Adventures in the Kitchen


I’ve become really good at pan frying T-bones in coconut oil. The first one I did was a major fail because I followed instructions & cooked the crap out of it. The T-bones I am able to get are just shy of an inch thick & I’ve finally perfected the cooking process.

We always split them & I like more rare & my husband likes medium to a little more well-done, so we compromise. Let the steak come to room temperature & slather with melted coconut oil. Sprinkle one side liberally with salt & pepper & put that side down in a hot, dry skillet.

I use cast iron & heat on medium heat until you toss water into the pan & it sizzles for a second before evaporating. Let the steak sizzle for 4 minutes without touching it. Then you might have to scrape it off with your spatula, salt & pepper the other side & turn & cook for another 4 minutes. Only do 3 minutes per side if you like it less done. Then I deglaze the pan with some butter, scrape up all the browned bits & fry up a mess of eggs.

Last week I started a batch of rice wine, and now I’m afraid to try it. It’s fermenting & smells alcoholic, but I did have to scoop some fuzzy mold-looking stuff off the top. Lol, do you think it will harm me? I followed some instructions that said to boil rice & water, cover & ignore for 7-10 days. I’ll don my big girl panties & try it (in a day or two). I’m going to try making it again, but this time I’m going to use Ben The Urban Farmer’s recipe.

I have also been experimenting with trying to make yogurt with raw milk. I made one batch & it got kind of funky really fast. I don’t think the naturally occuring bacteria in the raw milk liked the added bacteria from the culture much. So, off I went to the store for some new yogurt to use as starter.

I decided that I was going to go ahead & pasturize (heat) the raw milk to make yogurt. Here’s my thinking on that: I drink the raw milk & put the raw cream in my coffee, so I’m getting plenty of that bacteria in my system. I want yogurt to use as sour cream & etc, but I’m not willing to go to extreme lengths to do so. Also, the yogurt will have its own cultures, so I am getting that benefit.

The raw milk is made grassfed without antibiotics or additives & isn’t UHT like store-bought, so even though I’m destroying most of the bacteria, at least I’M doing it & not some nameless, faceless corporation that really, really wants to put aspertame in it but not in the list of ingredients. Anyway I made some yogurt last night & it looked fine this morning.


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