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Finding Femininity in Today’s World


[This is a repost from The new site Girls Being Girls, which will be delving into becoming a better & more feminine woman. Please come join us in our efforts!]

Western civilization has steered you wrong. Look at television; every sitcom is based on the strong independent woman & the bumbling fool of a man she has to mother & mollycoddle. Every commercial is the same: silly guy with the smart woman with all of the solutions.

Women are being taught that men are hapless nincompoops who need a strong guiding hand, when in reality the opposite is true. Not of course that women are nincompoops, but the strong guiding hand should come from men in the natural order of things. Women are naturally happier when lead by a confident, competent male.

The problem is that strong, confident, competent males are difficult to find because for the past 60 or so years, society has been systematically discouraging & eliminating all masculine behavior. As society became more & more feminized, so have the males, either by persuasion, by force or by prescription drugs in childhood.

Males naturally risk & risk is dangerous whether it is monetary or physical. Little boys play rough, climb trees, jump their bikes, have dirt clod fights, play swords with 2x4s, etc. And yes, there are tom-girls that also participate in this behavior, but we are talking in generalities & tom-girls are outliers. They are the exception to the rule.

Women urge caution & seek security. Even the so called “strong independent woman” urges caution. As society is feminized, you see more & more laws enacted. You see more monitoring of private behavior. More cameras at intersections. Women are outraged by a word, horrified by a boy’s “violence”, or demanding “equality” where there are no equals.

So women have created generation after generation of “yes dear” men. Men who have had the masculine beaten out of them since birth. Boys who get in trouble at school if they get fidgety sitting in a classroom for hours on end & are put on medication so that they can “concentrate”. Men who get called up to HR for complimenting a woman’s dress.

Since manly behavior has been discouraged in men, women have stepped up to take on the strong role. As men are more feminized, women have become more masculine. A reversal of the natural order of genders has happened. This reversal has resulted in the breakdown of the traditional family.

The problem with strong women & feminized men is that they are not attractive to each other. The feminine attracts the masculine & the masculine attracts the feminine, so when there is a role reversal, there is a loss of attraction on both sides. It is the biggest tragedy of today’s world & the cause of all of societal woes.

If a female is having trouble sticking to a relationship, it is generally because there is initial attraction and everything is great, but then the female will usually “break her alpha

Yours is not a unique story;

girl meets alpha
girl loves alpha
girl sees room for improvement in alpha
alpha acquiesces to change in hopes of not being nagged
alpha senses he is no longer in charge
beta is unhappy
beta emotionally checks out of the relationship
girl sees spark is gone
girl is unhaaappppy
girl meets alpha [recursive]

The solution to this problem is in you. If you allow your man to be a man, you will be more attracted to him. It is a simple solution, but it is not easy to do. By finding your inner, hidden femininity, you allow your man to express his inner, hidden masculinity. Since the masculine attracts the feminine and vice versa, you both will be more attracted to the other.

Finding your femininity is a long slow process, but it will reap huge benefits. Through femininity, you will find true peace of mind & happiness. The basic steps towards becoming a better woman are: look nice, soften & sweeten your personality, respect & serve your man, & enthusiastically engage in sex. Most importantly, do not nag, belittle, or snipe at your man.

I’m not going to go into detail on the basic steps of becoming a better woman in this post because it is a long involved process, but future posts will be devoted to this subject. The first step is to acknowledge that there is a problem & resolve to fix the problem. You will be incredibly happier & so will your man.

Cyprus Wakes Up


Finally some people in Cyprus are actually protesting against the heist that is being threatened. I’ve been pretty disappointed by how incredibly sheep-like the Cypriots have been about the prospect of having savings stolen; they so calmly & peacefully waited in line at the ATM for whatever scraps of cash they were allotted FROM THEIR OWN MONEY!!!!

Cyprus is one of the oldest civilizations, but they have a long history of rolling over & peeing on themselves. The most outlandish was in 1974 they allowed Turkey to take the Northern section of their island. They still haven’t gotten it back! That was almost 40 years ago. WTF? Northern Cyprus now resembles Chernobyl.

Wazzup Kim Jong-un


This picture was on Drudge this weekend. Does it look like Kimmy is being restrained? Or is he being held upright? Frankly, if I were restraining someone I would get some younger, stronger men to do it, but that’s just me. The Telegraph says it is ritualistic:

The new leader of the authoritarian regime was pictured with his hands clasped firmly around those of two senior generals, in a ritualistic photograph that strongly echoed the New Year’s routine of his father, Kim Jong-il.

In other news, is anyone else alarmed that Cyprus is levying money from people’s savings accounts? Um, why would anyone ever deposit money into a bank again? Notice of course that they aren’t taxing the population; they are only taking from people responsible enough to have more money than they spend. So the deadbeats & spendthrifts get a pass. Business as usual.

What’s more disturbing is that this isn’t a big story in America. If you look closely, you might find a small blurb buried on a news site, but it should be splashed across the headlines everywhere. I think this is a test to see how the world reacts to the news. Like if people are not upset & the news doesn’t spread, we could see this happening here.

It would be totally fine with what passes for news in America. Gawker Inc seems fine with the plan because it will mostly affect Russian Businessmen. Doesn’t affect me! The only negative thing they had to say about it was, “Why lean on the little guy?” in reference to the small depositors. Or in other words, “Tax the Rich!”

The ironic thing here is that money is taken from bank accounts to bail out the banks.

Blathering on about Nothing Important


There was a crisis at work yesterday that I handled as well as possible & now I’m just hanging out to see how it pans out. I did all I could & now everything is in others’ hands. Once they act, then I will be busy again. I don’t expect that to happen for a couple of hours.

I found a place about thirty minutes away that sells raw milk, so I want to go there this weekend. It will be annoying because I will have to deal with salespeople (the only thing I dislike doing as much as I dislike talking on the phone), but I’m willing to torture myself for some yummy yummy cream for my coffee & milk for yogurt. There is also a place in town with cheap ammo.

This has been a crazy busy two months so far at work, plus I launched this site. I mean, I know it is just a fluffy little blog & all, but the outpouring of response and support has been incredible. I think the manosphere has to be one of the most polite places I’ve ever experienced. Sure, there are little pissing matches here & there, but they blow over quickly & then this little corner of the internet goes back to 99% polite and helpful.

It was finally light out when I drove to work at 7:10 this morning. I’m getting really excited about Spring & Summer even though it was 31F & my car was frosted over. Last summer I took up sunbathing for about forty minutes for two or three afternoons a week. I also turned off my water heater for the entire summer. Cold showers are really only cold for the first five seconds, but those five seconds are killers!

It is all a part of Keoni’s Paleo Radiation Therapy & Richard’s Cold Therapy & Adaptation. Sunbathing really makes your skin tighter & the fat under your skin smoother. I’m older, so I really notice this, lol. I never got dark, but had a nice tan glow & some really awesome tan lines! The cold water thing just feels good in the summer; it feels as good as a hot shower in the winter. The only thing that is kind of annoying about not having hot water is rinsing out frying pans.

Anyway, the sun is streaming in my windows here at work & it is really nice & brightens my day considerably. I’m going to clean my office (it is a total wreck & I know there are a couple of deadlines somewhere in all those mounds of paper), handle the crisis fallout and kiss February goodbye. Then I have a 3-day weekend! Yay for me!