10 Best Ways to Laugh at Tucker Max

tucker max cat meme


2. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLO!!!!!!!!   [Note: Dr Illusion has since make the post private and wrote another post after corresponding with TM.]


4. giggleCLAPgiggleCLAPgiggleCLAPgiggleCLAPgiggle!!!!!!!!

5. ZomgZomgZomgZomgZomgZomgZomgZomgZom!!!!!!!

6. heeheeheeheeheeheeheeheeheeheeheeheehee!!!!!!!!

7. heh.

8. Yeah, that’s all I got; just wanted to get in on the fun!

9. Bwhahahaha!      <——-Everyone needs to read this – Free Northerner can see the future!


6 thoughts on “10 Best Ways to Laugh at Tucker Max

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  2. peregrinejohn

    I think the Northerner’s right, especially about the progression, but also about the responsibility of aggregators. They can not let themselves add such sites to the list and muddy things for those struggling to see clearly. The real question is whether TM wants to be considered part of the RP set of sites. If he's doing watered down RP concepts – and since RP means seeing the truth, and watered down truth is poison – he'll want to be part of it but shouldn't, as that would introduce untruth and confusion to a place where we're trying to kill the lies.

    If, on the other hand, he's sneaking normally forbidden (by the PC, that is) truths into a site that looks useful yet mainstream, he won't want an overt association with places that will scare off those still emotionally invested in their illusions. The articles do look a lot like he's doing that. Considering his past and that idiotic exchange Tucker and Geoff supposedly had, though, I doubt it… yet overtly denying any knowledge of the androsphere suggests he IS doing just that. But for men? Yeah, a fair few need the hand-holding. I can name several friends who are in exactly that place.

    I've been developing a site with the intention of looking innocuous and PC-friendly, but with the stupid and self-abasing crap removed and RP concepts subtly littered throughout. Being overtly sex-positive (please forgive the PC term there) helps, since an openly flirty nature lets you get away with an awful lot, as you know. But as much as I want to move attention upstream, so to speak, the concept is to sow seeds of doubt by making readers enjoy the glitches in the matrix, and seduce them into being ready to unplug. I absolutely cannot mention knowledge of the antrosphere, let alone link to it. Only when they won’t spook and run away can I bring them to the next level. I was hoping TM was doing something like that for the Bros (yeah, this kind), but I’m really doubting it now.

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