Don’t Argue With Your Wife – Dicker


Photo via Whiskey & Ashes

I saw this bumper sticker on a car a few years ago as an elderly woman was exiting the car & I wondered if she put it there herself or if her husband played a little joke on her. I LOLOLOLOLed like nobody’s biznez! Then the other day I realized the true genius of the statement.

Say your wife or girlfriend is being a little cranky, a little bitchy; maybe your relationship needs a bit of maintenance, a smidgen of sexual healing. What you do is grab her, pull her hair, kiss her hard & then roger her righteously. Guaranteed she will no longer be bitchy or cranky; she will be looking swooningly into your eyes.

It seems like this may be rewarding bad behavior, but you aren’t casually dating this girl, you aren’t vetting a new girlfriend, you are performing desperately needed relationship maintenance. She is either insecure because you are too Alpha & she is getting a tad bit of the dread, or you are way too Beta & she is shit-testing the hell out of you. The best way to de-beta-ize yourself is to bump nasties balls deep.

If she is busy getting powerfully porked she doesn’t have the time or the inclination to bitch about petty stuff. Now, you may not feel particularly amorous towards her when she is nagging or irritable, but that’s fine; gentle soothing sex is not what she needs at that moment. Nice tender lovemaking will only piss her off more. Give it to her fast & hard & make her scream (in a good way, please 🙂 ).

You’re Welcome!


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