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A Better Rice Beer Recipe


[An updated recipe is located here – it is much simpler!]

I’ve been playing with my rice beer* recipe & think I’ve gotten it to down to the basics. I started with this recipe, and it was great except that it was a lot of work, a lot of hours & took a long time to ferment. There isn’t enough time from when I get home from work until I go to bed to work the recipe. If you use glutinous (sweet) rice & steam it for a couple of hours, it is so incredibly sticky that it’s hard to separate & mix with the yeast ball. It takes 14 days to ferment, and a double batch only makes about 4 pints, so even if you stagger 2 double batches, say 1 each week, you still only have 4 pints a week for a ton of work. Not acceptable!

So, I went back & searched other recipes. Most of them said to cook the rice normally (on the stove or in a rice cooker), but I didn’t really see glutinous rice cooking “normally” because it kind of instantly explodes into this large sticky ball of rice in the pan instead of nice plump separate grains of rice like you would see with Walmart rice. Plus, Ben’s recipe says the rice needs to be a little bit underdone with a nutty center.

I mixed 6 cups of glutinous rice with 4 cups of jasmine rice (the glutinous rice made a too-sweet end-product), rinsed until clear, & soaked for an hour in spring water. After draining, I took what most of the recipes said & cooked 1 part rice in 1.5 parts spring water until it turns into a huge, thick, sticky ball of the driest rice you can get (still not dry though) before the whole mess burns. It takes about 3.5 seconds after dumping the rice into the boiling water (okay, maybe a couple of minutes). This takes a large stock pot.

While you let the half-cooked rice cool, take your fermenting container (I use this one), fill it with water & add a cap or two of bleach. You should be able to just barely smell the bleach. Toss a tea towel & a spatula of some sort in the jar, invert the lid of the jar & fill that with bleach water too. Let those soak for 30 minutes or so to sterilize. Dump the water, wring out the tea towel & dry the jar.

Take 2 cookie sheets & put them on a large clean surface that moist heat won’t hurt (not grandmother’s heirloom dining table). Cover both cookie sheets with one new, clean trash bag. When the rice is cool enough to handle, spread the rice in the farthest cookie sheet to let it cool further. After a couple of minutes, grab the trash bag & flip the rice into the near cookie sheet & fill the farthest one again with hotter rice to cool.

Crush two yeast balls in a mortar & pestle. Take small bits of the nearest, coolest rice & when it feels warm but not hot to your (clean!) fingers & drop it into the sterilized jar bit by bit. It should be about 110F to not kill the yeast. Keep one hand clean & let the other one get covered with rice.

Sprinkle a spoonful of yeast on the first layer of rice & then repeat until all rice & yeast is layered in the jar. Cover with the damp, sterilized tea towel & place lid on top. Put in a large soft-sided cooler (or wrap in towels, etc) & let sit overnight. In the morning it should be pretty juicy. Stir with clean spatula. Each morning & evening give it a good stir; it should be bubbling merrily.

The yeast balls contain a medicinal mold, Aspergillus Oryza, that breaks the starch down to sugar & then the yeast ferments the resulting sugar. There is a third process that the rice mixture goes through to make the whole mess sweet, but that process escapes me at the moment. I found it somewhere in my research, but don’t have time to look for it – I’ll try to add it back in later if I stumble across it.

I keep the fermenting rice in my kitchen, which stays about 80F – the fermenting rice is exothermic, so I keep it insulated to speed up the process. After about 4 or 5 days the rice should be pretty liquid & it should smell sweet like really ripe alcoholic fruit. In bleach water, sterilize some cheesecloth or a floursack cloth, some bottles in which to bottle your beer (I use Grolsch bottles) a 1 cup measuring scoop & a large funnel.

Put the funnel in your first bottle, drape the cloth over it & scoop a cup or so of the rice mixture in the cloth. Squeeze the heck out of the rice until you get all the liquid out. You can use the rice in recipes, but I just squeeze it until it forms a hard rice turd & I throw it away. Sorry, waste-not-want-not people! Fill your bottles (it usually fills 7 bottles), put in a teaspoon of sugar, cap the bottles & put in a warm dark place to ferment for a couple of days.

Chill the bottles in your fridge. Watch out because they might be pretty explosive when you open them. The resulting rice beer is very fizzy, pretty yummy & chock full of not only beneficial bacteria, but also a medicinal mold. Mmmmm, bacteria & mold – just what the doctor ordered, lol.

*Also called rice wine, makgeolli, etc.

[Update: This stuff is kind of dangerously strong – as much as 22% alcohol (more when you bottle it with a half teaspoon sugar?), which is 44 proof, so if you drink a pint of it, it could be the equivalent of drinking almost 8 shots of 90 proof alcohol – So BE CAREFUL, lol!]

[Note: I have found small spots of mold when I’ve not stirred for a couple of days, but I just scrape those off & ignore. I figure that mold is a part of the process, so it might be the yeast ball mold. Heck, I don’t know! It hasn’t killed me yet!]

