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Is My Music Emasculating My Husband?


Can music have an emasculating effect? My husband and I hang out a fair number of tiny neighborhood bars and we have noticed lately the different crowds. Recently we have been distancing ourselves from the Rockabilly bar and spending more time at the Biker bar. The Rockabilly bar used to be more punk and also used to be a lot more fun with people that were not quite as liberal.

Since it went more purely Rockabilly with a lot of Indie and country Blues, the crowd has gotten more and more androgynous and emasculated. About half of the males there are gay, but I’m not sure if that is the music or because of the proximity to a lot of salons. Almost all the women are sluts or would be if they could get laid any more. If you said Boo to any of the male bartenders, they would flinch.

The Biker bar plays a lot of music a lot harder like Motorhead, etc. I’m not really familiar with the names because I generally play pop. Like super pop. I’m hanging my head as I type this. Yes, I have lady Gaga and Britney Spears on my work computer. Yes, I have Taylor Swift. I also have a lot of Indie music and it is pretty poppy, too.

When I go to Ace’s site and Danny’s site, they have more masculine music, like the Biker bar plays. Also, a lot of the more PUA sites say to put on some hard music loud and get pumped up before working out or going out. They say it raises your testosterone (I don’t know which ones they were, and I’m not going to look for it).

If you think about Indie music and the people that listen to it, it is mainly hipsters. Another androgynous group of people full of girly boys wearing skinny jeans and masculine women proud of their sluttitude. The Rockabilly bar has a lot of hipsters, but the Biker bar doesn’t.

I have the newer car, so when we go anywhere, we take my car, and my music is playing. Pretty much every evening and all weekend (usually three day weekends), my husband is subjected to my pop music. During the daytime, he will switch it over to talk radio, but the rest of the time it is blaring Lily Allen or Feist.

I’ve just recently, in the last couple of days, started wondering how much music has an effect on our physical state. I’m kind of thinking that I should divide my music into male/female and play the more masculine music on the weekends. I’m not going to go all Death Metal or anything, but definitely harder music.

My final question, if you all do think that Pop, Indie & Rockabilly are emasculating, is do you think that listening to harder music will masculate me?

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Pyjama Party Ahoy!


I was talking to Mitch the other afternoon and he was laughing about the stink someone was trying to raise over at the MGTOWforums about the Vegas trip, so I went over to check it out. For some reason this Wombat fellow seems to think that my husband and Dr. Illusion are going to be locked in their rooms for the entire trip:

So. A big manosphere meetup. Everyone is going to be packed into a couple of rooms – awesome! A real pyjama party, talking shit, scotch, strippers … but wait!

There’s more than enough room for all of us for this meetup but there a few rules. Doctor Illusion and the Mistress have their own room. TempestTcup and her hubby have their own room. As for the rest of us, we’ll just have to figure that out when we get there.


a) No hanging out with the guys for these two unfortunates. What’s that? You see your wife every goddamn day of the week as it is? You want to spend tie with some new people? Well you’re married now, the answer is no. Suck it up!

b) Cupcakes get their own rooms. The guys just have to manage as best they can. So alpha!

Yeah. That’s the manosphere all over.

So now I’m a cupcake? Damn straight! I’m soft, sweet and tasty!

I never heard anything about strippers, but I’m assuming that there will be strip clubs involved. I’ve been to a couple; not exactly my bag, but whatever. I don’t offend easily. Then The Disgruntled Gentleman chimes in:

Let me get this straight…

The first thing that must be done before a ‘manosphere’ meetup is ensure the women are looked after…?

Words fail…

But wait; that’s not all! Zed comes up with a zinger:

I think the ‘manosphere’ is a misnomer. I think it should be the ‘mangina-osphere’.

The whole thing is hilarious, but I really only have one beef (and really, there were only seven comments, so even they couldn’t get more than a “meh” out of the (faux) outrage) is that they don’t think that men will protect their women.

