The Front Lines


It seems like the whole manosphere/red pill spectrum has been on the front lines lately with the huge RoK blowup and Matt Forney’s death threats, but I have also been locked in battle with the forces of darkness and evil. I have also been locking horns with the she-beasts of feminism.

I know that it is easy to forget about the soldiers on the front lines while you are comfy and cozy on your couch in your ivory tower, but never fear, we are there mucking through the detritus to keep the ‘sphere safe and unmolested. Our battles are small yet important.

As a woman with RP leanings, writing is last on my list of priorities after husband, home and work, and I can only write saying to stay thin, grow your hair, look pretty, be sweet, feed your man and be very enthusiastic in bed so many times before it gets repetitive, so I go slog around in the cesspool that is reddit.

I know, it’s my own fault for sullying myself in the trenches, but there’s a front line to defend and I can’t leave my sisters at arms to do the task on their own. Lately though, the enemy has been renewing their efforts to mock and ridicule the RPW way of life, and our side is woefully under womanned.

Recently, the enemy has stricken something close to my heart: my Olive Dip Recipe. They mocked and ridiculed and declared my recipe unfit for using inexpensive ingredients that can be kept on hand in case of a party emergency. But what if the party is tomorrow? What if you don’t have time to go to the store? What if you only want to spend a couple of dollars on a dip that will be eaten with tortilla chips?

If I were as awesome as all the little feminist student girls I would have gone straight to Spain to pick the freshest olives and lovingly grown the most succulent tomatoes in my garden for the freshest tapenade. Or as one of those kids said, “I’ll go get some proper tapenade!” because restaurants NEVER use canned anything for everything.

So they had their fun with me, but then they also have been downvoting Dana’s quilts, and that is really crossing the line. And their ringleader says nasty things to her like, “Also I just wanted to say what an utter piece of shit you are[1] . I sincerely hope your husband is much, much older than you and he dies decades before you, leaving you bereft of any human contact due to your failure to have any real friends, so you are alone and miserable for years.”

Luckily, we women of RPW have a new weapon in our arsenal; we were able to regroup in the RPW IRC and discuss our strategy. Of course, our strategy is pretty much limited to pouting and stomping our little feet, but at least we have that defense.

So, as you enjoy your peace and your nice long conversations, please remember the soldiers in the trenches making the ‘sphere a safer place to be. You are welcome!


46 thoughts on “The Front Lines

  1. The Woman Margery

    Aw, now I feel guilty. I just can’t right now, Tempest! I am way to crazy and stressed from real life stuff to be able to handle these spoiled folks who take issue with me living my life for some inane reason! But I’ll be back. And I’ll be as short and snippy as ever.

    They really are pathetic though, aren’t they? To make the time to pick apart every little thing we do from our dips to our quilts just shows how forever alone they are. Even if they have men by their sides the fact that they are choosing to take the time to hurl insults at us vs straddle them speaks volumes. When you refuse to be open and vulnerable, when you live behind a huge wall you constructed to be independent and strong, it doesn’t matter if you share your bed with someone you are alone. I wouldn’t take issue with that, “to each their own” is my motto, but when you are that way and have to pick apart me and mine you’re miserable and misery wants company. In short- your lifestyle isn’t working out for you and you want it to not work out for us. Thanks, but no thanks.

    Still gets me all weepy and angry, though. I asked my husband recently “I take this all so personally! I mean they are personal insults and what not and they are lies about us but who cares, right? Why can’t I just roll my eyes and laugh at them like Matt Forney and co.?!” My husband, in all his wisdom, replied “Because you’re a girl.” kissed me on the forehead and commanded me to bed. I’m so oppressed! Isn’t it wonderful?

    Re: Dana- they love to call her a racist. I’ve told Dana before that a big part of the reason I want to out myself and show a picture of me is so their heads can explode when they find out Dana’s online bestie isn’t white. *gasp* And, wait for it, we talk candidly about race! And we even disagree on some things and she doesn’t resort to racial slurs! In fact, we disagree and she doesn’t do anything remotely as immature as they do over disagreements! But no, it’s Dana that resides in the Dark Ages forever alone. Right, BPers. Keep telling yourselves that.

  2. TempestTcup Post author

    The Woman Margery

    LOL, don’t feel guilty! I was just teasing of course, but we did get in a little dust-up last night. There is no reason for you to wade into the muck unless you are just bored or feel particularly mucky 🙂

    I think the whole thing is ludicrous, and really if you see how many hours some of the head mods at TBP spend online, it’s amazing that they even have time to sleep much less go to a job or spend time with a boyfriend.

    I did find their survey results (linked above) interesting – mostly under 24, students, etc. These are children with absolutely no life experience; they’ve never had to worry about paying bills or paying for a roof over their heads. All they know about life is what they have been told by others. They have no clue that they have been lied to about everything.

  3. The Woman Margery

    I was talking to a friend (liberal, progressive friend as most of my IRL friends are) about this. He said something so right on I couldn’t believe I had never thought of it- these people are living out a fantasy. He looks at these folks online with no real-world experience, as you pointed out, and sees them as nothing but sheltered folks so caught up in ideology they can’t separate their own fiction from fact. It’s like the geekdom that lives “in” Middle Earth or whatever video game and sees the world from that view point only these people are living in a self-made parallel universe. As they have to contend with the real world their views will balance out. Not to say they will become ragging conservatives though some might but they will be more realistic about things. IF that happens, that is. The snarkers I know older than me (in their 30s and 40s) are mostly obese folks on disability that “live” online.

    TL;DR: the internet is a world all its own, these people live *there* not in the real world and they like it that way but when they have to face reality things will change for them in one way or another.

    I do fear that the internet world will bleed over into the real one soon enough. We need to start manning the front lines in *that* war!

