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Invasion of the Blob Girls


My husband drags me around (kicking and screaming, lol) to a bunch of tiny neighborhood dives for happy hour, and there is a trend that I have been noticing for the past few years that has been getting worse and worse: Blob Girl Bartenders. They look blobby, have zero personality, have their noses stuck in their phones 24/7, their bars are always sticky and filthy, and it is impossible to get a beer from them.

When you do finally get their attention you notice the vacant look in their eyes; there’s no working brain back there. The rare male bartender doesn’t have this problem, isn’t constantly checking his phone and will actually get you a beer. I’m not sure where all of the male bartenders went, but all of our bars are now almost completely staffed by blob girls for happy hour; maybe the male bartenders work the higher paying night shifts (we aren’t out at night).

Back in the day, before smart phones, the bartender would be forced to engage the public out of sheer boredom. Since they weren’t able to check their facebook status constantly, they would talk to their customers and might even notice that their customer’s drinks were low. Shocking, I know!

Bartenders were part of the bar-going entertainment and the more entertaining the bartender, the fuller the bar, the more drinks sold, and the more money the bartender makes. There used to be this concept of cultivating a clientele so that when you went to work you stayed busy and made money, but these girls are just putting in their time behind the bar. They are bored and boring.

I want to shake them and tell them to engage their customers and make money! If I have to be somewhere I don’t want to be, I want to make as much money there as humanly possible. I don’t understand working somewhere where you rely on sales for income and not making those sales or income. Why bother showing up in the first place?

The sad thing about this trend is that I’m pretty sure that these girls are incapable of engaging a customer. Some of them we have known for years and have never had a conversation. They were raised on social media and communicating online and may not even be able to carry on a conversation in person. I wouldn’t know; I’ve never seen them even try.

Some of the blob girls will advance to bar manager, and then they hire even blobbier girls to bartend. It is like they barely scraped together enough gumption to make it to manager, and they don’t want competition, yet they need a consistent warm body behind the bar. But they don’t want that warm body to outshine them in any way, so they hire women who are even more bovine and cud-chewing than themselves.

There are woman bartenders with a work ethic and pleasing personality, but they are very rare around here. There is also a bar staffed purely by males, and they are entertaining, clean, and efficient. When a bartender stops to refill a drink, wipe down a part of the bar or empty an ashtray, those are all excellent opportunities to engage their customers and compel those customers to return.

When a bartender has her nose in her phone, she doesn’t notice the empty drink, the mess on the bar, and the full ashtray. She misses a chance to get to know her customers and to cultivate a working relationship with them. She misses the chance to ply her trade and make more money. I don’t think that Blob Girls are exclusive to the bar industry either; I think that they are everywhere, in every sort of job, watching the clock and doing the least work possible until they can finally leave. Please don’t be a Blob!

Fat Burner


I am absolutely addicted to the raw heavy cream that we get at this adorable little dairy in a town near us. It’s not even worth drinking coffee without it; I’m only drinking coffee right now to keep in practice for Friday, when I will be reunited with my cream. Not only does it taste so good, creamy, smooth, and sweet, but my brain really seems to need the fat.

Every once in a while, I’ll try life without cream, usually trying to skinny up for a meetup like Vegas and now Mardi Gras. The jury is out on whether or not reducing my calories by 350-400 per day and fat intake of 35-40 grams a day does any good at all in skinnying me up because frankly, I haven’t noticed any difference in the past few weeks of any sort of size change.

I have noticed a huge difference in my brain function. I noticed this the last time I tried it in late September, but the change wasn’t as noticeable for some reason, perhaps because I’ve been eating a lot of resistant starch in the form of cooked (in bone broth) and cooled parboiled white rice and properly soaked and fermented lentils cooked in broth with ham. These meals are higher carb and have a lot lower fat than I usually eat.

