Why Women are Superior and Don’t Need No Stupid Men!


Some feminist lesbian on Reddit did a drive-by trolling on me, so I looked at her reddit history and there is a goldmine of insanity, so I thought I’d share for your amusement! I’m thinking of YOU!!

my friend and I were talking the other day about this and how women are obviously superior because they do not need men to survive. If all men died tomorrow the amount of sperm in your average sperm bank would suffice to continue the population. Only a few males would be needed every generation until they reach puberty and can be harvested. I would imagine this dystopian scenario would have a lot less violence, too. So yay, obviously, in terms of one sex continuing without the other.

A couple other factors I think are interesting: men are stronger than women, especially when it comes to upper body strength, but both sexes have gotten immensely stronger over the last centuries. As nutrition and health improves humans will likely get taller and stronger. Women outperform men in extreme endurance tests, likely due to their metabolism and energy storage. I don’t think women are less/more logical than men, and I’ve usually preferred working under female bosses. They never took any shit, but they were always open to feedback and suggestions. Of course, this is just anecdotal. Also I remember reading a study that looked at IQ disparities between the sexes. What was originally thought to be men’s greater intelligence disappeared when the study controlled for height. The taller you are, the more likely you are smart- most likely because you have benefited from a healthy diet with no scarcity and no horrible illnesses during childhood, both of which can stunt physical and mental growth.

I think the obvious choice here is that men and women are equal in that they are all human beings with autonomy and agency and the capacity for amazing feats. On average men have more upper body strength and women are more flexible but basing any sense of superiority on these things undermines every strong woman or stretchy man that has ever pushed themselves to the limit of greatness. And I do wholeheartedly believe that there are more differences within groups than between them. People are people, they come in all shapes and sizes, and if you ever start thinking you’re superior it’s probably just your own personal bias.

Good luck in your mud huts! Without men, who will build and maintain the infrastructure to supply your electricity, water, and natural gas? Who will haul away your trash? Who will manufacture your cars and build your highways? Women completely ignore what men accomplish while at the same time those same women are enjoying those accomplishments. Also, how many women are going to let this blissful “Women Only” society haul off their sons, milk them, and then execute them?

Another brilliant comment:

but gender is a construct. some people identify more with one social construct than the one they were assigned to at birth; some people have chosen to opt out. there’s really not that much internal psychology that needs to align because males and females have more common traits than differing ones. used to people thought that there were only two sexualities: hetero and homo. now we realize plenty of people are bisexual or pansexual or even asexual. if biology can’t control for the humans we want to mate with, is it really that hard to believe in a world where sexual and gender identity are equally complex?

I have no words… Let’s just move on to the next one, shall we?

it’s not used to tell people their opinion doesn’t matter- it’s telling people to be aware of the advantages they have because of circumstances they did not control, just like you said. White people have valid opinions on race, men have valid opinions about sexism, straight/cis/whatever all have valid opinions on sexuality and gender, but sometimes they need to be reminded that their race/sex/whatever has allowed them to be more privileged. People need to remember that if you aren’t white, you probably know a lot more about the disadvantages of being not white. It would be nice if people remembered that more often.


white-male-privlegeOkay, I have to get back to work because I have deadlines looming, and frankly my brain hurt from reading this stuff! Have a good one until next time!


11 thoughts on “Why Women are Superior and Don’t Need No Stupid Men!

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  2. Emma the Emo

    “And I do wholeheartedly believe that there are more differences within groups than between them.”
    They love repeating that. Imagine if someone said this about the wage gap. Hey, there are more financial differences between individual women, than between men and women, so it doesn’t matter.

  3. TempestTcup Post author

    “Hey, there are more financial differences between individual women, than between men and women”

    True – I never really thought about it that way!

  4. M3


    That image of the fish on a bike got me to thinking.

    You know how many women get pissed off at MGTOW and deride men who eshew relationships with women, call them names, insecure, boymen, etc…
    …it’s the same philosophy they preached only in reverse!

    The ultimate rub is that men truly don’t need women for life to carry on for a while. Men going their own way are ultimately happy and content in the freedom from societal obligation and the ability to live their life as they see fit. It’s not even what they originally wanted. MGTOW was a reaction to the women leaving the field. For this they are shamed.

    Women weren’t reacting to men, THEY CHOSE (in a state of jealousy and attempt to ape masculinity) to go solo, attain ‘independence’ and eshew relationships with men. All the slogans and tshirts were aimed by women at men. And for this they were cheered!

    You’ll notice there are no tshirts or slogans that teach men to walk away from or deride women. A great majority of women with a severe inferiority complex where emotionally manipulated and educated into hating men and turning themselves into future cat ladies. They made that choice, proudly and loudly.

    But they can’t stand the fact that men make the only non-choice they have available to them – go their own way. The bicycle never needed the fish, but it would always want one.. until the fish just became too damn rotten to tolerate.

  5. donalgraeme

    Also, how many women are going to let this blissful “Women Only” society haul off their sons, milk them, and then execute them?

    I don’t know… plenty of mothers out there don’t lift a finger when the “family law” system impoverishes their sons, strips their children from them and (sometimes) incarcerates them. How many mothers out there actually demonstrate real care and affection for their male children?

  6. Hackenslash

    I wonder if these lesbo morons know about Androgenesis. This is the process by which male stem cells can be used to create female ovum. Once the technique is perfected, and once we develop a viable exo-womb, women wont be needed for anything.

  7. Shelley

    I’m not sure why it’s cool that either gender would be able to live without the other…

    This reminds me of the graphic novel, “Y: the Last Man”. The premise is that the Y-chromosome is somehow flawed, and, long story short, after an event the men are eliminated from the world because of whatever flaw that was.

    With all the men gone, the world was in complete turmoil. The whole series is basically trying to figure out what happened, but also trying to figure out how to get the men back. After reading this post, I have a whole new appreciation for the series. I might go back and read it again. It’s sort of putting the characters in perspective, about the different groups that developed in such a world (the erratic groups seeking more destruction and reveling in a “women’s world”, the lost people, the people trying to piece things together).

    It was pretty obvious that the world needed the men.

  8. MC

    Just a couple points I wanted to comment on.

    When she said that groups have more differences within them, then between them, that does not apply in the slightest to sex/gender. Men actually have more in common with the male sex of other mammals then with women. A male chimpanzee is more like a man, than a woman is.

    And her comment about IQ if you control for height. That is not how you conduct a proper study. If you control for height, you ignore that men are naturally taller than women. So controlling for height, would mean that you would be comparing the more malnourished, and therefore shorter than average, man, with the more well nourished and therefore taller than average, woman, in order to create equality in height.

  9. Promethean

    There was a woman who boasted about prehistoric matriarchal utopia and that “evil” men rebelled and the “world went to hell. She compares her analogy to Lucifer’s rebellion against God. She goes by the name “we all fight the illuminati” LO Motherfucking L. Some intelligent man tried to refute her but of course she used her psycho raging shaming tactics and the poor guy finally gave up. Her WordPress site is no longer available. COWARDLY Cunt was probably afraid of “being attacked” by anyone who opposes her views. I’d like to know how to track down closed down websites so people like me can expose her. If she’s dead, well, GOOD RIDDANCE!!!!! Hope she rots in hell!!!

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