Stress, Inflammation, Insomnia & the Antidote

young woman awaking up early in the morning

The never-ending saga of the phones is hopefully over. After talking to a fellow that had the same thing happen to him (T-Mobile giving away his phone number), and hearing about how six weeks after he gave up on getting his number back, T-Mobile gave it back (this was his roofing business phone – totally screwed him over), we finally went into Walmart & told them we wanted to return the SIM card & discontinue service. After that was done, we bought more SIM cards & got new numbers – no porting of old numbers.

The new laptop we bought seems to be working fine, but our other three computers are on their last legs. The old desktop, which we used for personal stuff – no surfing the interwebs – just getting on to the bank & brokerage account & downloading phones & cameras, is just barely hobbling along. We are going to go get another $300 laptop just for that & maybe a third one, or maybe we will wait until the other two laptops die completely. Then we will take them out & shoot them.

It has been pretty stressful, not just the phone & computer sagas, but some family drama & even the friendly little dive bars are stressful. Every one of our little dive bars have replaced the efficient bartenders with huge slovenly bartenders with their noses stuck firmly in their phones. Every one of them. It is a battle to get a beer, the bar is always filthy, and the new bartenders have already run off all the regulars. I haven’t found out where all the regulars went, yet.

My foray into local craft beer isn’t going well, either; both my husband & I immediately gained five pounds. I am super puffy & have terrible inflammation, complete with joint pain, tinnitus, restless everything syndrome, etc. I’ve also been in a foul mood & it ain’t pretty. I think the beer is giving me back all the symptoms I got rid of when I gave up wheat. Actually, it was a lot like my symptoms when I went on the ill-fated potato diet. Ouch. No more.

I went to bed early last night because I didn’t get much sleep the night before, and I woke up at about 2am. Everything hurt. Everything still hurts. I took an Aleve & a magnesium & tried to get back to sleep, to no avail. Every once in a while I would get that drowsy, almost asleep feeling & I would get so excited at the prospect of sleep that it would wake me up. Every time I turned over, every joint in my body would pop or creak.

Evidently my husband wasn’t sleeping either, or I was waking him up, but he started rubbing my shoulders & back & that helped a lot. Then he started rubbing other things. Then he made sure I needed a shower, ending right as my alarm went off & he sent me on my way to work tired but happy, with a huge grin on my face. Damn, we should have done that at 2am!


10 thoughts on “Stress, Inflammation, Insomnia & the Antidote

  1. darlingdoll

    “Every once in a while I would get that drowsy, almost asleep feeling & I would get so excited at the prospect of sleep that it would wake me up.”~ I HATE that! At least your husband put a smile on your face this morning. Morning sex is just good for the soul and a much better way to wake up than an alarm 😉

  2. TempestTcup Post author

    So incredibly true! Next time I’ll grab him when I wake, so that we can get a few hours of sleep after (before the alarm).

  3. redpillwifey

    Bleeeh… I don’t drink craft beers often (I can’t right now because of medication, but before that I’d imbibe maybe one or two a week), so I’ve never had that side effect. But I do find that I get all gross, bloated, and feeling generally craptacular after I have a lot of sugar and wheat, so I know what you’re talking about.

    Hope you can get some sleep tonight!

  4. Keoni Galt


    I’d be curious to see what sort of craft beers you were drinking. Not all use wheat.

    Me personally, even before I “went paleo” never did like the taste of wheat-based beers (Hefeweizen’s and many Belgian Ales). Wheat makes for a sweet malt, and I prefer “bitter” for beer.

    That’s why I stick largely to the stouts, porters and India Pale Ales – the malt is made with barley and has a high hops content.

    Also – are you largely drinking your microbrews at brew pub restaurants? i.e. eating restaurant food along with our beer may be the contributing factor for your weight gain…. jus sayin. lol

  5. Keoni Galt

    I guess that’s one thing you have to give large, mass produced corporate beer – they have much less gluten containing grains in their brew, since most use rice as “filler” for their mash.

  6. TempestTcup Post author

    It’s all from an Oklahoma brewery – Marshall Brewing.

    We did have some wheat, but it was too sweet (I’m a poet!). We had some India Pale Ale & the Pilsner, Old Pavilion, & a small amount of the Revival Red Ale. My husband likes the Old Pavilion & the IPA the best.

    I think the weight gain was water weight because I was 3 pounds down this morning & I expect the rest to be gone by morning. Probably from inflammation. I don’t do carbs well – I’m going through menopause right now & I’ve heard that is common for older women.

    I think we might have been a little too enthusiastic in our consumption! And most all was consumed either at home or at the American Legion because they have it for $4 per mini-pitcher (2 pints). We will try it again on Friday (steak night at the Legion!), but sparingly this time 🙂

  7. TempestTcup Post author

    See, rice is the only carb that doesn’t give me problems – as long as I rinse it & soak it really well. Oh, except sweet potatoes – they are good. White potatoes & I don’t get along at all.

  8. Keoni Galt

    Perhaps stick to just the IPA or the Pilsner for a single drinking session and see if you get the same reaction. Sort of like an “elimination diet” for beer! lozlolzl

  9. TempestTcup Post author

    Good plan – We’ll do the IPA Friday & see how we feel Saturday. I do tend to jump right into the deep end when trying things! Not always the sharpest knife in the drawer, lol.

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