A Little Hope


Danabanana9 did a really cool thing on the RedPillWoman subreddit; she called out all the lurkers. We are a super tiny subreddit that is heavily trolled and has a banned list of about 600 strong. But when she called out the lurkers it was so heartening.

[–]MetaMomma 8 points 2 days ago (11|3)

Semi-lurker. I’m a housewife and mother. I enjoy a lot of the redpill material, specifically Athol Kay’s stuff.

It’s all pretty relevant to the way my husband and I already behave in our relationship. I read the posts here for validation, because I get a lot of grief about of relationship from people in my family. When I come here and read the threads, I know that I’m not the only “First Officer” in the world.

[–]Codeegirl 8 points 2 days ago (10|2)

Semi new semi lurker. I’m very independent and firmly believe that I need an equal in a relationship. Came across trp and got curious. I’m realizing how different men and women really are. Equal as far as value, just different. Also noticing that I appreciate my SO’s maleness. I’m finding that both subreddits are helping me to understand him a lot better, therefore I’m happier at home . Very glad that there’s a place for us to talk about trp. Typical female trait, a lot of communicating 😉

[–]frickthis 5 points 2 days ago (6|1)

Another lurker here, my thought process is similar. I’m single at the moment, and I believe that my previous inability to do anything nice for my ex is a big reason why. I felt kind of trained against cooking and cleaning and being feminine. It’s all very extremist and confusing. I do enjoy reading things from this perspective.

[–]pinkantlers 5 points 2 days ago (6|1)

Hi! Another lurker here. I’m very new to RPW, just trying to figure out whether it’s for me and my relationship. I’m in my mid 20s, just graduated university, and in a long term co-habiting relationship of just over 2 years. Like a lot of ladies in this thread it seems I am a feminist in the general sense, and I do believe in a lot of feminist ideals. However, I feel like feminism really fails women because it seems to focus on an idealised world that doesn’t exist, and tells women ‘you should be able to do whatever you want’. We all know that this just isn’t the reality, and basically that’s what lead me to RPW. In terms of my relationship, I was already all about respecting my man and complimenting, rather than competing with each other. I love him and like him enormously, he’s the no.1 person in my life, so making him happy makes me happy. I’m learning a lot from RPW and starting to implement some changes in my relationship by changing how I act, it seems to be going well, and we’re both very happy. Most importantly, I think I’m finally letting him be who he is, rather than who he’s been forced to be by a lifetime of shrew women and a previous bad relationship where he got no respect and his sexuality wasn’t allowed to thrive. I love the changes I’m seeing in myself too, I’m by no means a doormat and accomplish a lot myself but my personality tends towards being ‘caregiver’ and ‘supporter’. So taking care of people really makes me feel fulfilled. I love cooking and making a nice cosy home. I was already pretty femme, I love dresses, doing my nails and makeup, so I’m letting myself realise this is a good thing 🙂 Think that’s all for now ladies, I’ll probably make a new thread at some point for some more questions I have.

[–]valkyrieone[+1] 3 points 1 day ago (3|0)

Long time lurker but I haven’t come up with any real questions as of yet. I’m more of sitting in the back learning, observing, and absorbing a lot of this great information before I have anything constructive to add to the conversation. I have always had RPW tendencies but for now I am going to continue to sit back and take some more notes.

[–]menina_realista[+1] 3 points 1 day ago* (3|0)

Lurker here of several months. Last summer on my 20th birthday I finally realized my toxic, emotionally abusive LTR of 3 years was only going to waste my window to find a good life partner. (He convinced me that I was unattractive and that I wouldn’t find anyone better.) What the hell was I thinking staying so long? I decided then: no more using my heart before using my brain. I wanted an alpha, not an a-hole.

Now I’m dating someone I used to know… he was there the whole time but I didn’t see him. He’s amazing, he could get a way hotter girl, a more exciting girl, and has… but he chose me, tells me I’m beautiful, shows me off to friends and family and treats me like I’m valuable. It’s surreal. The reason I have a healthier heart and mind is because RPW showed me what to look for to find a real alpha and not fall for the insecure imposters.

This one downright made me all teary-eyed:

[–]veolia84 3 points 1 day ago (3|0)

Semi-lurker here. I feel like I’ve always had a rather RP mindset in terms of my behavior and relationships, but asides from my mother and long (LONG) distance half sisters, I couldn’t find any other women who held these beliefs. It’s rather isolating at times, considering the women in my social group still buy into post-modern, 3rd wave feminism.

I’ve always been plagued by an incessant existential emptiness, gnawing away and expressing itself as concurrent depression and anxiety. I was one of those women who had no “reason” to be depressed, yet I was choking down anti-depressants and bellyaching to a therapi$t every week. None of it made me happier, nor did it tamper my existential dread.

So when I discovered the red pill, accepted it, and started expressing my feminine characteristics (rather than suppressing them and having them come out as mean girl bitchiness cloaked as “activism”), its like that long standing existential dread just….vanished. Not to say I’m happy, since that is an ephemeral state, but I’m definitely content, blessed, and grateful. lol its funny cause I never in a million years thought I be one of those women who go on and on about how blessed they are. 😉

I no longer worry about everything, I no longer feel empty and sad for no reason, but sometimes I do feel angry. Angry that I wasted so much time+money feeling sorry for myself, and putting my liver at risk with those anti-Ds by doing what every young woman does when shes kinda upset; flounce off to a therapist (aka paying someone to agree with you and give you fancy sounding labels that you can brandish as a weapon, shield, or use as a get out of jail free card).

In any case, things have greatly improved in my life and my relationship with my husband once I accepted the red pill. One thing I’ve recently noticed is that I get..ahem, excited when my husband orders me around. Before the red pill I would have been angry, indignant, and turned on, but in the spirit of ideological purity I would suppress my sexual response, hold on to the anger/indignation, and throw myself a pity party with my lady friends. “god, can you believe what he asked of me?! how dare he! what does he think, I’m his slave?”

Now I just answer “yes sir”, do the task, and feel proud or horny when he simply thanks me for completing the task. 😀

The whole exchange gave me a little hope. I mean, it’s reddit, which is troll heaven, but occasionally we get through to someone. Lately I had been starting to feel like I was beating my head against the brick wall that is reddit, so this happened at a very good time!


10 thoughts on “A Little Hope

  1. TempestTcup Post author


    True. Hopefully a lot of the women are trying out our basic premise of putting their husbands first and are reaping the benefits, because that is what we preach the most. It’s weird because most of the trolls that comment, question putting him first and assume that he will take advantage of the situation and just sit there and take. When I reply that we both give much more than we take they don’t understand how that is even possible. Simple: we give and the other person receives; there’s no taking involved. Blows their little minds, lol!

  2. A♠

    I’d be lying were I to say I’m sad to see the common thread in all of those comments was addressed here:




    And, finally, here:

    “In fact, the post you see as gibberish today will be clear tomorrow.

    Or next week.

    Or next year.”


    Forgive the self-promotion, Tempest.

  3. TempestTcup Post author


    The nice thing is that after the initial de-lurking comment, a lot of them went on to comment more. It’s like getting pickles out of a jar; once you pry the first one out, the rest come easy* 🙂

    *old joke about kissing

  4. Peregrine John

    donal, I have very little fear of feminism assimilating the “red pill”, because it is a metaphor for seeing things truly, and the house of cards built on the ashes of a dream of equality is too easily shaken by any glimpse of reality to even acknowledge it. So long as the ladies of that subreddit keep in mind the source of the metaphor, they shouldn’t have much trouble.

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