Tattoo Locations


Sorry, kind of fuzzy, but I thought it was hilarious! (via memorylayne)


8 thoughts on “Tattoo Locations

  1. TempestTcup Post author

    I’m not against them, but I don’t have any. I never had something I wanted on my body permanently. Some girls (& men to a lesser extent) absolutely destroy themselves with tattoos, piercings & body modifications. I know a lot of young girls with neck & face tattoos & stretched out earlobes. It’s awful & sad.

  2. donalgraeme

    I’m with Earl. I can’t think of a single unmarried woman I know with a tattoo who I believe to be chaste. There might be one or two exceptions in that list, but I wouldn’t bet money on it. Wouldn’t go so far as to say N>5, but its not a good sign.

  3. TempestTcup Post author

    Heck, I can’t think of a single chaste (by choice) unmarried woman, tattoo of not & I live in the middle of flyover land. I think my husband & I are the oddballs on the tattoo front by not having any, but we are pretty old. If you had a tattoo in the 70s, it was shocking. I remember when my brother came home from the Navy with one. My parents were horrified!

  4. The Ringmistress

    In the Navy it makes sense. My grandpa had one that he got while serving in the Pacific in WWII. It was what made me never want one. I knew what they looked like when you got old.

  5. TempestTcup Post author

    @The Ringmistress

    I’ve really been noticing a lot of old faded tattoos lately too. I guess they were the first wave of the tattoo phenomenon. In a couple of decades all of those faded tattoos are going to be on floppy, wrinkly skin. It will not be a pretty sight!

  6. Emma the Emo

    That’s great, I’m in the “I’ll never have a job that cost taxes” and “I actually cost taxes” category (haven’t been in jail though…yet. Hoping that never happens.).

  7. TempestTcup Post author

    @Emma the Emo

    LOL, I think it is pretty tongue-in-cheek. I know lots of people with tattoos in those places that are managers of restaurants, bars, etc. I don’t work in a corporate environment, but tattoos have to have become somewhat acceptable there too, with so many people having them.

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