What a Drag it is Getting Old


Ugh, so in the last week I noticed that I have a bad spot on my thumb that got pretty inflamed & after complaining about it, I was told it was a bone spur. Off to the computer I go to see what the hell I can do about it. Of course, hundreds & hundreds of links from spinal/orthopedic clinics recommend surgery because, you know, they need the money! Offices are expensive!

After reading up on bone spurs, I realized that I have one on my left foot that I thought was caused by the clutch in my little 5-speed. Dang, bone spurs are probably the cause of the pain in my elbow & my husband’s shoulder & lower back. Crap, if we both have the same thing, our diets are probably the cause. I would really, really like to keep my 5-speed because it is incredibly fun to drive (& it’s a rocket!), but if it continues to be painful I will have to get a boring old automatic.

At the risk of boring the ever-loving crap out of you, I will report my findings here because; well, this is what I’m obsessed with this week, so it has all my concentration. Besides, my thumb & the ball of my foot HURT! And there is no way I’m letting some money hungry (or other) doctor cut into my flesh when I haven’t explored every other avenue. Besides, if I am boring, think how exciting everything else you read will seem 🙂

I do need to state that we had a lot of these problems way before we happened upon the paleo diet, & whereas the paleo diet has helped us immensely, our diet is very loosely based on it. We mainly eat the best, cleanest, real food diet that we can, comprised of foods that do not cause us pain. Having said that, we have been eating/drinking foods that cause pain recently – time to clean up the diet!

I figure that something that is caused by diet (inflammation, etc) can be cured by diet. I looked for an anti-inflammatory diet & found this one & realized that we were already doing all of that. I looked & looked & made a list of all the offerings the internet had for natural remedies for bone spurs & this is what I came up with (in no particular order):

Curcumin – turmeric 500-1000mg 3x on empty stomach
Proteolytic Digestive enzymes – bromelain (sinuses) betain HCI / 3x on empty stomach
Vitamin C to extreme
Vitamin D to extreme
Omega 3
K-2 MK-4 menatetrenome
Glucosamine & Chondroitin Sulfates
Apple cider vinegar – unfiltered
Ginger 5g daily
DMSO – local application
Epsom Salts – local application
Flaxseed oil on bandaid on spur – local application
Linseed oil – local application

We already have a lot of this stuff, so I will continue to do those, but there were a lot of them that stood out. Unfiltered apple cider vinegar might be a good one – some of the articles said that irregular calcium deposits were caused by an alkaline system, so ACV might acidify it a bit. I’ll try to take a little in water in the morning. Oh, and for all you conspiracy theorists out there, about a third of the natural health sites I went to gave the fluoride in tap water as a leading cause of bone spurs. So, who knows.

K-2 MK-4 (menatetrenome) is another; evidently there is a synergy between K-2 & D3. Richard at Free the Animal has an article about K-2 & his teeth, which is very interesting. After taking it for a while, he noticed that he didn’t get deposits on his teeth any more. I get those hard white deposits on the inside lower teeth that have to be scraped each dentist visit. Once again, irregular deposits that are also probably calcifying my arteries & my bone spurs. Yay!

A lot of the sites recommended proteolytic digestive enzymes, which if you look on the label, contain bromelain . Reading up on them, ding ding ding! These enzymes are also important in dissolving fibroids. I totally had fibroids until they mysteriously went away when I started on paleo (or maybe the onset of menopause). The plot thickens! It is recommended that they be taken 3x daily on an empty stomach.

It is also recommended that curcumin be taken 3x daily on an empty stomach, so off I went to search & I found this article & read it 3x & have no idea what the hell it says, but it looks official. There are a ton of supplements that combine curcumin & proteolytic enzymes, so I’m going to assume that there are no contraindications taking them together.

I will also try using Epsom salts locally & flaxseed oil on a bandaid. The gelatin, glucosamine & chondroitin (& MSM, which is gelatin) would probably be good. So yes, I am taking the shotgun approach to this problem, which is the way I naturally do EVERYTHING, so that I never know what cured me, I just want a cure, any cure. Now!

I think what made my thumb flare up is that we tried a little foray into local craft beer, which caused us pain & inflammation (we tried just the IPA later & still had pain) then on Saturday we each ate a piece of pizza, which led to us ordering a whole pizza & eating it. We will have to clean up our act & quit hurting ourselves. Stupid, stupid, stupid! Anyway, I’ll try to update with any results from my latest experiment.

[Note: Looking further into the items on the list, it looks like a lot of them are used for candida overgrowth – maybe the bone spurs are a just a symptom of that. I’m going to start with the “mother” unfiltered ACV, bromelain, betain HCI, Vitamin C & curcumin turmeric for a while & see how that goes before trying a bunch of other stuff. Maybe I’ll try the topical ones also, haven’t decided.]


8 thoughts on “What a Drag it is Getting Old

  1. Deep Strength

    Generally speaking, bone spurs will almost never go away… but in a lot cases just like bulging/herniated discs, degenerative disc disease, etc they can be managed to a level where they won’t bother you at all in daily life and exercise.

    Typically they will form because of systemic inflammation in an area that is aggravated repeatedly or by poor posture, which is why they often occur in the shoulder and neck area because of overuse in sports or desk jobs/computers.

    But yes, eat as anti-inflammatory as possible and get as much non-painful exercise as possible and things should clear up. Stress is probably another contributory factor that can be improved as well.

    Source: I’m a physical therapist. Feel free to ask anymore questions if you want.

  2. TempestTcup Post author

    Awesome! I think if I manage my inflammation that will not only help but might help prevent getting new ones. I need to quit being swayed by those foul temptresses pizza & beer, lol!

  3. Deep Strength

    Yeah, unfortunately processed foods and refined carbohydrates are very high on the inflammation factor. I try to avoid them at all possible.

    I don’t do hard Paleo exactly… pretty much non-processed foods as long as you are not allergic or sensitive to it seems to be fine with me. Rice is good, but I am semi-gluten insensitive. Can’t do milk either, but white potatoes seem to be good. But Sweet potatoes… yum.

  4. mackPUA

    Diet very rarely helps with bone & circulation problems

    The FASTEST & best way to cure back pains, joint pains ,etc., is to lift weights

    You will never be able to cure sedentary problems with diet

    The ONLY real cure for the oestoporosis problems is lifting weights …

  5. TempestTcup Post author

    I do need to lift weights more often & I need to walk more to stretch out my legs & back & get my heart pumping, etc. I need to work on that.

  6. Spence

    You’re bones are living things. If not worked, they become weak. Bones need weight bearing exercises to be healthy.

    Like Mack said, lift heavy weights. Use a barbell.

    Squat, Dead lift, Overhead press, Bench Press, Row. These sound intimidating at first, they’re not that hard. You’re just learning some new skills.

    This is a great starting workout:


    Use correct form and you’ll feel 20 years younger in 6 weeks.

    Good luck.

  7. TempestTcup Post author

    We have an old SoloFlex that we have had set up since the 80s & I do use that every day, but not very much – Once or twice a day lifting until my muscles scream. It’s set for my husband, so it’s pretty hard for me to lift. I should do more, but I do a little bit. We do have some heavy weights that I use occasionally, but not nearly enough.

    I’ll look into that link.

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