  4. TempestTcup Post author

    “the internet is a world all its own, these people live *there* not in the real world and they like it that way but when they have to face reality things will change for them in one way or another. ”

    Yes, this! I can only hope that when reality hits, they will remember with shame how weirdly evil they were to people minding their own damn business.

    I see the liberal/feminist antics akin to the “knockout game” in that they go up to people living their lives peacefully and hit them in the back of the head, trying to knock them out.

    And yes, I’m sure a wide-scale doxxing is next on their agenda.

  5. The Woman Margery

    “I see the liberal/feminist antics akin to the “knockout game” in that they go up to people living their lives peacefully and hit them in the back of the head, trying to knock them out.”

    I think they do this for one of two reasons: They feel threatened with being forced to lead a life they don’t so they try and force it on others or they think this has to be the only way (moral superiority) so feel all must live this way.

    The latter is just insanity and needs to be done away with in any movement, even those I may agree with. I’m a sucker for personal liberty, what can I say. The former is no way to curb the threat. But it seems that’s the sort of war we’re caught up in.

    I honestly don’t care if the feminists want to keep feministsing. That friend I referenced before and I lead completely different lives but we both believe that others should be allowed to live the way they see fit and not infringe on others. He wouldn’t choose anything like my life but won’t tell me I can’t or shouldn’t and visa versa. THAT’S what we need to bring back in this world- live and let live. Trying to strong arm our own beliefs is idiocy. The funny thing is that in order to excuse their own behavior BPers and their ilk feel the need to insist we’re trying to make our lives the reality for everyone. That couldn’t be farthest from what U want for people. They’re just lying so they can make us out to be a threat and therefore justify their tactics and their “war” itself.

  6. TempestTcup Post author

    “The funny thing is that in order to excuse their own behavior BPers and their ilk feel the need to insist we’re trying to make our lives the reality for everyone.”

    Holy moly, If I don’t really have time to devote even to my own blog (much less GBG & RPW) then I certainly don’t have excess time and energy to try to force complete strangers on the internet to live as I live. The mind; it wobbles!

  7. The Woman Margery

    When I wrote that “Dear Feminists” post in which I explained that I am not here to tell them to change only to stand up for my own lifestyle choices, present them as valid, and call feminism out where it is trying to rob people of their voice and choice but I am completely not invested in changing them and I don’t care what they do…. yeah, they mocked that. Tell me again how they support personal liberty and don’t care about our lifestyle, etc? Ridiculousness. They’re parodies of themselves.

  8. Cranberry

    Ouch. Reddit, and FB, and even Twitter are like high school all over again.

    I hated high school, worst period of my whole life. No desire to re-live it in any way.

  9. TempestTcup Post author


    I loved high school; probably because I skipped out of about half of it. Grade school was absolute torture – I was so introverted that I literally couldn’t speak. I think that’s the main reason I didn’t have kids; I didn’t want to inflict childhood on them.

  10. TempestTcup Post author

    Emma the Emo

    LOL! I live the most boring life – I doubt if anyone has ever gossiped about me 🙂

    Like, the most they would say is “Is she ever not at bars?”

  11. TempestTcup Post author


    Oh right, were you on the RPW IRC earlier? If so come back some time – sometimes it is boring & sometimes it’s all gamer talk, but other times we have really good conversations. I saw a name like your twitter name but i wasn’t sure.

  12. Sister Magdalene

    Frankly, they’re likely just bitter at the fact that they themselves are doomed to a life of lonely Chinese takeaways.

    Nothing to get too upset about. Remember Graham’s hierarchy of disagreement; I’ve yet to see a feminist make it past snarky contradiction. Not that I’m keeping my hopes up.

  13. Peregrine John

    I quite honestly have nothing to say about those vile, pathetic cretins that won’t make it sound like I suddenly contracted Tourette’s. Or that won’t get me a visit from the Oh No Someone Sounds Dangerous Department.

  14. Mrs. KTC

    They just don’t get that there is a difference between a RPW and a foodie. RPW have lives- a man to please.

  15. TempestTcup Post author

    Mrs. KTC

    True, and a budget! The way they were talking about all the special ingredients they would use, it was obvious that they do not have a household budget.

  16. Modern Drummer

    Reddit is full of people who talk shit online they would never say to your face….well,maybe feminists would. They have no class

  17. The Feminist Whisperer


    Your secret weapon in this battle?


    A) most of your opponents are veggies or vegans
    B) most of them can’t cook a kettle of water
    C) bacon wins everything
    D) bacon is the manliest of breakfast things

    Cover them with bacon recipes and win the glorious battle. Blog about bacon tenderness, exchange recipes for pasta alla carbonarra, discuss in glowing detail why the Bacon Explosion is God’s way of loving us – and win.

  18. TempestTcup Post author

    The Feminist Whisperer

    Bacon is truly the answer; why didn’t I think of this myself?

    Plus, bacon is the gateway meat; they can’t help but have that first bite, and then before you know it their brains will get a little animal fat and work properly again.

    Good idea!

  19. The Feminist Whisperer

    @Tempest – exactly

    Plus, you can talk about how much your man loves it when you cook him bacon….and how you like to save just a little grease for making biscuits later on (bacon dripping biscuits…droool)…and and and and and

    Yes, bacon is indeed the weapon of choice for this battle.

    Rashers to the ramparts!

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  21. TempestTcup Post author


    LOL, didn’t you read the post? We are heavily trolled! We ban hammer anything that resembles a troll nail. On RPW subreddit, our banned list is about 700 strong; every day I personally ban 2 or 3 trolls. I didn’t ban you but we do have a zero tolerance policy out of self defense.

  22. A♠


    Christmas is looking unlikely (due to my usual misfortune).

    Although spring is looking good.

    Perhaps on a permanant basis.

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