Not that we will need protection with the people that we are going to see, but my husband is always watching out for my well being. I live in my husband’s protection bubble. Plus, have you seen the sheer amount of beauty supplies women tote around? I need my own bathroom just to hold all of that.

If we hadn’t gotten a room in the suite, my husband would have insisted on getting a room of our own. That’s what husbands do. I take care of his needs, which consist of keeping his stomach full, his balls empty, providing a harmonious home life, looking slim and pretty, and he provides protection and support. Duh.

Current Diet and Exercise


I’ve been on Dr. Illusion’s one meal a day plan for just over a week (except Saturday when I had a humongous piece of chicken in addition to my regular meal), and it’s funny because I’m no longer hungry for lunch. If I do get hungry, I’ve found that a cup of hot green tea (no sweetener) usually takes care of my pangs. For the last few years I often only have a cup of homemade bone broth for lunch or maybe even a cup of raw whole milk.

It’s just such a pain to have to figure out what to take to work for lunch, and there’s no way I’m blowing $8 on some greasy take out or fast food. I’m super hungry for dinner, which is the only meal my husband eats anyway, so I might eat an entire T-bone with some rice. That meal, some heavy raw cream in my coffee for breakfast, and a few beers at the bar pretty much takes care of my daily caloric needs.

Tonight I have planned a dinner of two strip steaks cut in thin strips and marinated in soy sauce and sesame oil, stir fried in coconut oil with onions, garlic, peas and some rice I made yesterday flavored with turmeric, ginger and cumin. Since I cooked and cooled the rice, it will have a lot of resistant starch, so I will just throw it in at the last minute to warm it up because I’ve read (I don’t know where – it was a while ago) that you can heat a starch up to 120F before it starts to reduce the RS.

I also have some homemade yogurt to plop on top of the rice – the flavor goes so well with the turmeric and cumin. So yummy; we had a tester of the stir fried rice last night with some ribeyes that I pan fried with coconut oil after marinating in bourbon.

I have started in earnest, an exercise routine that seems to be working well for me. My husband found me the most adorable little 15lb kettlebell, so I have started doing some swings with it. I’m starting out slow because I’m old and don’t want to hurt myself. I’m doing the swings that start in a squat with the KB between my legs, swing the KB up to the ceiling (narrowly missing the ceiling fan – yay for 9ft ceilings) and swing back down to the squat. If the soreness in my abs and upper shoulders is any indication, it is a good workout.

I’m also doing a bunch of squats for my butt. Squats work so fast! Seriously, a week after I started doing them, my butt was noticeably rounder. It was amazing. I’m still using the ancient SoloFlex in rotation with the other exercises, and it is set up for my husband, so it is really hard to push that bar upward.

That and a little work with a couple of 10lb dumbbells is the extent of my workout. I’m not looking to really reduce much (if I did that would be great) but I want to reshape a few areas. Mostly I want to smooth out my waist area and inner thighs, which are looking a little droopy 😦 I might even resort to doing a few lunges or even invest in a Thigh Master (LOL;jk).

The Manosphere Is Lost: Explained

Rooshosphere by TempestTcup

I was having trouble keeping up with Roosh’s sphere position, so I made a handy chart for those who are visual learners. I guess everyone outside of the Rooshosphere are just plain old Manosphere or are Red Pill. Of course Ace predicted the splintering of the sphere into fiefdoms. Let me know if I have anything out of place & I’ll fix it!


I’ve been so busy lately, I mean sure, I still have time to hold down a barstool, but there is a lot going on right now. We had a storm a while back and the neighbor’s tree took down their crappy make-do fence and is now laying in our yard. Have they done anything to remove it? Yes, they cut down two more and left them in our yard.

These are super crappy neighbors. Anyway, it is pretty much up to us to fix this mess because there ain’t no blood in them there turnips. We could get shitty (like them), but we decided to make lemonade instead. When we moved into this house, they already had haphazardly strung a fence between some trees (the ones that are now down plus another one – we live in the old part of town and it is pretty ramshackle); we have been trying to figure out how to build a real fence.

