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Pull My Hair


There I was innocently doing some last minute research for a different post & I accidentally learned something about myself. The post was going to be a “science of sex” type post & I was searching for why it feels so good to have your hair pulled (the NSA agent they have assigned to me was VERY amused!). Anyway this whole post is a big old ball of TMI, so here goes.

Wandering around the manosphere, I come across posts about hair pulling a lot, but no one really has it figured out. They attribute it to dominance & the sexy sexy strength of a man (& yes, that is a major turn on), or pain equals pleasure, but it is much more than that.There are actual tingles involved & sometimes even goosebumps.

Say I come home from work & my husband grabs me for the 10 second kiss; he pins me against the doorjamb & slowly runs his fingers against the back of my neck to gently grab a handful of hair. The tingles start there & spread outward. It’s like they wash across me & run down my spine & I kind of get weak in the knees.

It’s like that weird sensation you get as someone pretends to break an egg on your head or the one when someone shampoos your hair. It’s like scratching your scalp when you are on speed (what, it was the 70s!) or a mild version of the sensation (we called them Little Girl Orgasms or LGOs) you get when on MDMA (what, it was legal in the 80s!).

There are a lot of nerve endings back there, but I think it is more than just that. I was searching to find the actual chemical mechanism behind the tingles & basically couldn’t find one. No one has done research on this, or if they have it’s completely obscure.

During my research, I found this: Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR). There is an entire category of videos devoted to this response. I am mildly triggered by some of these videos & the sensation is similar to the sensation when my hair is pulled except the sensation is inside my head.

ASMR is triggered by light repetitive noises: paper crinkling, monotone droning, whispering, Bob Ross, etc. It is kind of a tingling that starts in your brain & washes down your spine, like little explosions & it is very relaxing. It’s funny because writing this is kind of making me feel all tingly 🙂

They say that not everyone gets this sensation, but I would be willing to bet that everyone has ASMR to a certain extent or it wouldn’t be so prevalent in the culture of love. Think about heavy breathing, blowing in her ear, whispering sweet nothings. These are all triggers for ASMR.

I also think that spanking stimulates the same response, especially light rhythmic spanking.  Not that that one loud hard swat isn’t pleasurable, but it elicits a different sensation. Of course, there are a lot of nerve endings in your gluteus maximus, like in the back of your neck, so I think that helps.

I mentioned this subject to my husband & his response was that it all harkens back to the cavemen dragging their women by the hair & their butts dragging the ground (lol!) & then he explains why they didn’t drag their women by the ankles; it’s because their pussy would fill up with dirt & gravel. *rimshot*



I have the bones of an epic post rattling around in my brain & while they are being polished, I thought I’d check in to update my suddenly crazy life. I mean, there I was, same ol’ same ol’, when my family planned an impromptu gambling junket. They do this often, well they usually don’t tell us about it, but they do go on gambling trips a lot. Sounds fun; nothing else going on.

It was fun. My bedtime is a strict 10pm & my sister had us out until 4:30 the first night. I was late to the hot Craps table, but my husband got a piece of the action & one of my sisters put a $25 chip under her $5 odds on Pass, so she totally raked it in about 5 times. I played a lot of Roulette & pretty much came out ahead.

What you do is you count every penny you have when you arrive & then you count what you have left. We were up for the whole trip, hotel & tipping & all until we filled up my sister’s car for the trip home. Then we were even. Oh, and that includes T-shirts.

Arriving home, I go to work the next day & I’m introduced to the auditors that were going to start an audit of the books that day. Yay, surprise audit! Accountants LOVE those! So the rest of that week & all the next were spent being grilled about numbers. On an up note, my books were in really good shape despite me only paying occasional attention to them. Like, I have a ton of work to do & here I am rambling on.

Right before we left to gamble, we made some plans to visit friends in California next month & then this week there was a spontaneous Manosphere trip to Vegas suggested & if you think I’m going to miss out on that, you are nuts. There’s also an annual reunion float trip squeezed in there somewhere. So, it’s going to be crazy.

In all of this I was asked if I would like to be a moderator for the RedPillWoman subreddit & of course I accepted, but I kind of suck at it because (warning: humblebrag ahead, haha) I’m too damn nice. There are an incredible amount of trolls. It’s funny because I have pretty much rid my life of caustic people & have been enjoying the peace & quiet following the purge & now I have all these trolls in my life, lol.

