Discussion on RPW IRC: Alpha vs. Thug


Earlier, I was in a discussion about how when people are raised in a very socialized environment, the only alphas ended up being thugs because the good alphas were suppressed and betaized. After the good alphas were betaized, only the thug alphas remained.

Since most of the subreddit that will not be named were raised in more socialized countries than the US, their mothers were bringing the ‘gina tingling thugs home, and that’s why young kids have a skewed view on marriage/relationships.

They saw the thugs sitting there receiving the benefits of marriage while their moms were busting their asses appeasing the thugs, and the children suffered.

That is why the subreddit that will not be mentioned thinks that a male leading a relationship always ends up in the male beating/cheating on the female.



13 thoughts on “Discussion on RPW IRC: Alpha vs. Thug

  1. donalgraeme

    When the only dominant male-led relationships that they know or have experienced happen to be abusive, then it would make sense for them to equate any kind of male led relationship as abusive. Basically agree with your general thesis here.

  2. TempestTcup Post author


    I really do think that as society conditions more men towards beta, women will still seek out the most alpha men, which will be more and more thug-like. It’s a vicious cycle.

  3. Deep Strength

    Nah, I think it’s more from the indoctrination of feminization in schools, and mothers imprinting their values on their offspring.

    Most men are betas and that includes those who had no father, or thug fathers, or beta fathers. Even in the US the divorce rate is only about 50% and most men are extremely “beta.” The only constant there is the typically feminizing mother.

    Also, on reddit you need to make the distinction that “alpha” means successful with women. It does not mean one has good or bad morals. One can be “beta-ized” easily by nagging from a woman even if they have good morals or bad morals. It just so happens that it’s easier to beta-ize a man with good morals than bad morals.

  4. donalgraeme

    I was briefly, yes. Just to check it out. I might stop by again if I have the time.

    And yes, the “socialization” of our culture, or rather, the domestication of men, means that men will either become Beta herbs or Alpha thugs. There isn’t room for anything else in that kind of climate.

  5. TempestTcup Post author

    Deep Strength

    “Also, on reddit you need to make the distinction that “alpha” means successful with women.”

    True, I think the women on RPW are thinking THEIR idea of alpha and not the generally recognized definition of alpha.

  6. Stingray

    I jotted down some thoughts on a draft post on this a while back. I figured it had a lot to do with tv, especially when it come to UMC white women. The alpha on the tv is usually a jerk. Then take movies like Zombie Land, where the most beta of men gets the girl, just after he saves her life (becoming the alpha). We don’t get to see the aftermath that she dumps him (unless there is a sequel) because he’s still beta after he saves her life.

    The flip side of this is the alpha hero who starts out as a jerk, then she tames him with her charms. They then don’t show the aftermath of that being, he either stays alpha and doesn’t put up her her nonsense and therefore remaining what people see as the jerk, or he becomes beta and she loses all respect for him.

  7. Stingray

    Holy crap!!! to your re-tweet about clean privilege! I have no words . . . .

    Yes I do, but I struggle to not start flinging out the curse words and rant. The very top post:

    callow-maturity asked: lol dude if you dont wanna be made fun of just take a bath bro

    If you don’t wanna have social anxiety just talk to people, “bro”.

    If you don’t wanna be sad just get over your depression, “bro”.

    This is frickin unbelievable. Victim hood is stunning.

  8. TempestTcup Post author


    Right!! Ewwwww… So gross.

    Junkies hate bathing, so maybe it’s medication thing. I know a girl who is afraid of water and bathing, and she won’t flush her toilet. Her son does it occasionally (sorry, this is so gross). She used to hang at one of the dive bars I frequent until they installed automatic flushers on the toilet. She came running screaming out of the restroom one day.

    Sad yet hilarious.

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