They have about 500 tiny dogs and the most obnoxious Collie in the world, so it was going to be difficult to get a fence built, plus the fact that they were going to fight us every inch of the way. Now that it’s war, we have decided that we are going to work our way from the back to front, take down all of the trees (and stack the wood for our wood stove; Hello Winter!), clean out all of the brush and erect the tallest fence that we legally can. I’m thinking something nice like 8’ corrugated tin, lol.

We’ve also been pouring a patio section by section and we only have one final section to go. My husband mixes and I finish; it’s really good exercise (ouch). We had roofed our back porch last fall, and it already had a wall around it, so we are planning on installing some windows and effectively adding 250 square feet on to our house. This may have to happen after Vegas in October.

A month ago or so, I started being a moderator at RedPillWoman subreddit and that took up a lot of time for a little while. Now I’m actively involved with Girls Being Girls and that is taking up some of my time, and of course this blog here that has taken a back seat to my other pursuits. There are also all of my little experiments that are always running in the background.

Tonight I was planning on straining my latest batch of rice beer and fortuitously a commenter just this morning informed me that in Nepal they do a second ferment on the leftover rice (need to research what kind of yeast) with sticky raw brown sugar. I’m totally going to do this.

Phedre commented on my Yogurt recipe at GBG that she clabbers raw milk and makes yogurt with that, so of course I poured a pint of milk into a jar and clabbered the hell out of it. I’m just not sure what to do with it now. It’s sitting on the counter all clabbery.

The only other thing that I’m going to try to do soon, is start an Etsy shop for all of our old crap that parents saved for us from our childhood, with which they have now burdened us. This sounds like a good winter project. I just wish my conscience would let me discard G.I. Joes from the early 1960s. I’ve already started de-cluttering the house and we took a bunch of stuff to Goodwill this weekend.


Gender Equality and Fairness


At the RedPillWoman subreddit, every throwaway troll post is some chick that wants a red pill relationship but with gender equality. They all want to be equal in their relationships. Let’s set aside the fact that equality is the antithesis of red pill for a minute, and let’s discuss the word “equality” in reference to people.

Genders are not equal. People are not equal. You do not equal me. Period. There are just too many variables for people to be equals. Even equal in the eyes of the law isn’t even equal; would a criminal be equal to a non-criminal in the eyes of the law? Why?

Equality in job opportunities also isn’t equal. If I have 30 years experience in public and private accounting, is someone with no experience equal to me for an accounting job? Am I equal to a ballerina in a job search?

Equal is another way of saying “fair”, which is the most evil word in the English language. Like my husband says, “Every time someone says the word “fair” to me, I know I’m about to get royally screwed.” He is correct. Every time someone utters the word “fair” they are using it in the context of taking something from us & giving it to someone else.

Okay, let’s go back to gender equality in a relationship. The biggest gift the red pill ever gave to me was the permission to relax and be a girl. I started by stepping back to allow my husband to be a man, and realized recently that by doing so, I was also allowing myself to be a woman.

Girly things were always a guilty pleasure for me. I was woman hear me roar! and I was supposed to be out there doing something and making a change in the world, blah, blah, blah. No. I really don’t have to. Now I can wallow in girly things to my heart’s content and let my husband do the stuff and make the changes.

Feminism has made women ashamed to be feminine, and has encouraged them to become man-like. Women can’t discuss mascara without discussing Topics That Concern Women; look at any female site like xoJane or Jezebel. The problem is the when you are all wrapped up dwelling on Team Woman, you forget that you are destroying the concept of a man being a man.

Gender equality means that both parties are competing for control. The female generally wins this one because it is so easy to turn your husband into a “yes dear” husband. After enough nagging, men will eventually give up and let the female have her way. And then she becomes less attracted, and you know what happens next.

