Attractive Privilege


Perusing Twitter I saw this:

So there’s this really, really cool tumblr that points out why you bitches who take care of your weight & hair & clothing are privileged. So stop it. Why don’t you gain a million pounds & quit washing your hair already. Those heels & that makeup are only compounding the problem; try eating a carton of ice cream every once in a while, gah. Figure it out already; if you are attractive you are as bad as a racist or a person with thin privilege. Stupid hotties.

Attractive privilege is having one of your best friends like a guy and see him give off signals that he may too, only to find out from one of his guy friends he wants someone who is “pretty” that he could “have sex” with, someone who is “attractive”, which is code for not ugly apparently. As if ugly women can’t do any of those things, as if the only way to know if you’re attractive is by your face…disgusting.

Attractive privilege is being able to feel good about your body.

Attractive privilege is being able to go into a restaurant without people giving you strange looks.

Attractive privilege is not having entire campaigns dedicated to eradicating your face type.

Attractive privilege is knowing boys would rather have sex with you.

Attractive privilege is getting tips when you work at a strip club. I used to work at a strip club in Los Angeles. At most strip clubs, strippers work as independent contractors that earn their pay through tips, lap dances, private dances, the works. When I worked there for a month, I barely got any tips. Was this because I was the only fat stripper there? Felt like it. I feel like the club should have been more active in making sure I got a fair pay while I worked there. Fat people should have just as much of a chance as earning money in stripping as their thin counterparts.

If you have trouble overcoming your attractive privilege, I have a few handy tips for you to try:

1.) Cut your hair really short – make it look “edgy” like it was cut with a weedwacker.
2.) Get a lot of really cool tattoos of famous peoples’ faces. Chest tattoos are best.
3.) Eat a little more; no one wants to date a stick, get yer curve on, girl!
4.) Dresses are fussy & tight jeans are uncomfortable; sweatpants are juuuust right!
5.) Don’t look fake & wear makeup. Try the natural look, heck, don’t even wash your face.
6.) Throw that razor away; boys should love you for you, armpit hair included.
7.) Working out is a hassle & there are all those D-bags at the gym. Boycott the gym!
8.) Heels are uncomfortable & make it hard to walk; flip-flops are cheap & easy.

So don’t be privilegists & tip your fat strippers ‘cuz they need $$$ too!


25 thoughts on “Attractive Privilege

  1. mackPUA

    “Was this because I was the only fat stripper there? ” Lmaoooooooooo ROTFL …..

    Fat strippers, seriously pure comedy gold … plus she’s asking affirmative action for being fat in a strip club … feminists proving theyre only welfare for dumb bitches & ugly whores …

    Lmao …. Seriously how the hell does a fat bitch get work as a stripper, she handing out free cases of bacon & lard to all the punters … ???

  2. Laura C.

    Lol. Can’t argue with most of that. Don’t forget about Tip #9 though: ensure that you have a personality like a cheese grater.

    I have known plenty of people who have overcome obstacles of weight through having a pleasant demeanor and valuable talent. I can’t think of a single person, even a thin and pretty one, who can get more than temporary attention if they’re a whining, angry sourpuss.

    Envy is uglyfying.

  3. earl

    Stuff like this proves that women are women’s #1 biggest enemy.

    Only women would say the best way to happiness is a life of misery.

  4. TempestTcup Post author

    True, misery loves company. It’s a lot easier to wallow in misery than to work hard at improving yourself.

    I don’t get it; it must be a very boring & pointless existence.

  5. moe jones

    It’s just a downwards spiral of self-esteem, excuse making, and self control. Everyone wants to feel respected and loved; it’s human nature. Not everyone is willing to stop making excuses, change their bad habits, see reality for its harsh truth, and do something about it.

  6. Spiralina

    “Attractive privilege”? This is a joke, right? Right?

    This annoys me because if you’re born poor or disabled or part of a hated minority group, you probably do face some real obstacles to success. But “attractiveness” is one of THE most malleable human traits. Nearly anyone can lose weight, grow their hair out and dress in a more attractive way if they make some effort. And if you live in a Western country there’s absolutely no excuse with all the diet, makeup, gym and plastic surgery options you have. People are just angry we don’t live in a world that rewards laziness.

  7. TempestTcup Post author

    Right, that’s exactly why it bothers & confuses me so much: if they hate being unattractive why don’t they do something about it.And they can totally do something about it. Ugh!

  8. JT

    Their problem is conflating priviledge with reward. Attractive people get rewarded for being attractive (ie. for doing the work that made them attractive). Priviledge is being rewarded for doing nothing.

    They think attractiveness is just something you have or don’t have. Yes, the hottest girls in the world almost all have good genetics they were lucky to be born with. But, they all also workout, eat healthy, and totally master the finer intracacies grooming and fashion. And do it with consistency. And they are rightly rewarded for that effort.

    Believing you should be entitled to reward despite making sub-standard effort is just plain delusional.

  9. TempestTcup Post author

    And of course they want to be rewarded with the best of everything. They don’t want a boyfriend of their own quality; they want the hot, ripped, tall guy. They want the restaurants to bow & scrape. Heck, I spend a considerable amount of time & effort to never leave the house ratty & no one bows & scrapes to me, lol. They are absolutely delusional!

  10. Laura C.

    Ahhh…But they want to have it fixed instantly. It will take me a year at least to get to my goal weight. Months to perfect makeup technique before I consistently get “polished” rather than “drag queen” as the effect created. The same amount of time, plus some serious discipline with the diet for my skin to clear up to where makeup is gilding the lily, not a necessary step to looking nice. (I like the natural look where natural means clear skin, high color in cheeks and lips from an active life, and bright eyes. Makeup helps achieve this when nature fails.) It involves taking time and sacrifice to achieve real health and wellness, the outward appearance of which is a trim figure, a pleasing symmetrical face, upbeat personality, and a flattering wardrobe of clothing in good repair. Most people would rather eat cheese doodles and complain.

  11. Sis

    She is rather bitter, but I understand where she is coming from. Lots of girls grow up being told beauty is on the inside and then find out men only care about what’s on the outside. The thing most women don’t understand is that men see beauty itself as a virtue. Men do care about what’s on the inside also (unless just looking for a one night stand), but beauty is part of the whole package deal for them when they are looking for a woman.

  12. Sean

    Why should we care what is inside? We have been told to just be ourselves as men and that women find that attractive..

  13. TempestTcup Post author

    The thing I think holds them back is that they want the super hot guy; they don’t want the guy that is more their SMV. This results in them maybe (maybe) getting laid by hottish guys but ignoring the guy that might actually make them happy, so that means neither the unattractive girl or guy is happy & the hottish guy…. (I might have had a beer or 2)

  14. TempestTcup Post author

    Sean, you hear that advice from females (Hi Mom!) because females urge caution but males need to risk. Risk for males results in more money & women. Women love a man who risks because fear is a powerfully effective, positive form of dread.

  15. TempestTcup Post author

    I would normally say, “Mmm, cheese doodles!” but really that sounds awful.

    But yes, beauty or reasonable facsimile of, is a never-ending process!

  16. BuenaVista

    #10. Eros scorns a woman who cannot think logically and offer evidence in support of belief. Eros is the patriarchy! Scorn Eros! A few new laws will teach Eros what’s what.

  17. TempestTcup Post author

    I know, right?

    The unattractive are victims of those who take care of their appearance.


  18. Enzie

    “Attractive privilege is not having entire campaigns dedicated to eradicating your face type.”

    What does this even mean???? Like, do some people really not like oval faces?

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