Electronic Death or Dismemberment


Ugh, there is a lot of electronic stress in my life right now. First of all we went to change our phone service from T-Mobile to the Walmart Family Mobile (through T-Mobile, even) to save $100 per month (!!!!!) & T-Mobile gave our phone numbers away instead of porting them to the new service. Evidently they do this to anyone with the audacity to change because we talked to someone else they did this to.

We know this because my husband called our numbers & talked to the people who now have them. We are trying to get them back, but don’t really have any hope. What I have had for the past week is a temporary number & I may get my old number back, keep the temp number, or get a new permanent number.

The problem is that I don’t know what will happen or when something will happen, if indeed something does happen. So, right now I can either give everyone my temp number & then maybe have to give another number in the future or ignore everyone & hope I didn’t miss out on anything. I gave the temp number to my family, but that is it.

I bought a new computer the same day as the phone fiasco & the second day the screen started flashing. I was ready to take it back right then & there, but then I got it to turn off & I turned it back on & it configured a huge Windows update. It seems fine now, but I have until next Monday to take it back.

I want to torture test it, but I don’t want to save anything to it in case I take it back. The only thing I’ve downloaded is Crap Cleaner, but here’s the weird thing: Crap Cleaner doesn’t wipe everything for Windows 8 like it does for Windows 7. When I sign into WordPress or other sites & type a “t” it fills out “tempesttcup” even after I wipe it. Windows 8 saves a lot of info that I don’t want saved.

Then today my husband calls & our old laptop has the blue screen of death. He managed to get it back working, but it is really only limping along & when it boots up it makes a sad little warbling noise. For the past week my shoulder & neck muscles have been like wire rope. Friday, however, we have plans to go to the gun range & then go steaming & sauna. Maybe I’ll get a massage. I need a Valium or Xanax or something, holy cow!


14 thoughts on “Electronic Death or Dismemberment

  1. darlingdoll

    Oh I HATE T-Mobile! I’m sooo looking forward to the day I can switch. I have to agree with you about Windows 8, it’s an odd bug. I hope all of your technology woes sort themselves out soon. When it rains…

  2. yousowould

    Flickering screen is not out of the ordinary during the installation of Windows updates – likely one of them affected your display driver, which needed to then be re-initialised. Really no need to take it back to the shop!

    What’s the purpose of this CrapCleaner? I’ve never found the need run anything like that in my life 🙂 Chances are it hasn’t been properly updated for Windows 8 yet. What browser do you use?

    Just your friendly Manosphere IT support checking in.

  3. Keoni Galt

    Can’t believe I took so long to come across this cup o tea…especially considering you’ve commented over at my place a few times – I just never clicked on your name. lol

    Great blog, I just read all of your archives. Thanks to stingray for linking to your microwave post (that’s another topic I always considered blogging about, just never got around to it. You’re exactly right. Just like Dr. illusion, I only use my micro to heat water.

    Welcome to the red pill. Too many folks in the manosphere style themselves as red pill takers, but only focus on one aspect (game – love – sex etc.), and many seem to find other aspects of ugly truths contra-conventional wisdom to be crazy, insignificant or not worthy of consideration.

    It’s gratifying to see another person get THE BIG PICTURE. (Yes, we are teh INTJ fringe!).

  4. TempestTcup Post author

    Prepare to lose your phone number – I think they “accidentally” do this to punish you for your disloyalty, or something stupid like that. Then, after about a week, my husband & I realized that it was kind of pleasant being out of touch, lol.

  5. TempestTcup Post author

    I use Crap Cleaner to wipe any history or auto-fill info from my work computer before I leave – I’m not sure if it is the best, but it’s better than nothing. Do you know of anything better? I’m willing to experiment. I use Mozilla Firefox with StartPage as home & all my searches.

    Sometimes other people get on my computer when I’m not here to print checks, etc. Don’t want them accidentally stumbling onto my stuff 🙂

    Good to know about windows updates. The computer has been fine ever since that update.

  6. TempestTcup Post author

    It’s great to see you here – I found the manosphere through your Paleo Baby post. Another post I found while looking at your site you were talking about how you gamed your wife & I thought that sounded great. I wanted that, lol!

    I have found, since I discovered saturated fat (my first red pill), that everything I have ever been told was a lie. If “conventional wisdom” says something I believe the opposite now. I haven’t been wrong yet.

    You are another INTJ? That’s hilarious – we are THICK in this little corner of the interwebs!

  7. TempestTcup Post author

    Okay, I checked & I am already in private browsing – Crap Cleaner also clears out all history from Word & Excel & all the other programs I use, plus empties recycle bin, etc. I’m looking to see if I can use a private mode in those too. (I might be the tiniest bit on the paranoid side)

  8. yousowould

    Never hurts to be safe! I don’t believe those things have a private mode.

    One option is to log on to the machine as a guest account, and then when you log off, everything gets wiped automatically. Failing that, you’re stuck with CrapCleaner I guess (loving the name)

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