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Pyjama Party Ahoy!


I was talking to Mitch the other afternoon and he was laughing about the stink someone was trying to raise over at the MGTOWforums about the Vegas trip, so I went over to check it out. For some reason this Wombat fellow seems to think that my husband and Dr. Illusion are going to be locked in their rooms for the entire trip:

So. A big manosphere meetup. Everyone is going to be packed into a couple of rooms – awesome! A real pyjama party, talking shit, scotch, strippers … but wait!

There’s more than enough room for all of us for this meetup but there a few rules. Doctor Illusion and the Mistress have their own room. TempestTcup and her hubby have their own room. As for the rest of us, we’ll just have to figure that out when we get there.


a) No hanging out with the guys for these two unfortunates. What’s that? You see your wife every goddamn day of the week as it is? You want to spend tie with some new people? Well you’re married now, the answer is no. Suck it up!

b) Cupcakes get their own rooms. The guys just have to manage as best they can. So alpha!

Yeah. That’s the manosphere all over.

So now I’m a cupcake? Damn straight! I’m soft, sweet and tasty!

I never heard anything about strippers, but I’m assuming that there will be strip clubs involved. I’ve been to a couple; not exactly my bag, but whatever. I don’t offend easily. Then The Disgruntled Gentleman chimes in:

Let me get this straight…

The first thing that must be done before a ‘manosphere’ meetup is ensure the women are looked after…?

Words fail…

But wait; that’s not all! Zed comes up with a zinger:

I think the ‘manosphere’ is a misnomer. I think it should be the ‘mangina-osphere’.

The whole thing is hilarious, but I really only have one beef (and really, there were only seven comments, so even they couldn’t get more than a “meh” out of the (faux) outrage) is that they don’t think that men will protect their women.

Not that we will need protection with the people that we are going to see, but my husband is always watching out for my well being. I live in my husband’s protection bubble. Plus, have you seen the sheer amount of beauty supplies women tote around? I need my own bathroom just to hold all of that.

If we hadn’t gotten a room in the suite, my husband would have insisted on getting a room of our own. That’s what husbands do. I take care of his needs, which consist of keeping his stomach full, his balls empty, providing a harmonious home life, looking slim and pretty, and he provides protection and support. Duh.

The Manosphere Is Lost: Explained

Rooshosphere by TempestTcup

I was having trouble keeping up with Roosh’s sphere position, so I made a handy chart for those who are visual learners. I guess everyone outside of the Rooshosphere are just plain old Manosphere or are Red Pill. Of course Ace predicted the splintering of the sphere into fiefdoms. Let me know if I have anything out of place & I’ll fix it!

Gender Equality and Fairness


At the RedPillWoman subreddit, every throwaway troll post is some chick that wants a red pill relationship but with gender equality. They all want to be equal in their relationships. Let’s set aside the fact that equality is the antithesis of red pill for a minute, and let’s discuss the word “equality” in reference to people.

Genders are not equal. People are not equal. You do not equal me. Period. There are just too many variables for people to be equals. Even equal in the eyes of the law isn’t even equal; would a criminal be equal to a non-criminal in the eyes of the law? Why?

Equality in job opportunities also isn’t equal. If I have 30 years experience in public and private accounting, is someone with no experience equal to me for an accounting job? Am I equal to a ballerina in a job search?

Equal is another way of saying “fair”, which is the most evil word in the English language. Like my husband says, “Every time someone says the word “fair” to me, I know I’m about to get royally screwed.” He is correct. Every time someone utters the word “fair” they are using it in the context of taking something from us & giving it to someone else.

Okay, let’s go back to gender equality in a relationship. The biggest gift the red pill ever gave to me was the permission to relax and be a girl. I started by stepping back to allow my husband to be a man, and realized recently that by doing so, I was also allowing myself to be a woman.

Girly things were always a guilty pleasure for me. I was woman hear me roar! and I was supposed to be out there doing something and making a change in the world, blah, blah, blah. No. I really don’t have to. Now I can wallow in girly things to my heart’s content and let my husband do the stuff and make the changes.

Feminism has made women ashamed to be feminine, and has encouraged them to become man-like. Women can’t discuss mascara without discussing Topics That Concern Women; look at any female site like xoJane or Jezebel. The problem is the when you are all wrapped up dwelling on Team Woman, you forget that you are destroying the concept of a man being a man.

Gender equality means that both parties are competing for control. The female generally wins this one because it is so easy to turn your husband into a “yes dear” husband. After enough nagging, men will eventually give up and let the female have her way. And then she becomes less attracted, and you know what happens next.

