Why Women Today are Fat & Unhaaaaappy


I love old cookbooks, not the ones from the fifties, although I have a couple of those, too. I love the ones that compile recipes & helpful hints from the pioneering days or the ones that are reprinted online for our viewing pleasure. I love looking at the stuff they had to do to keep a proper house back before houses had electricity.

Women got to do all day every day what I do in my spare time for fun. Right now I’m making rice wine, but back in the day housewives did that all the time with blackberry wine, dandelion wine, etc. I make my own yogurt & my grandmother used to make her own cottage cheese.

Now, to find ingredients to do most of my fun-time food projects, I have to go to the Asian market because the Asians still make things like bone broth & kimchi & rice wine. Oh and look, the Asian women are still skinny – I don’t think I’ve ever seen a fat Asian woman at the market.

I think keeping house before modern appliances was incredibly more satisfying than it is today. Back in the olden days, women did things on a daily basis that would require a degree in chemistry today. Look at these “helpful hints” from the 1887 White House Cook Book:

To Clean Brass-Ware, etc.:—Mix one ounce of oxalic acid, six ounces of rotten stone, all in powder, one ounce of sweet oil, and sufficient water to make a paste. Apply a small portion, and rub dry with a flannel or leather. The liquid dip most generally used consists of nitric and sulphuric acids; but this is more corrosive.

Polish or Enamel for Shirt Bosoms is made by melting together one ounce of white wax, and two ounces of spermaceti; heat gently and turn into a very shallow pan; when cold cut or break in pieces. When making boiled starch the usual way, enough for a dozen bosoms, add to it a piece of the polish the size of a hazel nut.

An Erasive Fluid for the Removal of Spots on Furniture, and all kinds of fabrics, without injuring the color, is made of four ounces of aqua ammonia, one ounce of glycerine, one ounce of castile soap and [Pg 567]one of spirits of wine. Dissolve the soap in two quarts of soft water, add the other ingredients. Apply with a soft sponge and rub out. Very good for deaning silks.

Holy hell, can you even get those ingredients anymore? Not that I’m going to start enameling shirt bosoms or anything, but back in the day (after indoor plumbing became all the rage) the drain was a series of foot-long clay pipes & people flushed copper sulfate down the toilet to keep tree roots out of their drains. Today you have to go to an industrial chemical company to get the stuff & you have to call ahead because they have to order it. Now everyone calls Roto-Rooter.

Taking care of the home was not only vastly more interesting, but a lot more exercise than today. If you’ve ever done laundry by hand, and I’m not talking about your delicates, I’m talking about sheets & towels, you will realize how much exercise it is. You will be huffing & puffing in no time. Have you ever churned butter? Yeah, me neither, but that is some good exercise (I imagine, lol).

Now, women sit in front of a computer all day doing busy work in their boring make-work jobs. They grab food on the way home & fill their brains with trashy scripted “reality” shows showing “glamorous” “housewives” & wonder why their lives aren’t like the ones they see on the idiot box. If only I had a spray tan! Maybe if I had a Brazilian wax! Oooo, a Carnival Cruise!

And why are they fat? Fast Food. It’s the only thing I can think of. Seriously, every old cookbook is half desserts. As a kid we had dessert almost every evening. My grandmother always had something sweet coming out of the oven. None of us were fat. It’s not sugar. They cooked all those deserts with Crisco, so it’s not industrial seed oils. There was wheat flour in all those deserts, so it’s not the wheat.

Fast food is making them fat, but not necessarily because of the nasty ingredients, but because they don’t have to work for their food. It is abundant, so they can get a Big Mac on the run & eat it in the car on their way home to sit in front of the boob tube while perusing facebook.

Tl;dr: Women today are boooored because they are boring & they are fat for the same reason.


29 thoughts on “Why Women Today are Fat & Unhaaaaappy

  1. Just Saying

    So true… I am old enough to remember my grand-mother (who didn’t have electricity or much of anything when I was small) washing clothing with a wash board and a tub down at a creek – she lived in the mountains with my aunts and uncles. Today they would scream six ways to Sunday about the “environmental impact” but she was washing clothing with a wash-board. Cooking with a wood stove – how to you get the right temperature? I have no idea – she made cakes, and dinner as well as breakfast and lunch and numerous mid-day things. Today – you set the temperature, and timer and go sit and watch TV – I can guarantee she never sat or it would have burned…

    She probably never weighed more than 100lbs after 8 children – today I see women that look like whales with legs wattling around. And of course complaining about how much they have to do – yeah, walking would tire me out too, if I weighed 1/2 as much as they do…

    Anyway – you are absolutely correct…

  2. TempestTcup Post author

    And she was probably busy and happy as all get-out! Busy people are rarely bored or unhappy.

