Bacteria is Life


If you don’t have good bacteria in your system, you have bad bacteria. Your good bacteria keeps the bad bacteria at bay, but if your gut flora is in bad shape, bad bacteria will move in and:

Most bacterial species will build fortresses for themselves, called biofilms. These are polysaccharide and protein meshworks that, like bone, become mineralized with calcium and other minerals. These mineralized meshworks are built on bodily surfaces, like the gut lining, and protect bacteria from the immune system, antibiotics, and other bacterial species.

Pathogenic species known to generate biofilms include Legionella pneumophila, S. aureus, Listeria monocytogenes, Campylobacter spp., E. coli O157:H7, Salmonella typhimurium, Vibrio cholerae, and Helicobacter pylori. [4]

Biofilms favor the species that constructed them. So, once pathogens have constructed biofilms, it is hard for commensal species to displace them.

So, if they build little fortresses out of the minerals you are ingesting, supplementing minerals without cleaning up your gut flora is actually strengthening the pathogenic ones. And you may have mostly good bacteria, but if you have signs of inflammation (red face, skin problems, joint pain), you probably have a gut flora problem.

In my last post, I talked about the bone spurs I’ve been experiencing & through the process of figuring out a natural way of dealing with them, I noticed that all of the remedies for bone spurs were also remedies for Candida Overgrowth. Bad gut flora. Correcting this is my goal.

I have been battling inflammation for years with probiotics and it has really helped, and eating a really clean diet helps a lot, but sometimes life gets in the way & I eat half a pizza (Pizza Hut thin crust sausage & mushroom – holy hell it was good!). Sometimes I experiment with bizarre diets; sometimes I try drinking a buttload of craft beer. Potatoes, pizza & craft beer were feeding the bad gut flora, which thrives on sugars (starches, wheat, etc). But mostly, I’m on an Anti-Monsanto Diet.

So, the thing to do is attack the pathogenic biofilm (that adorable microscopic castle the bad bacteria built). There are other ways listed, but I like the more natural approach, so I’m going to attack the biofilms with vinegar, spices & maybe whey (I’m making yogurt tonight so tomorrow I will have about a quart of whey). Berries & herbs are also good.

Acetic acid in vinegar can solubilize the calcium, iron, and magnesium in biofilms, removing these minerals and weakening the biofilm; citric acid binds calcium and can disrupt biofilms. [9] Lactoferrin, a molecule in milk whey, binds iron and inhibits biofilm formation and growth. [10] N-acetylcysteine can destroy or inhibit biofilms. [11]

So here’s what I’m doing: I’m heating up some water (not too hot, 110F tops) & adding 2 T. Braggs “mother” apple cider vinegar & ½ T. raw local honey (both of those items fermented) stir & drink each morning & evening. Three times a day on an empty stomach I’m taking vitamin C, ginger, turmeric & digestive enzymes. I’m ingesting as much bacterially profuse foods & beverages as possible (while not feeding the bad with sugars, starches & ketones).

I sorted through a ton of websites yesterday (why, oh why don’t I save the links! It would make my life so much easier) & there was an incredible amount of conflicting advice, but the general gist of what I read was to break down the biofilm of the bad bacteria with various acids (you can even use hydrochloride – Betain HCL [I read somewhere – don’t try until you study – see comment below]) while repopulating with good.

And what are good bacteria sources? Well tonight I’m pan frying in coconut oil a huge T-bone dry-aged as per Dannyfrom504, which is made so tender & flavorful by bacterial & enzymatic action breaking down the meat’s components. So, right there I get more bacteria & enzymes. I also drink raw milk & honey, which have different bacteria. Also, I am enjoying my homemade rice beer & I’m going to post that recipe next.

In the olden days, before refrigeration, almost everything everyone ate was either fresh or fermented, but now that everything comes out of a can and is sterile, you don’t have access to a lot of good bacteria. Add that to the breakdown of the extended family living in close quarters & sharing gut flora, plus all of the anti-bacterial soaps & hand sanitizers & you create a perfect environment for a Candida Overgrowth.


18 thoughts on “Bacteria is Life

  1. Sis

    Your bacteria look like Cheetos in the pic! What about drinking an excessive amount of coffee, does that do anything to your bacteria? BTW, we have the same taste in pizza.

  2. TempestTcup Post author

    I’ve heard coffee isn’t great, but a lot of the sources I looked at weren’t that great either! I’m sticking with coffee because it is an excellent vehicle for raw heavy cream 🙂

    I really like your new avatar!

  3. Sis

    Thank you, I put cream in my coffee, but not the raw kind. Interesting blog post today, I don’t think about bacteria much.

  4. Deep Strength

    I sorted through a ton of websites yesterday (why, oh why don’t I save the links! It would make my life so much easier) & there was an incredible amount of conflicting advice, but the general gist of what I read was to break down the bad bacteria with various acids (you can even use hydrochloride – Betain HCL) while repopulating with good.

    This makes no sense really. Basically, Betain HCL is used to increase acidity in the stomach, but once the stomach empties into the small intestines it is neutralized by sodium bicarbonate (NaHCO3 — aka baking soda) since the acid would wreck the lining of the walls of the small intestine.