I hate to mess with the subreddit too much as far as the conversation goes, but I will go back & do cleanup work. Trolls come in a wide variety: there are the get in your face kind that get banned immediately, there are the sneaky ones that pretend to be a part of the group but keep loudly touting the blue pill message, & there are the stealth ones. The stealth ones go to the old posts & pepper them with trollishness. Those are the ones I’m working on. I remove offending comments, but I haven’t lowered the ban hammer yet.

The weird thing about the RedPillWoman subreddit is that there are so many hater sites feeding off of it. For instance this one article has both of these other subreddits either making fun or mad that we exist. I guess we are some sort of threat to their strong, fierce & successful independence that needs no man.

Anyway I have huge piles of work on my desk & three days in which to finish a ton of stuff. Plus I have this post simmering in me braiiin, making me think. It’ll be a good one, I promise.

My Love Affair with Coconut Oil


There are tons of uses for coconut oil & it is a very stable, saturated oil that doesn’t oxidize and go rancid easily. It is very pure & healthy if you buy the cold pressed unrefined kind. I use this one the most because of the convenient size & availability. I use a lot of coconut oil; I have four jars in use at all times. I keep one in the kitchen, one in the bathroom, one by the bed & one at work.

I have one jar at work to use as a supplement. I take my oily supplements in the morning (I’m not sure why, it’s just the way things worked out)  , so I might take some vitamin D3, a cranberry & vitamin A and then take a tablespoon of coconut oil. The coconut oil is a happy pill; it’s effect on me is sometimes euphoric. It is also helpful if you are trying to get into ketosis for a ketogenic diet.

It contains important fatty acids that your body needs for basic biological functions. It can increase brain function & boost your immune system. It is a powerful antibiotic & virus destroyer and it promotes weight loss.

The one in the kitchen is for cooking. Coconut oil goes really well with breakfast & is a wonderful oil in which to cook eggs. It is so slippery that the eggs never stick (I do over-easy for me, over-medium for hubs) and the sweet taste goes well, too. Just heat up some pork or beef in coconut oil with some cumin & ground red pepper & serve the eggs on top for a tasty Huevos Rancheros. Popcorn is also excellent with coconut oil because of the high smoke point & slipperiness to reduce sticking.

I keep one jar of coconut oil in my bathroom to use as a face & body lotion. I step out of the shower wet, with my hair up in a towel, slather coconut oil on my wet body & then dry off with the bath towel. At first I thought it would stain my clothes, but I haven’t noticed it staining anything, even when I spilled some on my burgundy terrycloth bathroom floormat. Just be careful with it around your clean hair, it can really make your clean hair oily quickly.

My skin is a lot tighter. I’m getting older & at first I really had that crepey thin skin texture that old women get ( 😦 ), but after using coconut oil for about a year, most of that is gone & my skin sticks to my muscles really well. It is also good at healing wounds & reducing scars. One day I was drying my hair, reading the ingredients in my body lotion & wondering why I was putting all these petroleum products on my skin & the next day I was using coconut oil.

One jar goes by the bed because it makes a wonderful lube & is a great oil for massage. I know I keep mentioning the slipperiness of coconut oil, but that is one of its basic properties & is essential to both lubricants & massage oils. Other benefits of using it for lubrication is its antifungal, antibacterial & antiviral properties for proper pussy health!

Thoughts on NSA Data Mining


Think about it; every small company has their servers backed up to “the cloud”. The company I work for didn’t until recently, but when the dude maintaining our server retired, we hired a national company to handle our IT needs. It seemed like the thing to do; it only costs a couple hundred bucks a month & everything is backed up each night. They maintain our software & hardware, etc.

So what is on the server that gets backed up? All of our email, for one thing. All of the job quotes, purchase orders, subcontractor communications, discussions with the accountants, financial statements, loan documents, vacation requests, discussions with bankers, wire transfers, etc. God only knows the discussions the owner has with the huge national companies that make up our customer base. God only knows the discussions the receptionist has with her friends/lovers.

Stored on one of the massive server hard drives is every drawing for everything we have ever built. Every contract we have ever signed. Every piece of paper, which we wanted to keep the info but not store the hard copy, has been scanned & stored on those hard drives, which in turn are backed up to some server somewhere out there in internet land.

One of the massive server hard drives is dedicated solely to me for all of my accounting functions. Every company we have owned since ~Y2K and all of their financial data is there. Every sale of every company is there. That is where I store all of the data for all of my accounting programs, which in turn stores all of my customer and vendor info including all of their FEINs & invoices, payments, etc.