Fungus Among Us

fungus among us

So, I’m off on another gut flora biofilm tangent. After writing my post on rice beer, I was wondering exactly what the beneficial mold did for a person’s health & Then I started wondering if mold or fungi was every bit as important to gut health as bacteria. I was reading Dr. Art Ayers’ new post & he mentioned in passing:

I have previously discussed the gut flora (bacteria and fungi) as the source of most vitamins. […] The human gut actively communicates with the biofilms of bacteria and fungi that form a lining for the healthy gut.  The aggressive cells of the immune system that attack invading pathogens, develop in response to chemical signals from filamentous gut bacteria, and the suppressive cells of the other half of the immune system, which prevents attack on innocuous food antigens (to avoid allergies) or the human body itself (autoimmunity), develop in response to Clostridium ssp.  Thus, the immune system can be highly compromised, if the gut flora bacteria are damaged, e.g. by antibiotics.

Which was a big Whoa! Back up! I searched all mentions of fungi on his blog, and frankly there are a bunch. I’m still trying to get through it all. There is very little other information online about the beneficial molds & fungi & how they interact with the biofilms that line your gut.

Specifically, I want to know how to decrease the pathogenic biofilms & increase the beneficial ones, but even Dr Ayers says:

Oh, it is so embarrassing. I don’t know how to control gut flora/biofilms with diet. Clearly communication between gut and flora are important and this is all perturbed by food. Prebiotics/probiotics can alter gut flora, e.g. the monoculture (Bifidobacteria) of exclusively breastfed babies. Reciprocal fecal transplants can make obese lose weight and lean gain. Transplants of whole guts survive if maintained by retaining the gut contents.

The immune system is developed and maintained by secondary school in the gut. The gut holds reserve bacteria in the appendix to reseed the gut after diarrhea sheds biofilms and all.

Unfortunately we don’t know the requisite bacteria stored in a healthy appendix. Otherwise, at any time we could reset the gut by pushing the diarrhea button and return to health.

I think that pre and probiotics are a hedge to shift the meaningful biofilms toward health. I don’t understand the whole gut community and it may include unsavory characters such as H. pylori and parasitic worms. Some of these characters, such as Hp and Klebsiella may cause ulcers or cancer when the body gets out of whack. So we may have to make some unnatural adjustments. Little is known.

So there’s that. I’m still sorting through information & trying to get it to meld in my mind, but the problem is that there is so little information on the subject of beneficial molds, look at the tiny amount of info wikipedia has.

I guess what I’m trying to figure out is: will eating blue cheese, drinking rice beer & etc. help populate my gut with beneficial fungi? When I was taking ginger, turmeric & digestive enzymes to disrupt the pathogenic biofilms, was I also disrupting the beneficial ones? Should I try disrupting ALL biofilms while eating a ton of fermented foods?

Or, as Dr Ayers says, should I quit eating a diverse diet in favor of a constant diet:

The hundred of different species of bacteria in the gut change in proportions to adapt to different foods in each meal.  If the diet is fairly constant, then the diversity of the population gradually increases, just as the diversity of species in a tropical rain forest is greater than in a temperate forest.  This also explains why gut flora diversity is far less in the USA than in other parts of the world.  Americans are encouraged to eat diverse diets in the search for vitamins and superfoods.  Each dramatic change in diet makes it hard for the gut flora to adapt and the remaining bacteria are those that are generalists.  It might also be expected that early sailors who changed their diets dramatically when they went to sea, ended up with a highly compromised ship-board gut flora (and fauna.)

Anyway, this is what I’m doing instead of entertaining you (or working, lol). I do plan on ordering some kefir grains & a kumbucha mother & I plan on starting a batch of homemade sauerkraut to get some extra bacteria in my system.

The question is, will this help or hurt? If a diverse diet is harmful to gut flora, does that mean that eating a diverse diet of fermented foods is harmful too?