The Mardi Gras Meetup of Mass Destruction


Just as my brain cells were finally starting to recover from The Las Vegas Meetup of Doom, reservations were confirmed for the Mardi Gras Meetup of Mass Destruction! Holy Moly, 6 days and nights in beautiful New Orleans, from Thursday February 27th through Wednesday March 5th.

Mitch got a couple of rooms at the Baymont Inn and Suites just outside Six Flags, which also sounds like a bunch of fun; maybe I’ll go get my roller coaster on. Danny has a balcony for us to hang on for the festivities, and someone mentioned a driver and van to shuttle us to and from the French Quarter.

As far as I know, the people who have confirmed their intention to go are the same as Las Vegas: Mitch, Danny, MANdatory, Dr. Illusion, Mistress, DoktorBill, and me. Then I saw that Matt Forney will also be attending, so that will be awesome! I’d say that if anyone else plans on going, get yourself a room at the Baymont, and get the two queen beds in case someone needs to bunk with you.

The Las Vegas meetup was extraordinary because as I met everyone, the minute we met it was as if I had known them forever. I’ve never had that happen before, but talking to them all, they had the same experience. Hopefully it will be the same when I meet everyone in New Orleans!

Danny’s Announcement

Mitch’s Announcement


7 thoughts on “The Mardi Gras Meetup of Mass Destruction

  1. C. M. Sturges

    Actually I got 3 rooms and there are more available if needed. This is going to be off the hook more than Vegas was because the good Doc will be driving there and we all know what that means.

  2. TempestTcup Post author

    Peregrine John

    Yes, you should – they are a blast! I don’t know where the next one will be, but I’m sure the guys will come up with somewhere good!

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