Completely Out of Touch


I’m completely out of touch with everything. I haven’t been to any of my usual sites & I’m about three days behind on Twitter (you know, the things that really matter!). I have no idea what’s going on in the world; are there riots in the streets yet? I haven’t posted in about a week; I have ideas but then don’t have time to write them out. I’m forcing myself to write right now.

It all started with an impromptu gambling junket with my family, so I was gone from work for most of one week. Then I got back & found out I was having a surprise audit of my books (they were oddly in really good shape). I was busy for a solid week on that & I am still providing documents to the auditors.

I was just starting to catch up when the 4th of July hit. Boom, back in the weeds. During all of this I started, stepped back & then resumed moderating for RedPillWoman subreddit. I see now that I stepped back because my brain was totally overloaded with the audit. Sure, you try it; spend about 3 hours a day getting grilled over numbers, related party transactions, accruals, GAAP (whereas I prefer Commonly Recognized Accounting Principles) & then deal with an onslaught of trolls. The subreddit is pretty darn pleasant now, though!

I’m not sure why I didn’t get caught up over the weekend, but then again I went to a lot of parties & poured a lot of concrete. My husband likes to do things by hand, so he was mixing the concrete & I was finishing. I’ve found that I’m pretty dang good at finishing concrete! Anyway we are 3/5 finished with a nice patio.

During this time our TV quit working (Vizio – do not buy!). We mainly used it as a flickering blue light for when we were out of the house; we turned it on loud when we left & turned it off when we came home. Still, we are trying to decide if we are going to replace it. We probably are.

Anyway, hopefully I will have time & the brain to write a proper post soon. I don’t really see that happening because I am so far behind & I have HUGE PILES of paper littering my desk at work. So much paper! I’m probably working tomorrow to try to get caught up & I usually take Fridays off. *Sad Face* I’m going to work half a day & then go shopping to try to find some jeans. Stores quit stocking jeans in long for the smaller sizes: a sign of The Decline.

And I had this crazy dream this morning: I dreamed that I had a red pill meetup at my house (it didn’t look like my house, though) & a bunch of people showed up but of course I didn’t know any of them. I was my usual introverted self & couldn’t think of anything to say to these complete strangers so we all just sat there uncomfortably silent.

Oh, and in my dream the house was a huge mess. The bedroom had gigantic piles of clothes everywhere (like in the background of all girls’ selfies, lol) & the kitchen had dirty dishes & I don’t even want to talk about the disaster zone of a bathroom. So I guess I’ll be cleaning my house really well this weekend!


2 thoughts on “Completely Out of Touch

  1. Dr. Faust

    Introverts assemble! Separately and without speaking to each other.

    That meet up sounds fun. Awkward and uncomfortable but fun. I can talk a lot when I’m in a group I feel comfortable with.

  2. TempestTcup Post author

    I can talk a lot too; it’s funny because my family doesn’t believe I’m an introvert because I’m not around them – I know them & are comfortable with them.

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