    Given that the good bacterial colonies populate both the small intestines and large intestines, the acid doesn’t actually kill much of anything. That’s why I’m skeptical of all probiotics because they won’t actually get there unless they’re from enteric coated capsules that can pass through the stomach acid to the intestines.

    Essentially, if you look at the mechanisms of how the digestive system works there’s only a few things that can make it through like the enteric coated capsules. From what I’ve seen with most people if you don’t eat processed foods the normal bacteria will tend to start to outgrow the other ones gradually anyway so that’s the best course of action.

    The worst is if you have to take antibiotics which kills everything off. There’s also alternatives like fecal transplants and whatnot to get good bacterial back in as well.

  5. TempestTcup Post author

    I got it from here mostly:

    “Therapies that dissolve pathogenic biofilms can improve the likelihood of success of probiotic and fecal transplant therapies.”

    The goal here is to weaken the biofilms & add in new bacteria. I read some stuff on Betain HCL, but decided not to go that route – I can use vinegar & spices to do the same thing. I’m not familiar with Betain HCL, I just thought it was interesting that it existed in supplement form.

    Paul Jaminet is a pretty good source of info & the post was approved by Chris Kresser, another good source of info:

    I know this smacks of “appeal to authority” but you have to trust some of the millions of conflicting advices you find out there in the wild, wild world of the internet!

  6. TempestTcup Post author

    But yeah, I could have worded that better! And I didn’t actually see the stuff about Betain HCL on the website mentioned.

    Okay fixed paragraph somewhat & added disclaimer 🙂

  7. Deep Strength

    I agree with the Jaminet’s stuff as it’s well researched. I refer people to that site as well as a bunch of Robb Wolf’s, Mark Sisson’s, etc. stuff as well.

    1. Acetic acid in vinegar can solubilize the calcium, iron, and magnesium in biofilms, removing these minerals and weakening the biofilm; citric acid binds calcium and can disrupt biofilms. [9]
    2. Lactoferrin, a molecule in milk whey, binds iron and inhibits biofilm formation and growth. [10]
    3. N-acetylcysteine can destroy or inhibit biofilms. [11]

    These posted work because of the reciprocal base which can bind to the ions, generally as a chelation type therapy. For #1 Acetic acid for example, H-COCH3, when dissociated to some degree in the fairly neutral environment of the small/large intestines will be H+ + COCH3- helps to solubulize the elemental Ca, Fe, MG to Ca2+, Fe2+, Fe3+, Mg2+, thus inhibiting the biofilm. A good logical and chemistry valid mechanism of action.

    I’m inherently skeptical of methods that attempt to do certain things like raise acidity because of the nature of the stomach and it’s relation to intercepting and neutralizing substances that go through into the intestines.

    Basically, if you can’t point to a good mechanism of action backed up by some research it’s probably a lot of crap science trying to sell you a product.

  8. TempestTcup Post author

    And there are a TON of sites full of crap science trying to sell stuff! I love the internet because it has so much great info, but the problem is that you have to wade through hundreds of those kinds of sites.

    And I’m not even going to go into all the sites echoing the bad info the government issues appeasing Monsanto & the other major lobbyists. Soon the food pyramid/plate will include the Pepsi food group 🙂 Drink six servings a day for optimum health!

  9. yousowould

    Interested to see how you get on with this. I don’t suffer from the symptoms of inflammation you describe, but I’ve had a history of gastric beleaguerement most of my life. Maybe I need more probiotics…

  10. TempestTcup Post author

    So far it’s really helped; my thumb & big toe really don’t hurt now, but that might be coincidence. I like the idea of breaking down the bad bacteria’s walls – it doesn’t seem like it would be good to have mineral buildup in your gut, unless that’s how it is supposed to be.

    Hell I don’t know, I have no idea what a gut is supposed to look like inside!

  11. Tres

    I first started noticing these growths that ALMOST like acne. They never went away and got to be looking like coral. And felt like it also. My husband can’t get the idea these hurt like hel, and they ony grow bigger if left alone to grow. Well, now I have tried to explain this “fake skin” kinda cvers them. I know that ai sound crazy. But I have been trying to figure out wht this is. Low and behold i found bio-films!!Thank God i am not crazy. Thank you! Now what is my next step?? Someone please help!

  12. TempestTcup Post author


    I would get some Braggs apple cider vinegar with “mother” and drink some in water a few times a day on an empty stomach. Also, quit taking any mineral supplements because they are contributing to the problem.

  13. Nan

    I have search the net for the duration to take the acv and can’t find any info on how long to continue the processe.

  14. TempestTcup Post author

    I figure my gut flora is always needing maintenance, so I will weed, seed, and feed. I weed with acv or keto to starve all gut flora, seed with soil-based probiotics or fermented foods, and feed with prebiotics (soluble fiber) like resistant starch (rice, potatoes, etc), insulin (garlic, onions, etc), pectin (fruits), etc. What I’ve read is that prebiotics are the most effective of the three.

    Now I’m into traditional ways of eating; every culture has some sort of appetizer that is traditionally fermented like hummus, salsa, poi, kimchi and eaten with a resistant starch like pita bread, tortillas, etc. Following, they mostly eat a fatty meat, which lowers stomach acid and allows the bacteria to ride the starch through the stomach to the large intestine where it can take up residence. Then sometimes the meal is followed up with good cheese and fruit.

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