A few days after I quit the heavy cream, I got really manic. Really manic, like bouncing off the walls manic. Gibbering, mind and mouth going a million miles an hour manic. Then my moods started swinging: thrill, angst, doom, excitement, and the roller-coaster of emotions zooming up and down. Now, there aren’t so many emotions but I feel like I’m getting a migraine, and I haven’t had one of those in a long time.

I’ve been eating coconut oil to try to soothe my brain, and it sort of works, but it doesn’t work nearly as well as cream. I was going to use butter in my coffee, but the only butter I had around was salted. Luckily, Thursdays and Mondays are the days to go on a cream run, so I’ll have some for my coffee Friday. Whew!

Frankly, I’m done trying to get resistant starch. I haven’t noticed any differences there either. I’m not sure what to look for either, but I’m willing to bet that if I take Deep Strength’s advice and let my diet stabilize, I will be a lot better off. So, I’m done with resistant starch. It’s something that I will acknowledge and store in the back of my mind, but I’m going back to high saturated fat with meat, broth, whatever veggies that don’t hurt me, and the occasional carb or two.

States Can Seize Assets to Recover Medicaid Costs


Is anyone else alarmed by this? The original story at Hot Air tweeted by Grerp caught my eye:

So, here’s the deal. There used to be a provision whereby the state could recuperate funds spent on a Medicaid patient post-55 years old from whatever assets he owned. So, a low-income individual in nursing home care after age 55 might pass away and his kids would find out the family home or car of whatever he had to his name had to be bought back from the state if they wanted it. It’s called estate recovery, and sounds pretty shady if it’s not boldly advertised as the terms for Medicaid enrollment, which is most definitely is not.

Before the Affordable Care Act’s Medicaid expansion, there weren’t that many people in Medicaid who had much in the way of assets for seizing. But now that Medicaid enrollment requirements have been relaxed, more people with assets but low income are joining the program or being forced into it. For instance, a couple in their 50s who, say, retired early after losing jobs in the bad economy may have assets but show a very low income. Under Obamacare, if their income is low enough to qualify for Medicaid, they must enroll in Medicaid unless they want to buy totally unsubsidized coverage in the now-inflated individual market.

This website has a 50 state look at Medicaid expansion, This US Department of Health and Human Services website spells out the 1993 Estate Recovery Mandate, and here’s another website explaining how this works under the Affordable Care Act of 2010.

I love how the mandate is so ambiguous and open-ended; they can recover costs: “At State option, any other items covered by the Medicaid State Plan.” Any other items. Nice.

The Front Lines


It seems like the whole manosphere/red pill spectrum has been on the front lines lately with the huge RoK blowup and Matt Forney’s death threats, but I have also been locked in battle with the forces of darkness and evil. I have also been locking horns with the she-beasts of feminism.

I know that it is easy to forget about the soldiers on the front lines while you are comfy and cozy on your couch in your ivory tower, but never fear, we are there mucking through the detritus to keep the ‘sphere safe and unmolested. Our battles are small yet important.

As a woman with RP leanings, writing is last on my list of priorities after husband, home and work, and I can only write saying to stay thin, grow your hair, look pretty, be sweet, feed your man and be very enthusiastic in bed so many times before it gets repetitive, so I go slog around in the cesspool that is reddit.

I know, it’s my own fault for sullying myself in the trenches, but there’s a front line to defend and I can’t leave my sisters at arms to do the task on their own. Lately though, the enemy has been renewing their efforts to mock and ridicule the RPW way of life, and our side is woefully under womanned.

Recently, the enemy has stricken something close to my heart: my Olive Dip Recipe. They mocked and ridiculed and declared my recipe unfit for using inexpensive ingredients that can be kept on hand in case of a party emergency. But what if the party is tomorrow? What if you don’t have time to go to the store? What if you only want to spend a couple of dollars on a dip that will be eaten with tortilla chips?

