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mmprpAyhUPDATE: It’s still DoktorBill, Mitch, and me going, but now Ace  is riding with us, Matt Forney is bringing a date and Matt (Technoronin) will be there. We are hoping that Aurini shows up too! We have reserved rooms for November 9th (Sunday) through the 15th (Friday) but we aren’t certain if we will stay Friday night because the place gets packed with Memphis people and frankly, they are a nightmare. All of the details are here and I’m pretty sure that Mitch has a wild night planned for us in some Memphis strip club and that’s always an adventure! If you are in the area please stop by!

Manosphere Meetup Tunica, MS Edition

resorts-casino-tunicaWe were talking to Unka Mitch and decided that we need a road trip, and we didn’t want to another big event. We decided to split the difference in mileage and meet at Fitz in Tunica, MS in November. The dates are November 9th through November 15th. We will be there and if anyone wants to meet us they would certainly be welcome. Yay! Matt Forney is in and so is Doctor Illusion! Davis M.J. Aurini is going to try to be there too! We are trying to guilt Ace and ChloeLuv (who might come!) into coming! So awesome!

Uncle Mitch told me that I was responsible for this trip so please contact me if you have any questions or plan on attending and I will contact Fitz and find out if we can get any group discounts.

Tunica is fun because during the week it costs $40 a night double occupancy and you get two free breakfast buffets, plus they are really free with drinks. There is smoking everywhere including your room and the casino, and we have found that we spend most of our time in our rooms chatting, drinking, and solving all of the world’s problems anyway. It’s centrally located so maybe more people can attend.

Tunica has inexpensive ($2) full Vegas gambling and it would be easy to take over an entire table for Roulette or Craps. It isn’t extremely exciting and there probably won’t be much chance of picking up any cute girls but it should be a fun, inexpensive time not marred by all of the injuries we received at Mardi Gras this spring.

If you fly in, there is an airport there and lots of flights in and out, but Memphis is only 30 minutes away and we can arrange for someone to pick you up. Speaking of Memphis, we can go there for barbeque, wander around Beale Street if we want, and can go to Elvis’ Graceland too.  There are a lot of other casinos in Tunica also.

Anyway, we will be there and hope to see you! If you do want to attend, and you are planning to be there over the weekend, you will need to reserve your rooms soon because the weekends fill up quickly!

Why Women are Superior and Don’t Need No Stupid Men!


Some feminist lesbian on Reddit did a drive-by trolling on me, so I looked at her reddit history and there is a goldmine of insanity, so I thought I’d share for your amusement! I’m thinking of YOU!!

my friend and I were talking the other day about this and how women are obviously superior because they do not need men to survive. If all men died tomorrow the amount of sperm in your average sperm bank would suffice to continue the population. Only a few males would be needed every generation until they reach puberty and can be harvested. I would imagine this dystopian scenario would have a lot less violence, too. So yay, obviously, in terms of one sex continuing without the other.

A couple other factors I think are interesting: men are stronger than women, especially when it comes to upper body strength, but both sexes have gotten immensely stronger over the last centuries. As nutrition and health improves humans will likely get taller and stronger. Women outperform men in extreme endurance tests, likely due to their metabolism and energy storage. I don’t think women are less/more logical than men, and I’ve usually preferred working under female bosses. They never took any shit, but they were always open to feedback and suggestions. Of course, this is just anecdotal. Also I remember reading a study that looked at IQ disparities between the sexes. What was originally thought to be men’s greater intelligence disappeared when the study controlled for height. The taller you are, the more likely you are smart- most likely because you have benefited from a healthy diet with no scarcity and no horrible illnesses during childhood, both of which can stunt physical and mental growth.

I think the obvious choice here is that men and women are equal in that they are all human beings with autonomy and agency and the capacity for amazing feats. On average men have more upper body strength and women are more flexible but basing any sense of superiority on these things undermines every strong woman or stretchy man that has ever pushed themselves to the limit of greatness. And I do wholeheartedly believe that there are more differences within groups than between them. People are people, they come in all shapes and sizes, and if you ever start thinking you’re superior it’s probably just your own personal bias.

Good luck in your mud huts! Without men, who will build and maintain the infrastructure to supply your electricity, water, and natural gas? Who will haul away your trash? Who will manufacture your cars and build your highways? Women completely ignore what men accomplish while at the same time those same women are enjoying those accomplishments. Also, how many women are going to let this blissful “Women Only” society haul off their sons, milk them, and then execute them?

Another brilliant comment:

but gender is a construct. some people identify more with one social construct than the one they were assigned to at birth; some people have chosen to opt out. there’s really not that much internal psychology that needs to align because males and females have more common traits than differing ones. used to people thought that there were only two sexualities: hetero and homo. now we realize plenty of people are bisexual or pansexual or even asexual. if biology can’t control for the humans we want to mate with, is it really that hard to believe in a world where sexual and gender identity are equally complex?

