Male Harem: A Case Study

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I know this woman that has a soft harem of lower betas (they are getting laid, so I assume that would be beta?). She was born in the Summer of Love to hippie-dippy parents that gave her a hippie-dippy name like Sunflower. I wouldn’t call her a friend because she is super annoying, usually trashed, loud & pushy, etc, but she is fascinating to observe in the wild because of her harem. Or do I call it a Stable? Are they beta orbiters that occasionally collide? Heck, I don’t know what to call whatever the hell it is that she has, but watching it is sad yet hilarious.

Whenever we arrive at this hipster bar for happy hour, she is generally there with at least one of her orbiters, but sometimes she has a whole line of them going. There is a hierarchy to her stable & the “need to know” aspect is congruent with their place in that hierarchy.

The main fellow is her Sugar Daddy; he pays for her life. He travels for business, so we only see him once or twice a month. When she is with SD, she wears a HUGE rock on her left ring finger, is sober, dresses up in dresses & is super sweet & friendly to everyone. When she is with him, her other guys leave her alone & ignore her. SD has no clue about the others.

Then there is a tall thin fellow with Bushy Eyebrows. BE is #2 and doesn’t know about #3, #4 & however many millions of others she has. I don’t know if BE knows about SD. I don’t see BE in the hipster bar without her – he isn’t really a regular there. Last time I saw her there with him, the other two fellows lower on the totem pole were lined up on the other side of her but not engaging her.

#3 is a large British fellow that frequently wears one of those little cloth welding caps welders wear under their masks, so I’m assuming blue collar. He knows about #1 & #2, but I’m not sure if he knows about #4. He seems perfectly fine with the situation & I’ve seen him sit patiently in the lineup of beaus sitting at the bar.

Of all of them, #3 is probably the one with the least emotional bond. I think he is there solely to get the occasional piece of ass & really doesn’t care who else she’s with. He is a regular & is there without her & is also talking to & picking up other girls. He doesn’t show any affection towards her & doesn’t hide the fact that they leave together.

#4 is a sad, tortured fellow. He knows about all of the others & he is last in line. He gets her when she is the most drunk because the other guys will walk away when they think they might have to do her sloppy. He has one-itis big time. He is always trying to show affection, but she brushes off his gestures. She will only let him kiss her in public when she is blackout drunk (at 6pm!).

When they leave, he tries to hide the fact that they are leaving together, so he has obviously had a talking to about the situation. He will show up at the bar without her, but is crying in his beer & does a lot of shots. It is a pathetic thing to behold.

Anyway, I didn’t know if this was a common thing for females to have a bunch of lovers. I mean, I get that some women have a husband & the pool boy, but is it common for a female to have so many males waiting patiently (& not so patiently) for their turn? She isn’t particularly that pretty; she’s in her mid-forties, she’s kind of chunky & she’s annoying as all hell. When she gets drunk she sings out loud. She thinks she has a great voice, but she is mistaken. Very, very mistaken.


15 thoughts on “Male Harem: A Case Study

  1. TempestTcup Post author

    Very interesting. That kind of goes along with what I’ve been saying since discovering the manosphere – men fall in love & women fall in lust.

    Thanks for the link, BTW!

  2. Sis

    That’s a fun picture, I love Betty White, she has such a sense of humor about herself.

  3. TempestTcup Post author

    I know, it’s like this little Peyton Place sitting across the bar, all lined up. I’ve been watching it for months. Nuts!

  4. TempestTcup Post author

    No, I don’t think it is common at all. I don’t really know her well – she just hangs out at the neighborhood bar. It is very bizarre & it has been going on for months now.

    I think that her sugar daddy dumped her because last night #2, 3 & 4 were all consoling her & she kept saying “Good riddance!” Yikes!

  5. Ton

    I always figure whatever woman I am with is sitting in some other dudes lap when she is not sitting in mine.My guess is, this is the norm, and it’s amusing watching them try to check out their pof profile while out with me.

  6. The Lucky Lothario

    Haha, wow! I’d never have thought they would just fall in line with the hierarchy and not say anything. The other side of that (except evidently for the oneitis-suffering bottom of the pile) is that she’s allowing herself to be used by a bunch of guys who don’t particularly care about her. The welder fella in particularly.

    Although from your description of her which is less than flattering, it seems to work out in her favour overall. If not necessarily a long term plan for happiness.

  7. TempestTcup Post author

    True, she is not especially a happy person.

    You are also right that she is allowing herself to be used, but I think that she imagines that SHE is the one that is using & has all the power. The only power she has is to say yes or no (& I doubt if she ever says no).

    It was that guys’ approval with the system that surprised me too. Crazy!

    Welcome to my site!

  8. rmaxGenactivePUA

    Ironically most women dont like men serving them …

    Women get a lot hotter, if the men sat around like alpha’s & ordered her around like a half naked wife in heels …

    Its quite common in cities, in the poorer working class areas for women to have 3 or 4 guys not as a harem, more of as convenient gang bang sessions … especially on the weekends …

    Been there … closely missed that ,,,lol

    I highly doubt she has a real harem, convenient FWB, & some looser orbiting beta

    Thats all most women can do anyway, you need serious male like planning skills to coordinate all the logistics for a real soft harem … lol

    Cramming two chicks in the same room did wonders for my bragging rights, at college … lol

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