Hiding in My Shell


I’m afraid that The Ringmistress is right:

Honestly I don’t know if that reddit has any chance of making it. It’s like the women there don’t “get it.” How many pills do you need to take to learn that the best “sexual strategy” is save sex for marriage, don’t cohabitate, and learn some girl game.

I had to step away from the RedPillWoman subreddit yesterday. I pretty much suck at being a moderator because when I should ban, I engage & when I should engage, I ban. There are a lot of problems with the subreddit: there are tons of trolls, there are tons of purple pill women (red pill only for the good parts, but not swallowing any of the bad parts), & women as a whole get offended so easily. Just the fact that it is a female site means it will soon turn into Jezebel.

There are 8 or 9 lovely red pill women on the subreddit that are valiantly trying to make it a go, but they are massively outnumbered by the trolls & purple pillers. This post is not about these ladies, & they know who they are because I follow most of them here or on twitter.  They are doing an incredible job & I salute them.

But there are sooooo many trolls. So many trolls. These trolls are good, too; they suck you into a conversation saying they are red pill, but then slowly reveal that they are anything but. They have been trolling for years & I am obviously terribly naive. I simply can’t spot them until it’s too late & then what do I do, delete the entire conversation?

Then there are the purple pillers. They like the idea of having a big strong man around to pull their hair, but they are completely against anything bad said about women in general. They don’t believe in hypergamy or solipsism & if you compare women to cats they call it “female bashing”. They are firmly Team Woman. They are NOT red pill.

Then there is the problem of them just being women. Women get offended easily. Women LOVE to be offended! Then they have something to get all excited & bitch about. Then the whole conversation turns into a massive bitch-fest. Ugh. Shut up.

The thing is that real red pill women, in my experience, don’t get offended easily. I’ve been reading their stuff for a year or two now & they just don’t. They are able to carry on a conversation without saying things like “female bashing”. They are able to take criticism without getting all screechy.

Half of me wants to wade in & go all BAN HAMMER!!!!! on their asses & get not only all the trolls, but also the purple pillers (because they are basically trolls, too) & the other half feels slightly nauseous at the thought. I think I’ll hide for a couple of days & then decide. I really wanted it to work, but I also like not experiencing strife.

In my real life I dumped all my most caustic “friends” & avoid the unpleasant ones. I have whittled my life down to my husband, my family & a select few friends, & I have really been enjoying the peace & quiet. Then I let the trolls into my life with reddit. I’m not the brightest pencil in the box.

The only thing that would make the subreddit work is if a bunch of guys went in & cleaned the mess up. Seriously. If you think about it, taking the red pill as a woman means submitting to a man. The problem is that there are only two men handling it & they also have TheRedPill & are busy with that.

The RedPillWoman needs a bunch of good shepherds & women are terrible at that (I am terrible at that!). Look at some of the prominent female run blogs on the manosphere; in the comment section, the men keep the women in line. That’s what is needed. The question is, why the hell would a man want to wade into that viper’s nest to clean it up?



I have the bones of an epic post rattling around in my brain & while they are being polished, I thought I’d check in to update my suddenly crazy life. I mean, there I was, same ol’ same ol’, when my family planned an impromptu gambling junket. They do this often, well they usually don’t tell us about it, but they do go on gambling trips a lot. Sounds fun; nothing else going on.

It was fun. My bedtime is a strict 10pm & my sister had us out until 4:30 the first night. I was late to the hot Craps table, but my husband got a piece of the action & one of my sisters put a $25 chip under her $5 odds on Pass, so she totally raked it in about 5 times. I played a lot of Roulette & pretty much came out ahead.

What you do is you count every penny you have when you arrive & then you count what you have left. We were up for the whole trip, hotel & tipping & all until we filled up my sister’s car for the trip home. Then we were even. Oh, and that includes T-shirts.

Arriving home, I go to work the next day & I’m introduced to the auditors that were going to start an audit of the books that day. Yay, surprise audit! Accountants LOVE those! So the rest of that week & all the next were spent being grilled about numbers. On an up note, my books were in really good shape despite me only paying occasional attention to them. Like, I have a ton of work to do & here I am rambling on.

Right before we left to gamble, we made some plans to visit friends in California next month & then this week there was a spontaneous Manosphere trip to Vegas suggested & if you think I’m going to miss out on that, you are nuts. There’s also an annual reunion float trip squeezed in there somewhere. So, it’s going to be crazy.

