Official Tunica Manosphere Meetup Logo

mmprpAyhUPDATE: It’s still DoktorBill, Mitch, and me going, but now Ace  is riding with us, Matt Forney is bringing a date and Matt (Technoronin) will be there. We are hoping that Aurini shows up too! We have reserved rooms for November 9th (Sunday) through the 15th (Friday) but we aren’t certain if we will stay Friday night because the place gets packed with Memphis people and frankly, they are a nightmare. All of the details are here and I’m pretty sure that Mitch has a wild night planned for us in some Memphis strip club and that’s always an adventure! If you are in the area please stop by!


4 thoughts on “Official Tunica Manosphere Meetup Logo

  1. hissouthernwife

    I asked my husband about considering going to this, or maybe 1 day, because I so very much enjoy reading and agree with most of y’all’s blogs… and we live close. We’ve never met up with people from the web before & kinda wonder what to expect? I don’t know any other way to ask that, other than the obvious… please excuse me for seemingly _not intending to_ being rude, by inquiring.

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