If I were as awesome as all the little feminist student girls I would have gone straight to Spain to pick the freshest olives and lovingly grown the most succulent tomatoes in my garden for the freshest tapenade. Or as one of those kids said, “I’ll go get some proper tapenade!” because restaurants NEVER use canned anything for everything.

So they had their fun with me, but then they also have been downvoting Dana’s quilts, and that is really crossing the line. And their ringleader says nasty things to her like, “Also I just wanted to say what an utter piece of shit you are[1] . I sincerely hope your husband is much, much older than you and he dies decades before you, leaving you bereft of any human contact due to your failure to have any real friends, so you are alone and miserable for years.”

Luckily, we women of RPW have a new weapon in our arsenal; we were able to regroup in the RPW IRC and discuss our strategy. Of course, our strategy is pretty much limited to pouting and stomping our little feet, but at least we have that defense.

So, as you enjoy your peace and your nice long conversations, please remember the soldiers in the trenches making the ‘sphere a safer place to be. You are welcome!

Current State of the Housing Market


Where I live, in the middle of flyover land, it is almost impossible to buy a reasonably priced house. All of the houses on the market are either way overpriced or distressed to the point of being irreparable. You would think that after the housing bubble burst in 2008 you would be able to get one on the cheap, but that is exactly when the housing market ceased to be a good deal.

What happened is that houses quit making it to the market and began to sell directly to investors. A realtor will sign a house, ask the seller what their bottom dollar is, and contact their investors. A couple of weeks later the seller has a check and their house never made it to the MLS listing.

I know some investors and they started buying up houses in 2008. At first they had to look online at houses and compete with individuals wanting to purchase a home, but then their realtor started contacting them when they signed the house. They bought a lot of them that way, but then the houses started drying up.

They finally figured out that their realtor was selling to another investor in California. They didn’t know how to get the realtor to sell to them, so I suggested raising the commission percentage paid to sweeten the pot, and once again they had a lot of houses to buy. I’m pretty certain that this was how the California buyer got the realtor to sell to them exclusively in the first place.

A friend tipped me off to this first; he had a rental house that he wanted to turn into cash so he contacted a real estate associate. The associate looked at the house and immediately asked his bottom dollar. Two weeks later he had a check in the bank and his house never made it to the market.

Think of how easy that was; the associate didn’t have to take pictures, upload the house to MLS, post the house on various websites, worry about curb appeal, show the house to a myriad of buyers or share the commission with another associate.

Around these parts, it is almost impossible to get a real estate associate to show you a house. The only ones that will do so are the ones that specialize in HUD homes that are not eligible for purchase by investors. The larger realtors won’t even bother unless the house is really expensive or newly built.

We tried to buy another house for a few years and wondered why every house we looked at, no matter how expensive, was completely distressed. Every house we looked at had terrible foundation problems and huge cracks in the basement. The only decently priced houses were in absolutely horrible neighborhoods. It makes so much more sense now.


I’ve been so busy lately, I mean sure, I still have time to hold down a barstool, but there is a lot going on right now. We had a storm a while back and the neighbor’s tree took down their crappy make-do fence and is now laying in our yard. Have they done anything to remove it? Yes, they cut down two more and left them in our yard.

These are super crappy neighbors. Anyway, it is pretty much up to us to fix this mess because there ain’t no blood in them there turnips. We could get shitty (like them), but we decided to make lemonade instead. When we moved into this house, they already had haphazardly strung a fence between some trees (the ones that are now down plus another one – we live in the old part of town and it is pretty ramshackle); we have been trying to figure out how to build a real fence.

They have about 500 tiny dogs and the most obnoxious Collie in the world, so it was going to be difficult to get a fence built, plus the fact that they were going to fight us every inch of the way. Now that it’s war, we have decided that we are going to work our way from the back to front, take down all of the trees (and stack the wood for our wood stove; Hello Winter!), clean out all of the brush and erect the tallest fence that we legally can. I’m thinking something nice like 8’ corrugated tin, lol.