Bacteria is Life


If you don’t have good bacteria in your system, you have bad bacteria. Your good bacteria keeps the bad bacteria at bay, but if your gut flora is in bad shape, bad bacteria will move in and:

Most bacterial species will build fortresses for themselves, called biofilms. These are polysaccharide and protein meshworks that, like bone, become mineralized with calcium and other minerals. These mineralized meshworks are built on bodily surfaces, like the gut lining, and protect bacteria from the immune system, antibiotics, and other bacterial species.

Pathogenic species known to generate biofilms include Legionella pneumophila, S. aureus, Listeria monocytogenes, Campylobacter spp., E. coli O157:H7, Salmonella typhimurium, Vibrio cholerae, and Helicobacter pylori. [4]

Biofilms favor the species that constructed them. So, once pathogens have constructed biofilms, it is hard for commensal species to displace them.

So, if they build little fortresses out of the minerals you are ingesting, supplementing minerals without cleaning up your gut flora is actually strengthening the pathogenic ones. And you may have mostly good bacteria, but if you have signs of inflammation (red face, skin problems, joint pain), you probably have a gut flora problem.

In my last post, I talked about the bone spurs I’ve been experiencing & through the process of figuring out a natural way of dealing with them, I noticed that all of the remedies for bone spurs were also remedies for Candida Overgrowth. Bad gut flora. Correcting this is my goal.

I have been battling inflammation for years with probiotics and it has really helped, and eating a really clean diet helps a lot, but sometimes life gets in the way & I eat half a pizza (Pizza Hut thin crust sausage & mushroom – holy hell it was good!). Sometimes I experiment with bizarre diets; sometimes I try drinking a buttload of craft beer. Potatoes, pizza & craft beer were feeding the bad gut flora, which thrives on sugars (starches, wheat, etc). But mostly, I’m on an Anti-Monsanto Diet.

So, the thing to do is attack the pathogenic biofilm (that adorable microscopic castle the bad bacteria built). There are other ways listed, but I like the more natural approach, so I’m going to attack the biofilms with vinegar, spices & maybe whey (I’m making yogurt tonight so tomorrow I will have about a quart of whey). Berries & herbs are also good.

Acetic acid in vinegar can solubilize the calcium, iron, and magnesium in biofilms, removing these minerals and weakening the biofilm; citric acid binds calcium and can disrupt biofilms. [9] Lactoferrin, a molecule in milk whey, binds iron and inhibits biofilm formation and growth. [10] N-acetylcysteine can destroy or inhibit biofilms. [11]

So here’s what I’m doing: I’m heating up some water (not too hot, 110F tops) & adding 2 T. Braggs “mother” apple cider vinegar & ½ T. raw local honey (both of those items fermented) stir & drink each morning & evening. Three times a day on an empty stomach I’m taking vitamin C, ginger, turmeric & digestive enzymes. I’m ingesting as much bacterially profuse foods & beverages as possible (while not feeding the bad with sugars, starches & ketones).

I sorted through a ton of websites yesterday (why, oh why don’t I save the links! It would make my life so much easier) & there was an incredible amount of conflicting advice, but the general gist of what I read was to break down the biofilm of the bad bacteria with various acids (you can even use hydrochloride – Betain HCL [I read somewhere – don’t try until you study – see comment below]) while repopulating with good.

And what are good bacteria sources? Well tonight I’m pan frying in coconut oil a huge T-bone dry-aged as per Dannyfrom504, which is made so tender & flavorful by bacterial & enzymatic action breaking down the meat’s components. So, right there I get more bacteria & enzymes. I also drink raw milk & honey, which have different bacteria. Also, I am enjoying my homemade rice beer & I’m going to post that recipe next.

In the olden days, before refrigeration, almost everything everyone ate was either fresh or fermented, but now that everything comes out of a can and is sterile, you don’t have access to a lot of good bacteria. Add that to the breakdown of the extended family living in close quarters & sharing gut flora, plus all of the anti-bacterial soaps & hand sanitizers & you create a perfect environment for a Candida Overgrowth.

Busy, Bloody


You have no concept of how much of my job has today as a deadline. Realistically about 20% of my entire job for the year has today as a deadline. Hopefully I got everything done because my brain has been mush for the last week.

Luckily I have three days to recover since I now work a 4 day week. Of course, those same 3 day weekends are probably going to be the death of me and any sort of productive activities. Do I paint the window trim that needs it so desperately? No, I do not. Do I visit bars earlier & earlier in the day? Yes, I do.

Tomorrow I’m going shopping for cute bras to attempt to match them to my panties as per Danny’s suggestion. Not sure if hubby will notice or anything, but maybe he’ll reward me with a good old fashioned ravishing. Most likely he will find the pair during an already scheduled ravishing. As long as said ravishing occurs, I’m good. Either I will be rewarded by being ravished or he will be rewarded with cuteness while ravishing.

Do Not Read Past This Point – Menopause Related.

Since transitioning from not having a period for 6 months to having my 2nd 2 week long period (period fatigue extraordinaire!) I started using the disposable version of the Moon Cup or Diva Cup (I bought the disposable ones because that’s all the store had). They work pretty damn well.