I have no words… Let’s just move on to the next one, shall we?

it’s not used to tell people their opinion doesn’t matter- it’s telling people to be aware of the advantages they have because of circumstances they did not control, just like you said. White people have valid opinions on race, men have valid opinions about sexism, straight/cis/whatever all have valid opinions on sexuality and gender, but sometimes they need to be reminded that their race/sex/whatever has allowed them to be more privileged. People need to remember that if you aren’t white, you probably know a lot more about the disadvantages of being not white. It would be nice if people remembered that more often.


white-male-privlegeOkay, I have to get back to work because I have deadlines looming, and frankly my brain hurt from reading this stuff! Have a good one until next time!

This is What is Wrong With the World Today

lazy feminist

It was this comment that I read on reddit. This comment sums up everything wrong with young people and the world today. They have few interests beyond sitting at a computer snarking away at inane posts and pictures. The quote below was written by a user who wrote it yesterday and I had to scroll past about 400 comments that she made to find it again. Looking at her history, she has made over 30 comments in this hour alone.


I do consider myself a feminist, and that includes believing that every woman has a right to choose the actions and lifestyle she wants without being told what she should or should not do.

I am a very lazy person, and that makes it hard for me when it comes to most things feminine, because being traditionally feminine requires so much effort: I don’t cook anything from a recipe, I never bake, I don’t wear make-up, I don’t decorate, I don’t knit or sew or do crafts, I put minimal effort into my outfits, and I dislike shopping with a passion. However, I don’t really have any traditionally masculine interests, either – I can’t be bothered about sports, I don’t play videogames, I don’t read comic books, I don’t hunt/shoot etc etc.
I am interested in some of these things, I have a passing knowledge of many of them, but I don’t really care very much. Because of this I sometimes find it hard to converse with women on either end of the spectrum (and with men, sometimes) because I am rarely passionate about the things they are passionate about.

Are there other ladies here like me? If so, do you, like me, wonder about your identity as a woman when you don’t really fit any socially defined moulds? Where, or with whom, do you have the hardest time fitting in? How do you deal with any of this?

The Best Way to Season Your Cast Iron? Don’t!

There are only two reasons why you would need to season your cast iron: you have low-quality cast iron or you are cooking with industrial seed oils (also known as “vegetable” oils) like corn oil, safflower oil, soybean oil, and canola (rapeseed) oil. Most of the lower priced cast iron today is much more porous than the cast iron of yesteryear; back in the day the cast iron was denser and milled smooth and slick.

If you run your finger across the cooking surface of your pan, is there a pebbly feel? If so you have a low quality pan. I highly suggest going to rummage sales, estate sales, flea markets, and the like and find some old cast iron. When you look at the cooking surface of the pan, you should see faint concentric rings in the bottom and it will feel slick to the touch.

Even if you have the porous, pebbly cheap stuff, if you cook with saturated fat like animal fat or coconut oil, your food will stick much less than if you used the highly processed vegetable oils. Saturated fat is less susceptible to oxidation than vegetable oils, so it is less likely to allow your cast iron to rust. You know that crusty black stuff that is so revered in the cast iron world as “seasoning”? It is gross and unnecessary; it is a buildup of old food and old, oxidized industrial seed oil that has turned into a hard plastic coating. Example (ewwww):
gross residue

A good pan, properly used with saturated fat remains slick and smooth with no buildup of residue. It will turn a pleasing dark brown with use. When you use saturated fats with your pan, you clean your pan either by wiping it out with a paper towel if it is very clean oil (frying eggs in coconut oil), or by using very hot water and a stainless steel scouring pad (after removing all fat – you don’t want to put that down your drain), and for the really tough jobs you can even *GASP!* use dishwashing soap. I know, blasphemy!

After cleaning and drying your pan, simply rub a little coconut oil or bacon fat into the pan and it is good to go. I have gone from using the new cheap cookware with vegetable oil and accumulating that gross stuck on crusty surface in an attempt to make my pans nonstick, to using the old quality pans with saturated fat and no “seasoning” and the way I cook now is so much better. The only times I have to wash the pans beyond a simple scrubbing with steel is when I cook something thick and sticky like chili.

There are a lot of makers of the good old pans, including Griswold (who also made Victor, ERIE and Iron Mountain), Wagner, Lodge (old Lodge is unmarked – look for 3 notches in the heat ring on the underside of the pan), Wapak, Favorite Piqua, and Birmingham. There are also a lot of really good unmarked pans, so just look for the slick cooking surface with milling marks.


My favorite cast iron pan came with our house when we bought it abandoned. I have looked at hundreds of pictures of old cast iron and haven’t seen a handle configuration like mine yet. I have no clue what brand it is but it is very light-weight, slick, and the handle doesn’t get hot. I have another unmarked pan that was my grandmother’s and its handle doesn’t get hot either. It is warm to the touch, but you can cook in it for an hour and still pick it up without using a hot pad. That’s a well designed pan!

Edited to add that here is a vintage Lodge pan for $10.50!