We’ve also been pouring a patio section by section and we only have one final section to go. My husband mixes and I finish; it’s really good exercise (ouch). We had roofed our back porch last fall, and it already had a wall around it, so we are planning on installing some windows and effectively adding 250 square feet on to our house. This may have to happen after Vegas in October.

A month ago or so, I started being a moderator at RedPillWoman subreddit and that took up a lot of time for a little while. Now I’m actively involved with Girls Being Girls and that is taking up some of my time, and of course this blog here that has taken a back seat to my other pursuits. There are also all of my little experiments that are always running in the background.

Tonight I was planning on straining my latest batch of rice beer and fortuitously a commenter just this morning informed me that in Nepal they do a second ferment on the leftover rice (need to research what kind of yeast) with sticky raw brown sugar. I’m totally going to do this.

Phedre commented on my Yogurt recipe at GBG that she clabbers raw milk and makes yogurt with that, so of course I poured a pint of milk into a jar and clabbered the hell out of it. I’m just not sure what to do with it now. It’s sitting on the counter all clabbery.

The only other thing that I’m going to try to do soon, is start an Etsy shop for all of our old crap that parents saved for us from our childhood, with which they have now burdened us. This sounds like a good winter project. I just wish my conscience would let me discard G.I. Joes from the early 1960s. I’ve already started de-cluttering the house and we took a bunch of stuff to Goodwill this weekend.


Completely Out of Touch


I’m completely out of touch with everything. I haven’t been to any of my usual sites & I’m about three days behind on Twitter (you know, the things that really matter!). I have no idea what’s going on in the world; are there riots in the streets yet? I haven’t posted in about a week; I have ideas but then don’t have time to write them out. I’m forcing myself to write right now.

It all started with an impromptu gambling junket with my family, so I was gone from work for most of one week. Then I got back & found out I was having a surprise audit of my books (they were oddly in really good shape). I was busy for a solid week on that & I am still providing documents to the auditors.

I was just starting to catch up when the 4th of July hit. Boom, back in the weeds. During all of this I started, stepped back & then resumed moderating for RedPillWoman subreddit. I see now that I stepped back because my brain was totally overloaded with the audit. Sure, you try it; spend about 3 hours a day getting grilled over numbers, related party transactions, accruals, GAAP (whereas I prefer Commonly Recognized Accounting Principles) & then deal with an onslaught of trolls. The subreddit is pretty darn pleasant now, though!

I’m not sure why I didn’t get caught up over the weekend, but then again I went to a lot of parties & poured a lot of concrete. My husband likes to do things by hand, so he was mixing the concrete & I was finishing. I’ve found that I’m pretty dang good at finishing concrete! Anyway we are 3/5 finished with a nice patio.

During this time our TV quit working (Vizio – do not buy!). We mainly used it as a flickering blue light for when we were out of the house; we turned it on loud when we left & turned it off when we came home. Still, we are trying to decide if we are going to replace it. We probably are.

Anyway, hopefully I will have time & the brain to write a proper post soon. I don’t really see that happening because I am so far behind & I have HUGE PILES of paper littering my desk at work. So much paper! I’m probably working tomorrow to try to get caught up & I usually take Fridays off. *Sad Face* I’m going to work half a day & then go shopping to try to find some jeans. Stores quit stocking jeans in long for the smaller sizes: a sign of The Decline.

And I had this crazy dream this morning: I dreamed that I had a red pill meetup at my house (it didn’t look like my house, though) & a bunch of people showed up but of course I didn’t know any of them. I was my usual introverted self & couldn’t think of anything to say to these complete strangers so we all just sat there uncomfortably silent.

Oh, and in my dream the house was a huge mess. The bedroom had gigantic piles of clothes everywhere (like in the background of all girls’ selfies, lol) & the kitchen had dirty dishes & I don’t even want to talk about the disaster zone of a bathroom. So I guess I’ll be cleaning my house really well this weekend!