Life Update


My next post hasn’t quite gelled in me braiin yet, so I thought I’d update on various things I’m doing. Plus, writing about introvert girls is complicated to say the least. I mean, my only area of expertise is that I am one, lol. Since you shouldn’t take dating advice from a woman, and I am always ready with the “good ideas” I’m not sure how effective it is. I guess what I’m saying is, use your own discretion.

It’s been fun doing whatever my husband wants; we’ve kind of settled into a routine. If he wants to go out, we go out; if he wants to stay in we stay in. If he wants me to cook, I cook. We’ve been eating a lot of steak lately & we are planning on going to this little hole-in-the-wall steakhouse tonight for the second night in a row.

Last night was T-bone & tonight we are trying the ribeye. We always split everything (anywhere we go) because two separate meals is always way too much food. If any restaurant has a staffed bar, we eat at the bar. It is always more interesting, and most of the other people sitting at the bar are eating eventually, also.  Friday we will have another ribeye at the American Legion. Life is good 🙂

It’s funny because the manosphere is all on about feminine women, but my husband likes me more rough & tumble: more Tank Girl than Barbie. My hair is long (because he likes it long), but I rarely wear heels because I’m tall, so the shortest of heels & I’m six feet tall. It kinda sucks being six feet tall. I once bought some 5-inch heels & it sucks even more being well over six feet tall.

If the weather is nice & sunny & warm I’ll wear tiny shorts with Durango boots, a tank & a small men’s Dickies workshirt. The workshirt is fun because it is sort of a cover up & the hem is right about the same length as my shorts, so it looks like I ain’t gots no pants on from the rear. Plus, as tall as I am, I have legs for miles, and this outfit always makes my husband drool. Of course we live right smack dab in the middle of flyover land, so people really don’t dress up a lot; just weddings & funerals mainly. So, that’s nice.

I started a batch of rice wine with some Chinese yeast balls I got at the Asian market; I have no clue how it will turn out & I might have made a mistake by putting it in my yogurt cooler to ferment. It smells just like yogurt. Ack. The recipes say 7-10 days & it’s only been 4 or 5, so I’ll keep an eye on it. I just boiled some rice in about 6 times the water to rice, added 1/4 yeast ball when it cooled to 110F, put in half-gallon mason jars, covered with a tea towel, wrapped in bathtowels, & put the whole mess in an ice chest to ferment.

Earlier, I had threatened to plant a garden, but that hasn’t happened. If it doesn’t happen (lol, like it is just “going to happen”) this weekend, it isn’t going to happen this summer at all. I am determined to plant some mop-head hydrangeas out front, though. I’ve been meaning to for years.

We bought a chest freezer a couple of months ago so that we can buy bulk when there is a meat sale. I also got a bunch of freezer paper to rewrap the meat that isn’t vacuum packaged. Pork ribs are on sale now & we have been eating a lot of them. I had never cooked them in the oven before, but they turned out really well. I took 3 racks of ribs ($18!!!) to my parent’s for Easter & had rave reviews. Awesome.

Our foray into tobacco smoking is going well. Mostly I forget to smoke, so I only end up smoking half a tiny cigar about once a week. I keep the cigars in my tiny weekend purse, so I really only have them on me for 3 days out of the week. That is fine because I don’t really need a new addiction or anything that will increase my cost of living.


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