Don’t get me wrong – it is gross as hell dealing with it, but as far as being able to not be constantly leaking all day it rocks massively. Then YOU choose when to gross yourself out. Plus you can have sex while using them. Kinda messy sex, but not nearly as messy as without.

I have the best husband in the world, too; the other day I came home to freshly laundered piles of blood-colored towels of every size. I guess once he realized that blood was going to be a big part of our lives for a while, he went out & purchased them to make my life easier. Super Awesome! I did notice a few of them by the bed (hahahaha), which is conveniently outfitted with blood-colored sheets.

Bits & Ends


We are looking at 2 houses tomorrow, which I used to get excited about & I would get all emotionally involved & then my hopes & dreams would get dashed upon the rocks. Not any more; I’m as hard as a diamond, now. I mean, I really want to move, but I know it is a pipe dream. Anyway, I’m torturing another realtor! Fun!

I’m still playing with resistant starch, but not really very hard. Potatoes wrecked my system for about a month & a half & rice tends to give me heartburn. Well, actually it didn’t before, but then the other night I misguidedly ate a street-vendor hotdog that gave me MASSIVE heartburn & now heartburn seems to happen easily. It’s enough that I’m seriously considering going back to eating bits of meat floating in broth & butter. (Damn, that sounds good!)

My job is totally hectic right now – the first month of the year is my busy time, so I’m not sure how much time I’m going to be spending here in the near future. Of course, I only work 4 days a week now, but that actually adds stress, somehow. I’m meeting friends from high school (lol, we are crazy old, too) for a couple of beers Thursday, which should be fun, but actually added stress because last night my car exploded. Well, some sort of shaft thingie exploded. Hell, I don’t know.

A friend at work is fixing it for me & it is going to cost $60 for the part & he is going to charge $20, which means I’m going to have to force another $40 on him so that I don’t feel like I’m taking advantage because I totally am. Taking advantage. Use & abuse.

I’m still taking Zinc to ward off uncontrolled vaginal bleeding & I’m kinda worried about ODing on it because I’m taking way over the recommended amount (150 to 225MG daily), but when I slack off I start bleeding again. I would contact my OB/GYN but he is super surgery-happy & I’m super keep-all-my-parts-happy.

Bitch & Moan & Grumble & Groan (Part 1)

Yeah, yeah, I have nothing to say, but I do have plenty to bitch about. Maybe if I bitch enough here I won’t bitch as much IRL (haha, I’ll let you know how that works). It all started a month ago when I unfortunately decided to go on a Potato Diet because I had 10 pounds that would be really fun to lose. Didn’t really NEED to lose, because I looked pretty awesome, but wouldn’t it be fun to be ultra-skinny for the holidaze?

For 3 days I (& my poor dear abused husband) ate pretty much nothing but potatoes & maybe some coconut oil. It was pretty tasty; I was surprised on the 3rd day when potatoes still tasted really good. There was no weight loss for me or mine even though others on the diet were shedding a few pounds per day. Fuck. The morning of the 4th day I blew my nose & it was bloody as hell. Fuck.

I felt like absolute crap. Body aches, tinnitus, ocular migraine, everything hurt, bad. I felt terrible for a couple of days & I kept trying to catch a cold or flu or something. I felt marginally awful for a couple of weeks & then I started my period. Fuck. I WAS in the middle of menopause. Like 6 months into not ever having a period again. Nope, all down the drain & starting over from scratch. Fuck. Doubly disturbing since we had been using menopause as birth control. Yikes.

That period continued to fire-hose blood out of my twat at an incredible rate (tampons plus pads changed almost hourly) for another 15 days. I had noticed white spots on my fingernails a few days ago, but didn’t really think anything about it until I was googling how to stop the incessant bleeding & was told that I needed to use progesterone cream. I googled foods high in progesterone & found that zinc is the main facilitator of progesterone (or something like that).

Aw, shit, my fingernails (that not only had white spots but were also shredding at an alarming rate) told me that a couple of days before. So I started taking a 75mg zinc in the morning & evening & the blood flow stopped almost immediately. Well, not stopped, but hugely reduced. A couple more days of almost normal period & I started taking zinc 3 times a day & now am NOT BLEEDING!!!!!!! Thank Fucking God! I’m totally going to have some awesome sex this weekend to make up for lost time.

Don’t get me wrong, I had some bloody sex, but it just isn’t the same. I even gave a nice blow job to my long-suffering husband who doesn’t ever get them (poor thing). And there was sex, but it is a lot different when you have to put the thick burgundy terrycloth floor-mat down & hope you don’t bleed through it before the deed is done.

The Potato Diet didn’t just disturb my reproductive organs, it disturbed my whole physical existence. My whole metabolism. My poor nose. When I figured out that I had a zinc deficiency, I realized that it was due to a copper toxicity. I don’t really know what that means, but I have every symptom of both combined with feeling lousy and the holidaze & drinking too much & eating weird foods & I fucking gained 10 pounds. I’m the heaviest I’ve ever been in my life.

So, now instead of losing 10 pounds that I looked fine having, I am a huge fat blubbery pig. And I feel like crap. The saga continues…