    I’ve never cooked on a wood stove, but I’ve cooked over a fire & of course on the grill. I imagine that it was a hard-earned skill.

    Also, I simply ADORE people who agree with me, so I think you are the tops! Welcome to my site!

  3. earl

    “Women today are booored because they are boring & they are fat for the same reason.”

    While I agree women are boring, men should take some of the blame here. Women can’t create “something out of nothing” if you will…that is all they got is based off what they’ve seen and experienced. Testosterone gives you the ability to invent ideas, scenarios, interesting stories. If your testosterone isn’t going you lose that “inventing” edge. A lot of guys I see make zombies look interesting.

    Women are bored because they invest in stuff that should be exciting but isn’t. A guy who is “on fire” and spreading that to her is the most interesting thing she’ll ever find.

  4. Keoni Galt

    None of us were fat. It’s not sugar. They cooked all those deserts with Crisco, so it’s not industrial seed oils. There was wheat flour in all those deserts, so it’s not the wheat.

    This is the problem with people always trying to pinpoint a single vector to blame the obesity epidemic on.

    Remember this: the old desserts made with wheat, sugar and industrial seed oils were eaten for dessert, AFTER a regular meal of real, home cooked food….which was also usually preceded by regular, real food breakfasts and lunches throughout the day.

    As Sally Fallon and Mary Enig have pointed out repeatedly over at the WAPF, a diet rich in saturated fats is protective of the other potentially harmful foods (and alcohol! lol)

    So yes, even back in the day, when most everyone ate Crisco/wheat flour/sugar desserts, they still ate plenty of real food…on balance, they ate far more real food than the occasional, manufactured feed like a small portion of dessert at the end of the day.

    Fast forward to the present day… thanks to all the convenience foods, fast foods and processed grocery foods, combined with the anti-saturated fat and red meat and cholesterol propaganda, we now have people who are eating the flours/seedoils/sugar based feed at nearly every meal, and also in-between meals with all the snack feed available at convenience stores, checkout counters, vending machines etc…..while avoiding the saturated fats and meats and bone broths and fermented foods and full fat dairy that would otherwise serve as protective, anti-inflammatory foundation of a healthy body.

  5. TempestTcup Post author

    “Women are bored because they invest in stuff that should be exciting but isn’t.”

    Right – and it might be exciting at first, but then they need more & more until nothing ever satisfies them, except:

    “A guy who is “on fire” and spreading that to her is the most interesting thing she’ll ever find.”

    Very well said – that is exactly true. Welcome to my site; it’s good to see you here!

  6. Keoni Galt

    BTW – forgot to start with my manners: good post. Of course, it’s true, that most women AND men, live far more sedentary lifestyles nowadays, and that absolutely contributes.

    Anyhow, I actually have a draft post I’ve been working on for some time about this exact topic (pinpointing the blame on one cause)…thanks for the reminder, I need to finish that one up as it’s been awhile since I first started it.

  7. TempestTcup Post author

    Good Point, I didn’t even think of having 3 real food meals with a dessert at the end of the last one. We also didn’t go out except when the pizza place would send a coupon for a free pizza for one of our birthdays (there was a piano player & we would request “Good Night Irene”, lol).

    I remember when mom was really busy & had to fix something fast for dinner, she would fry up some sausage & scramble it up with some eggs for dinner. That was one of my favorite meals.

    A girl I work with eats Doritos every morning for breakfast & a microwave pizza for lunch. There are always packages of cookies & crackers on her desk. I shudder to think what she has for dinner…

  8. earl

    Thanks. Glad to be here.

    I can tell you in my blue pill days I would ask women questions and react to that…result they got bored and stopped talking to me. Things turned around when I brought something to the table first and had a conversation flow from that.

    Sometimes when I’m in a creative mood…I’ll just present wild scenarios and paint a vacation scene into her head. Like dancing on top of Lincoln’s head at Mt. Rushmore or which superpower I would choose for that day and my reasons.

  9. TempestTcup Post author

    I ALWAYS forget my manners! I’m in too much of a hurry to say what’s on my mind & then I am too busy dissecting my comment for errors. Ack, I’m like that in person, too.

