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States Can Seize Assets to Recover Medicaid Costs


Is anyone else alarmed by this? The original story at Hot Air tweeted by Grerp caught my eye:

So, here’s the deal. There used to be a provision whereby the state could recuperate funds spent on a Medicaid patient post-55 years old from whatever assets he owned. So, a low-income individual in nursing home care after age 55 might pass away and his kids would find out the family home or car of whatever he had to his name had to be bought back from the state if they wanted it. It’s called estate recovery, and sounds pretty shady if it’s not boldly advertised as the terms for Medicaid enrollment, which is most definitely is not.

Before the Affordable Care Act’s Medicaid expansion, there weren’t that many people in Medicaid who had much in the way of assets for seizing. But now that Medicaid enrollment requirements have been relaxed, more people with assets but low income are joining the program or being forced into it. For instance, a couple in their 50s who, say, retired early after losing jobs in the bad economy may have assets but show a very low income. Under Obamacare, if their income is low enough to qualify for Medicaid, they must enroll in Medicaid unless they want to buy totally unsubsidized coverage in the now-inflated individual market.

This website has a 50 state look at Medicaid expansion, This US Department of Health and Human Services website spells out the 1993 Estate Recovery Mandate, and here’s another website explaining how this works under the Affordable Care Act of 2010.

I love how the mandate is so ambiguous and open-ended; they can recover costs: “At State option, any other items covered by the Medicaid State Plan.” Any other items. Nice.

The Mardi Gras Meetup of Mass Destruction


Just as my brain cells were finally starting to recover from The Las Vegas Meetup of Doom, reservations were confirmed for the Mardi Gras Meetup of Mass Destruction! Holy Moly, 6 days and nights in beautiful New Orleans, from Thursday February 27th through Wednesday March 5th.

Mitch got a couple of rooms at the Baymont Inn and Suites just outside Six Flags, which also sounds like a bunch of fun; maybe I’ll go get my roller coaster on. Danny has a balcony for us to hang on for the festivities, and someone mentioned a driver and van to shuttle us to and from the French Quarter.

As far as I know, the people who have confirmed their intention to go are the same as Las Vegas: Mitch, Danny, MANdatory, Dr. Illusion, Mistress, DoktorBill, and me. Then I saw that Matt Forney will also be attending, so that will be awesome! I’d say that if anyone else plans on going, get yourself a room at the Baymont, and get the two queen beds in case someone needs to bunk with you.

The Las Vegas meetup was extraordinary because as I met everyone, the minute we met it was as if I had known them forever. I’ve never had that happen before, but talking to them all, they had the same experience. Hopefully it will be the same when I meet everyone in New Orleans!

Danny’s Announcement

Mitch’s Announcement

The Front Lines


It seems like the whole manosphere/red pill spectrum has been on the front lines lately with the huge RoK blowup and Matt Forney’s death threats, but I have also been locked in battle with the forces of darkness and evil. I have also been locking horns with the she-beasts of feminism.

I know that it is easy to forget about the soldiers on the front lines while you are comfy and cozy on your couch in your ivory tower, but never fear, we are there mucking through the detritus to keep the ‘sphere safe and unmolested. Our battles are small yet important.

As a woman with RP leanings, writing is last on my list of priorities after husband, home and work, and I can only write saying to stay thin, grow your hair, look pretty, be sweet, feed your man and be very enthusiastic in bed so many times before it gets repetitive, so I go slog around in the cesspool that is reddit.

I know, it’s my own fault for sullying myself in the trenches, but there’s a front line to defend and I can’t leave my sisters at arms to do the task on their own. Lately though, the enemy has been renewing their efforts to mock and ridicule the RPW way of life, and our side is woefully under womanned.

Recently, the enemy has stricken something close to my heart: my Olive Dip Recipe. They mocked and ridiculed and declared my recipe unfit for using inexpensive ingredients that can be kept on hand in case of a party emergency. But what if the party is tomorrow? What if you don’t have time to go to the store? What if you only want to spend a couple of dollars on a dip that will be eaten with tortilla chips?

If I were as awesome as all the little feminist student girls I would have gone straight to Spain to pick the freshest olives and lovingly grown the most succulent tomatoes in my garden for the freshest tapenade. Or as one of those kids said, “I’ll go get some proper tapenade!” because restaurants NEVER use canned anything for everything.

So they had their fun with me, but then they also have been downvoting Dana’s quilts, and that is really crossing the line. And their ringleader says nasty things to her like, “Also I just wanted to say what an utter piece of shit you are[1] . I sincerely hope your husband is much, much older than you and he dies decades before you, leaving you bereft of any human contact due to your failure to have any real friends, so you are alone and miserable for years.”

Luckily, we women of RPW have a new weapon in our arsenal; we were able to regroup in the RPW IRC and discuss our strategy. Of course, our strategy is pretty much limited to pouting and stomping our little feet, but at least we have that defense.

So, as you enjoy your peace and your nice long conversations, please remember the soldiers in the trenches making the ‘sphere a safer place to be. You are welcome!