Current Diet and Exercise


I’ve been on Dr. Illusion’s one meal a day plan for just over a week (except Saturday when I had a humongous piece of chicken in addition to my regular meal), and it’s funny because I’m no longer hungry for lunch. If I do get hungry, I’ve found that a cup of hot green tea (no sweetener) usually takes care of my pangs. For the last few years I often only have a cup of homemade bone broth for lunch or maybe even a cup of raw whole milk.

It’s just such a pain to have to figure out what to take to work for lunch, and there’s no way I’m blowing $8 on some greasy take out or fast food. I’m super hungry for dinner, which is the only meal my husband eats anyway, so I might eat an entire T-bone with some rice. That meal, some heavy raw cream in my coffee for breakfast, and a few beers at the bar pretty much takes care of my daily caloric needs.

Tonight I have planned a dinner of two strip steaks cut in thin strips and marinated in soy sauce and sesame oil, stir fried in coconut oil with onions, garlic, peas and some rice I made yesterday flavored with turmeric, ginger and cumin. Since I cooked and cooled the rice, it will have a lot of resistant starch, so I will just throw it in at the last minute to warm it up because I’ve read (I don’t know where – it was a while ago) that you can heat a starch up to 120F before it starts to reduce the RS.

I also have some homemade yogurt to plop on top of the rice – the flavor goes so well with the turmeric and cumin. So yummy; we had a tester of the stir fried rice last night with some ribeyes that I pan fried with coconut oil after marinating in bourbon.

I have started in earnest, an exercise routine that seems to be working well for me. My husband found me the most adorable little 15lb kettlebell, so I have started doing some swings with it. I’m starting out slow because I’m old and don’t want to hurt myself. I’m doing the swings that start in a squat with the KB between my legs, swing the KB up to the ceiling (narrowly missing the ceiling fan – yay for 9ft ceilings) and swing back down to the squat. If the soreness in my abs and upper shoulders is any indication, it is a good workout.

I’m also doing a bunch of squats for my butt. Squats work so fast! Seriously, a week after I started doing them, my butt was noticeably rounder. It was amazing. I’m still using the ancient SoloFlex in rotation with the other exercises, and it is set up for my husband, so it is really hard to push that bar upward.

That and a little work with a couple of 10lb dumbbells is the extent of my workout. I’m not looking to really reduce much (if I did that would be great) but I want to reshape a few areas. Mostly I want to smooth out my waist area and inner thighs, which are looking a little droopy 😦 I might even resort to doing a few lunges or even invest in a Thigh Master (LOL;jk).


13 thoughts on “Current Diet and Exercise

  1. Sis

    I’ve thought about getting a kettlebell. I can’t imagine just eating one meal a day, I’m no where close to that. I eat huge breakfasts, have a protein shake for lunch, and eat a normal (low carb) supper. I’ve been trying to fast from 8-10 pm, it is going well for me.

    I’ve never used sesame oil to marinate steaks before, usually just olive oil. We’ve been using homemade spice mixes on our meats. Usually chipotle or Mexican flavored ones.
    I like reading about how you’re doing, it’s inspiring.

  2. Vita

    Thanks for sharing this TempestTcup! I’m trying to up the ante in the kitchen your cooking posts have been immensely helpful with ideas. Didn’t know about resistant starch before, so I’ll be looking into that for my next starchy dishes 🙂
    Kettlebells are a great tool Sis. Just be careful about your form- many people have poor form with KB swings, leading to lower back injury. What is in your homemade spice mixes, if I may ask? I’ve noticed there are premixed flavourings at the grocery store, but they are quite in sodium. I guess fresh herbs would be ideal, but not always convenient…

  3. Deep Strength

    Work your way up to single leg squats or pistols if you’re going to go mostly pure bodyweight and/or KBs with no DBs for squats and deadlifts. Good stuff.

    Glad to see that IF is working well.

  4. TempestTcup Post author


    The sesame oil is extremely flavorful, so it only takes about a teaspoon; it’s the flavor you probably associate with stir-fry.

    I’ve never been a breakfast person, so that was easy, but I always took time for lunch until I started intermittent fasting every few weeks a couple of years ago. I think that eating one meal a day will help me get into better shape.

    I’m working on a post for GBG about those Mexican spices, El Guapo, that you see on racks in the grocery store! I love those things and have different spice combinations that I use for various dishes.

  5. TempestTcup Post author


    Thanks! And I second the question to Sis “What is in your homemade spice mixes, if I may ask?” I love making different mixes to use with various dishes.

    And yeah, store bought spice mixes always have junk in them it seems.

  6. TempestTcup Post author

    @Deep Strength
    IF is going well, after a couple of days I didn’t even get hungry until about an hour before dinner.

    Single leg squats – wow. I’ll try, but my balance isn’t the best, lol. Also, ouch, just upping my squats right now kills the next day walking. My muscles are so sore! I’m sure I will get used to them though. I’ll try fewer but harder next time.

  7. Vita

    Yes, intermittent fasting really simplified things for me as well- no worries about buying lunch and it helped curb my unnecessary snacking. I like the 16/8 hour fasting schedule- steak seems to taste much better after a day of fasting 🙂
    Pistols require balance, flexibility/mobility…I’m working on these too, they’re a tough one to master!
    Looking forward hearing about to your Mexican spice blend!

  8. TempestTcup Post author

    “Pistols require balance, flexibility/mobility”

    Yes, I watched a video & they do look tough. I’ll try to do them without falling over!

    I like IF. It really makes me alert, too. Also, if I don’t have any food at work, it’s difficult to overeat. Now, I just have to figure what to do with all my leftovers instead of eating them for lunch!

  9. TempestTcup Post author


    I’m pretty lackadaisical about doing it – I’m still doing a ton of squats, but I haven’t followed the program for a while. Squats really work though!

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