    I really liked your last post – there was something in it that made me think of this post subject, but when I went back to read your post again, I couldn’t find it.

  10. mackPUA

    You can still churn butter today … Its hundreds of times healthier then the butter in the shops …

    Churnings easy, you just pop some whole milk in a glass & shake for about 10-15 mins, easy butter …

  11. TempestTcup Post author

    That’s funny, the first thing my husband did after we got back from our first visit to a dairy nearby (raw milk & cream! Yum!) was to do that very exact thing. He didn’t have any bread to spread it on though because we gave that up years ago 😦 (I think we had some saltines or something like that.)

    Welcome to my site!

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  13. ladysadie1

    It’s not exactly churning butter but you can get REAL cream and let a stand mixer to the work, too. Whisk attachment, on about medium while you do other things. Use the left over liquid in broth, to bake bread or whatever you would normally use water to make.

  14. TempestTcup Post author

    I need to try that; I haven’t played with the raw milk & cream since I found them, except a couple of failed yogurt attempts.

  15. Ruxman

    I was in a hospital eatery last week. A young nurse or clerical worker, probably my age sat down with some fried rice/meat combo. She was already talking on her phone. She snapped open the plastic lid and began eating, she continued the convo with the phone between her cheek and shoulder. She stood up and packed up the container/bag/fork while she chewed her last bight. The phone was still on her shoulder as she walked off, the enzymes in her stomach were probably still asleep by the time she walked back to her station, still chatting.

  16. TempestTcup Post author

    It’s like those people that have to watch the entire concert through the lens of their camera. Put the damn phone down & live your life in person!

  17. Peregrine John

    The leftover liquid – the buttermilk – makes outstanding drop biscuits, among other things!

  18. TempestTcup Post author

    Interesting! I just recently started drinking the whey from straining my yogurt (it is really sour in the yogurt but very smooth to drink). It makes sense that I should use all parts of the process. Thanks & welcome to my site!

  19. MissMarie

    Great post! Just wanted to pop in and say if you really want to use copper sulphate it is easily procured at your local farm store, in the pond maintenance section. It’s sold as an algae inhibitor.

  20. TempestTcup Post author

    Oh, cool – I’ll let my husband know. It’s been a pain to get but I think a small bucket lasts a year or two. Thanks!

  21. infowarrior1

    Women just fell for the soul destroying job. Instead of the fulfilling lifestyle of housewife.

    All because it is packaged as empowerment. Control the emotion lest the emotion control you.

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  23. MissMarie

    Sometimes you can only find it in crystals, which are usually gumball sized ish, but they grind up fine in a food processor. Erm, don’t ask me how I know, lol!

  24. TempestTcup Post author

    It was “the thing to do”. Even my cousins with tons of kids worked outside the home. Growing up in the 70s all the mothers worked; none of my friends’ mothers were SAHM. The whole SAHM thing was an antiquated notion when I was young; it was something your grandmother did back in the olden days. It’s kind of weird to look back & realize that; we were pretty brainwashed.

  25. rmaxGenactivePUA

    Bread is basically hundreds of seeds …. all seeds contains large amounts of arsenic mercury etc, plus HUGE amounts of 2ndary compounds called anti-nutrients & anti-nerve agents, which attack your nervous system

    I eat kelp noodles instead of carbs, only 10 calories per 100g …

    & tons of raw meat & raw pancreas

    Obesity isnt caused by high carbs or sugar, its caused by anti-nutrients in vegetables & fruit & low levels of vitamin c, & low hcl acid in the stomach

    Fructose corn syrup in coke & pepsi dont cause obesity, its the low levels of vitamin c which causes obesity

    A person can eat literally hordes of sugar & junk food, as long as he has high levels of vitamin c

    Insulin is a direct response to vitamin c, not sugar

    Vitamin C out competes sugar & is highly efficient at preventing it from being stored as fat

    Obesity is ridiculously easy to cure, transdermal vitamin c with dmso, or lipospheric vitamin c

  26. rmaxGenactivePUA

    Basically all medicine is a deliberate propoganda attempt at keeping the public misinformed about what causes them to become sick …

    Everything the medical industry tells you about sickness is wrong …

    Theres no such thing as disease, its impossible for a person to get sick … what a person is experiencing isnt a disease …

    All cancer cells are immortal …

    “With each cell division it loses some 60 nucleotides, like most cells, but then the activated telomerase causes it to gain just as many back.

    The internal clock is reset to zero, and the cell becomes immortal.”

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