So every piece of information that a company has to have to be a company is on our servers, being backed up to what is almost certainly some sort of Microsoft backup system. You know it is. This is what the NSA IRS BLAH BLAH is going after. They want all of the small company information. Small companies are notoriously tight-lipped about their operations, but then they voluntarily throw all of their “secret” info out there online.

Sure, the NSA wants info on individuals, too. They want to be able to crucify any target with that target’s own cross, that the target put online themselves. I get that. But here’s the deal, how well are They going to be able to put it all together? I’ve been online since you had to put the phone receiver in that little box & you could only communicate with huge companies & universities. Then slowly there were different bulletin boards you could access. Remember when almost every archaic website decided to start charging for content? I think that was the very early 90s. That didn’t last long.

How many variations of me does the NSA have? Hell, I don’t even remember some of the different usernames I have used throughout the years. I’ve never used my real name. Remember the heady days of day-trading penny OTC stocks? No, of course you don’t, you were 13 years old. It was all the rage & everyone who was anyone was meeting up on the OTC pages of Raging Bull. I was there every day. What was my user name? I seriously can’t remember, lol.

What was my user name on AOL? LiveJournal? Myspace? Blogger? I used to frequent Gawker back when it hired heterosexual males & then years later when Jezebel used to actually be a site where you discussed difficult periods instead of just screeching victim feminism. What was my user name? What is my user name on Street Carnage? I’ve been on there since day 1 & have contributed numerous times. Hell, I have had long term blogs on different blogging platforms since the 1990s using various names. What are those names? Have They put them all together yet?

So, if you are out there NSA & have all my data of everything I have put out there, please send me a copy of it all because it would make for very entertaining (yet cringe-worthy) reading. Kthxbai!

Outcome Independence


I know that this is a basic mindset used in picking up girls, but sometimes in married life you would be well off using outcome independence as a sexual tool. For instance, you don’t have to work up to a big sex session, which is incredible – don’t get me wrong, but maybe you just snuggle nude & see what happens. Maybe something happens; maybe not. Okay, something always happens 🙂

Outcome independence is: if both of you orgasm, Super Awesome; if only one of you has an orgasm, Great; if neither of you cums, it was still a helluva lot of fun!

OI means that if one or the other just isn’t really feeling it or is too stressed you can stop & there will be no hurt feelings on either side. OI means you can try again later. OI means you have sex often because you are often trying again later. OI means that there is no pressure if you just stick it in & move it around a little. I guarantee that if you practice OI, you will actually experience more orgasms.

I think that sometimes women’s hesitation in having sex is that maybe sex is usually a full-blown hours-long affair with pressure to orgasm, bodily juices squirting everywhere, messed up makeup & hair. I mean, that is fantastic & all, but maybe sometimes she just wants a fun little quickie. Maybe she just wants to do it & then go shopping or something. Maybe she doesn’t want to muss her hair.

OI is helpful as you get older, too. Sometimes things don’t work as well once you’re past your prime. Everyone has more aches & pains, it’s harder to move from position to position, that bursitis flares up… Pain is very deflating (heh!); you can be going at it, almost there, almost there, ouch leg cramp! It happens & may even be embarrassing occasionally, but if you practice OI you just pick it up a little bit later. Eventually the job gets done.

Or say you’re contemplating wild drunken monkey sex. I can rarely cum after drinking; does that mean wild drunken monkey sex isn’t fun? Hell no, it is an incredible amount of fun! An incredible amount of orgasmless, spoogeless fun! Do it anyway, take some cranberry gelcaps to ward off the inevitable whiskey-dick UTI, & then sleep like a rock.

When he wakes up with an onerous boner, you may think that your impromptu blowjob won’t result in a payload because of a full bladder, but do it anyway. So what if there is no payload? It will still be appreciated & then it’s fun to watch him try to pee standing 4 feet away from the toilet, trying to get the perfect arc going!

Tl;dr: Have a bunch of sex really often & don’t worry about the end result. The end result will take care of itself.

A Better Rice Beer Recipe


[An updated recipe is located here – it is much simpler!]

I’ve been playing with my rice beer* recipe & think I’ve gotten it to down to the basics. I started with this recipe, and it was great except that it was a lot of work, a lot of hours & took a long time to ferment. There isn’t enough time from when I get home from work until I go to bed to work the recipe. If you use glutinous (sweet) rice & steam it for a couple of hours, it is so incredibly sticky that it’s hard to separate & mix with the yeast ball. It takes 14 days to ferment, and a double batch only makes about 4 pints, so even if you stagger 2 double batches, say 1 each week, you still only have 4 pints a week for a ton of work. Not acceptable!

