Girls Being Girls


Margery, one of my co-moderators at RedPillWoman, and I would like to announce a new website Girls Being Girls. We get so many questions on reddit about how to become more feminine, that we (okay, Margery did all the work & the idea was hers, too) decided to dedicate an entire blog to femininity.

I do a few posts here on cooking, exercise and other things that might be considered girly, but this just doesn’t seem like a good place to post things like Natural Ingredients For Facial Masks on a daily basis.

I hope you all come over & play with us & If any of you other ladies (or men if they are so inclined) would like to do a post on finding or maintaining femininity in today’s world, we would love to see them!


10 thoughts on “Girls Being Girls

  1. TempestTcup Post author

    I think it’s going to be great!

    I love talking about girly things, but it is a guilty pleasure & I don’t want to bore everyone here by comparing different mascaras (Rimmel ScandalEyes!) incessantly.

    All of the other girly sites always devolve into Team Woman Discusses Important Issues. Like mascara isn’t important!

  2. MargeryM

    Ha! So true. There is so much pressure to discuss “real” girl things like the “need” for more female engineers for the sake of appeasing our feminist overlords. There will be none of that at GBG, I’m telling everyone that right now. I for one plan on being iron fisted about it. No shaming women for opting out of feminist culture and no giving feminist culture the time of day.

  3. TempestTcup Post author

    Good because those sites are always so frivolous & so much fun until they get serious about feminism. Ugh, feminists are no fun.

  4. YouSoWould

    Your tag cloud at the bottom of the mobile page is a hoot by the way. “Bacteria”, “resistant starch”, “drinking” and “I love my husband” feature prominently.

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