Benefits to being a Ne’er-Do-Well


Not that I’ve ever been a ne’er-do-well; I’ve just seen them from afar & delighted in their glory. Some of my best friends are ne’er-do-wells! I’ve always been the dependable one. the stodgy one. The one everyone relies on. That’s even what I do for a living – I am a physical presence in the building & the person that signs the checks & does the math. My work place knows that I will be there unless I am in the hospital. I’m THAT person, unlike my more colorful brethren.

But I can totally see the beauty in NOT being THAT person & am moving towards that goal more & more every day. A couple of years ago I realized that being dependable puts me at a distinct disadvantage in the world of today. No one seeks out the dependable person to party; everyone seeks out the dependable one to help them move their stuff. Being fun >>> being dependable.

Say you are always on time, what happens when the ne’er-do-well is late? You are the one stuck waiting. If they flake, you are the one flaked on. Does the ne’er-do-well wait for anyone or get flaked on? How would they even know? They are too busy having fun, goofing off & not paying attention to the time to sweat the details! They are the ones ignoring the phone & finishing their drunken discussion.

One of the latest situations I’ve encountered that has driven this point home was T-Mobile giving my phone number away instead of porting it to the new phone service. No one can get a hold of me; it is blissful! At first it stressed me out to no end & I fought valiantly to get it back, but then drama happened & I could not be reached & that was when I found out how awesome it was to be unreachable.

I have a lot of friends that are constantly texting me with their new numbers. How the hell do they lose their phone numbers every six months or so? I had mine for at least a decade! I always thought it was bizarre that they were forced to change numbers, whether it was from not paying their bill, ditching the girlfriend that was footing their cell bill (most likely scenario), or what. Then it happened to me & I found a new form of freedom.

My phone doesn’t ring unless it’s my husband. No one is demanding my presence. My psycho sisters-in-law don’t call to demand that we fight some insane fight they have started because THEY CAN’T!!! They don’t have our numbers & they never will again! It was when we realized that no one ever called us for fun stuff; they called us when they NEEDED stuff. Screw that. Needy people SUCK! Now we are afraid we will actually get our old numbers back…

I’ll keep my job, though; they pay me a stupid, crazy amount of money for what little I do.



9 thoughts on “Benefits to being a Ne’er-Do-Well

  1. Cakes and Shakes...

    Welcome to the club. Seriously, I have a friend who is burned out from going out of her way to always help everyone, she’s the mother hen, the organiser. I called her on it since she then ends up the resentful one when people mess her around, plus she does it because she needs to feel needed which isn’t actually philanthropic at all. Not saying that’s you, but there’s more to life than being everyone’s servant!

  2. redpillwifey

    Even worse when you’re dependable and know how to use a computer. I’m pretty sure the only reason my mom calls me anymore is to de-virus her computer.

  3. TempestTcup Post author

    I know, like you would think that would be rewarded, but you would be wrong. The irresponsible ones are more fun because they don’t have to do things they don’t want to do & when they get caught short, someone will always cover them – usually the non-fun responsible ones.

  4. TempestTcup Post author

    My mom called the other day to tell me what to do if anything happens to her or dad (she does this every time they leave town, which is constantly) & of course I’m the one she is relying on to get everything squared away. The instructions include making sure my siblings pay their property taxes each year. WTF? And I’m not even the oldest – I’m #5. Nuts, I tell ya.

  5. Ruxman

    Feels good to leave the phone in my glovebox when I go for a skate somewhere, I tell my friend he should do the same but he says “it’s not like I’m not gonna take advantage of technology.”

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