So, I went back & searched other recipes. Most of them said to cook the rice normally (on the stove or in a rice cooker), but I didn’t really see glutinous rice cooking “normally” because it kind of instantly explodes into this large sticky ball of rice in the pan instead of nice plump separate grains of rice like you would see with Walmart rice. Plus, Ben’s recipe says the rice needs to be a little bit underdone with a nutty center.

I mixed 6 cups of glutinous rice with 4 cups of jasmine rice (the glutinous rice made a too-sweet end-product), rinsed until clear, & soaked for an hour in spring water. After draining, I took what most of the recipes said & cooked 1 part rice in 1.5 parts spring water until it turns into a huge, thick, sticky ball of the driest rice you can get (still not dry though) before the whole mess burns. It takes about 3.5 seconds after dumping the rice into the boiling water (okay, maybe a couple of minutes). This takes a large stock pot.

While you let the half-cooked rice cool, take your fermenting container (I use this one), fill it with water & add a cap or two of bleach. You should be able to just barely smell the bleach. Toss a tea towel & a spatula of some sort in the jar, invert the lid of the jar & fill that with bleach water too. Let those soak for 30 minutes or so to sterilize. Dump the water, wring out the tea towel & dry the jar.

Take 2 cookie sheets & put them on a large clean surface that moist heat won’t hurt (not grandmother’s heirloom dining table). Cover both cookie sheets with one new, clean trash bag. When the rice is cool enough to handle, spread the rice in the farthest cookie sheet to let it cool further. After a couple of minutes, grab the trash bag & flip the rice into the near cookie sheet & fill the farthest one again with hotter rice to cool.

Crush two yeast balls in a mortar & pestle. Take small bits of the nearest, coolest rice & when it feels warm but not hot to your (clean!) fingers & drop it into the sterilized jar bit by bit. It should be about 110F to not kill the yeast. Keep one hand clean & let the other one get covered with rice.

Sprinkle a spoonful of yeast on the first layer of rice & then repeat until all rice & yeast is layered in the jar. Cover with the damp, sterilized tea towel & place lid on top. Put in a large soft-sided cooler (or wrap in towels, etc) & let sit overnight. In the morning it should be pretty juicy. Stir with clean spatula. Each morning & evening give it a good stir; it should be bubbling merrily.

The yeast balls contain a medicinal mold, Aspergillus Oryza, that breaks the starch down to sugar & then the yeast ferments the resulting sugar. There is a third process that the rice mixture goes through to make the whole mess sweet, but that process escapes me at the moment. I found it somewhere in my research, but don’t have time to look for it – I’ll try to add it back in later if I stumble across it.

I keep the fermenting rice in my kitchen, which stays about 80F – the fermenting rice is exothermic, so I keep it insulated to speed up the process. After about 4 or 5 days the rice should be pretty liquid & it should smell sweet like really ripe alcoholic fruit. In bleach water, sterilize some cheesecloth or a floursack cloth, some bottles in which to bottle your beer (I use Grolsch bottles) a 1 cup measuring scoop & a large funnel.

Put the funnel in your first bottle, drape the cloth over it & scoop a cup or so of the rice mixture in the cloth. Squeeze the heck out of the rice until you get all the liquid out. You can use the rice in recipes, but I just squeeze it until it forms a hard rice turd & I throw it away. Sorry, waste-not-want-not people! Fill your bottles (it usually fills 7 bottles), put in a teaspoon of sugar, cap the bottles & put in a warm dark place to ferment for a couple of days.

Chill the bottles in your fridge. Watch out because they might be pretty explosive when you open them. The resulting rice beer is very fizzy, pretty yummy & chock full of not only beneficial bacteria, but also a medicinal mold. Mmmmm, bacteria & mold – just what the doctor ordered, lol.

*Also called rice wine, makgeolli, etc.

[Update: This stuff is kind of dangerously strong – as much as 22% alcohol (more when you bottle it with a half teaspoon sugar?), which is 44 proof, so if you drink a pint of it, it could be the equivalent of drinking almost 8 shots of 90 proof alcohol – So BE CAREFUL, lol!]

[Note: I have found small spots of mold when I’ve not stirred for a couple of days, but I just scrape those off & ignore. I figure that mold is a part of the process, so it might be the yeast ball mold. Heck, I don’t know! It hasn’t killed me yet!]