaha, I was actually referring to the idiots I dated before I started dating my husband. Thank goodness I met another introvert while I was still young (22). He chased me until I caught him! Of course it took us about 3 months to realize that we were dating & not just “hanging out” constantly together & then another month after that for the first kiss.

    INTJs are really smart in a lot of areas, but interacting with other people often isn’t one of those areas!

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