Manosphere Meetup Tunica, MS Edition

resorts-casino-tunicaWe were talking to Unka Mitch and decided that we need a road trip, and we didn’t want to another big event. We decided to split the difference in mileage and meet at Fitz in Tunica, MS in November. The dates are November 9th through November 15th. We will be there and if anyone wants to meet us they would certainly be welcome. Yay! Matt Forney is in and so is Doctor Illusion! Davis M.J. Aurini is going to try to be there too! We are trying to guilt Ace and ChloeLuv (who might come!) into coming! So awesome!

Uncle Mitch told me that I was responsible for this trip so please contact me if you have any questions or plan on attending and I will contact Fitz and find out if we can get any group discounts.

Tunica is fun because during the week it costs $40 a night double occupancy and you get two free breakfast buffets, plus they are really free with drinks. There is smoking everywhere including your room and the casino, and we have found that we spend most of our time in our rooms chatting, drinking, and solving all of the world’s problems anyway. It’s centrally located so maybe more people can attend.

Tunica has inexpensive ($2) full Vegas gambling and it would be easy to take over an entire table for Roulette or Craps. It isn’t extremely exciting and there probably won’t be much chance of picking up any cute girls but it should be a fun, inexpensive time not marred by all of the injuries we received at Mardi Gras this spring.

If you fly in, there is an airport there and lots of flights in and out, but Memphis is only 30 minutes away and we can arrange for someone to pick you up. Speaking of Memphis, we can go there for barbeque, wander around Beale Street if we want, and can go to Elvis’ Graceland too.  There are a lot of other casinos in Tunica also.

Anyway, we will be there and hope to see you! If you do want to attend, and you are planning to be there over the weekend, you will need to reserve your rooms soon because the weekends fill up quickly!


9 thoughts on “Manosphere Meetup Tunica, MS Edition

  1. Matt Forney

    Count me in. Actually eating the costs of transportation might be difficult—I was hoping to give my bank account a rest after the Philippines, and I also might be relocating out of New York around that time, keeping me from buying a ticket in advance—but I’ll find a way down. Shit, I’ll hitchhike and hop trains if I have to.

  2. TempestTcup Post author

    Davis M.J. Aurini

    That would be great if you could make it; everyone would love to see you! Dang, the world’s problems will be solved in no time at all 🙂

  3. Matt

    I just saw the announcement as well. I expect to be driving up from Austin (my phone says 670 miles). I expect to get a room by myself, just because.

    Let me know what kinds of Single Malts y’all like and I’ll stock up before I hit the road. I’l be driving my Benz, so I have plenty of room for people and luggage if anybody wants to ride along.

  4. docillusion

    I will, of course, do all that I can to be there. I never miss an opportunity to hang out with my tribe. I love you guys, hope I see you soon. I’ll bring shrooms.

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