In all of this I was asked if I would like to be a moderator for the RedPillWoman subreddit & of course I accepted, but I kind of suck at it because (warning: humblebrag ahead, haha) I’m too damn nice. There are an incredible amount of trolls. It’s funny because I have pretty much rid my life of caustic people & have been enjoying the peace & quiet following the purge & now I have all these trolls in my life, lol.

I hate to mess with the subreddit too much as far as the conversation goes, but I will go back & do cleanup work. Trolls come in a wide variety: there are the get in your face kind that get banned immediately, there are the sneaky ones that pretend to be a part of the group but keep loudly touting the blue pill message, & there are the stealth ones. The stealth ones go to the old posts & pepper them with trollishness. Those are the ones I’m working on. I remove offending comments, but I haven’t lowered the ban hammer yet.

The weird thing about the RedPillWoman subreddit is that there are so many hater sites feeding off of it. For instance this one article has both of these other subreddits either making fun or mad that we exist. I guess we are some sort of threat to their strong, fierce & successful independence that needs no man.

Anyway I have huge piles of work on my desk & three days in which to finish a ton of stuff. Plus I have this post simmering in me braiiin, making me think. It’ll be a good one, I promise.

I’ll Keep the Pedestal


Both Red Pill Wifey & Mitch from Apocalypse Cometh had posts on this post from MMSL forums & holy cow, I’m keeping my pedestal. I don’t ever want my husband to see me like this:

But something shifted down deep inside. Something that frankly scared the living shit out of me. In front of me, I no longer saw my beautiful sexy wife that was in killer shape despite 3 kids and pushing 40. I saw the wrinkles, I saw the sagginess, I saw the lumps and bumps. I saw an aging, crazy, bitch of a woman. And I was… just not into her any more.

When I first stumbled upon the Red Pill, I kind of pushed my husband to also take it, and he has to a certain extent; he follows my blogroll & wanders around the manosphere here & there, but hasn’t fully choked down the pill. After the initial push I figured that he has access to the info & he can take whatever aspects he wants & leave the rest.

I read story after story around the ‘sphere about how, once the red pill sinks in, the man is less attracted to his wife. He removes her from her pedestal & the veil drops from his eyes & he sees her hypergamy & shit tests & loses interest. The stupid thing is that she hated the pedestal & by taking her off of it he becomes more attractive & is everything she ever wanted as he walks away.

It’s this cycle of his love leading to oneitis & putting the female on a pedestal & kowtowing to her wishes. The more he bends to her will the more she demands because she doesn’t know what she wants; she just knows she’s not getting it. She gets bitchy & starts the shit tests & he bends more. When he has enough, takes her off the pedestal & quits bending, she becomes more attracted. Ugh, forget it – it really sounds like a huge hassle.

So, I’m keeping my pedestal. I’ll just have to be aware that I can’t be bitchy & demanding & try to run the show. I have to be the one to stop the ugly cycle. If I don’t shit test, he can’t fail my shit test (although he has gotten pretty good at deflecting them lately). I don’t run the show anymore either; I realized that I wasn’t very good at it anyway.

A Few of My Favorite May Things


After the long Memorial Day weekend & then another long weekend in a couple of days to go South on a mini adventure/gambling junket with my family (let’s see how well I remember to play Craps, shall we?) I will be out of pocket for most of the next week.

I’ve been saving links to really excellent posts that I’ve seen this month (when I remember – I’m really bad at this, but working on my shortcomings!), so I thought this would be a good time to get those out there. In no particular order:

Motivationalhierarchy makes a splash with This is Your Life as a Beta, Be Proud!

Ruxman contemplates networking with Project Social Circle

Sis specializes in loving-not-doing in Nesting

Stingray explains the trials & tribulations of the Red Pill Women

Sunshine Mary hits it out of the park with Marital Fitness Testing 101

Off The Food Grid takes Paleo back a notch to The Pleistocene Diet

Bill Powell has a bunch of stuff we all need to read in Executive Orders

You So Would writes about The Reason The Pill Tastes Bitter

Keoni Galt explains the Anti-Monsanto diet in Biotech is Godzilla

Matt Forney on becoming an accomplished superman: “Don’t You Even Have a Life?”

Red Pill Wifey steams up the ‘sphere with Sexting & Role Play part 1 & Part 2

Life of Liz posts an essay on fitting into the college experience

Francis Begbie tells how health is everything in I Care Because You Do

The Private Man has Five Noble Truths About Attraction & Dating

I know that I have read many, many more really great posts this month, but I have a ton of work to do to prepare for being gone from work for a 5-day weekend in a couple of days! I hope everyone has a pleasant week & I hope everyone’s weather is beautiful.

In a final note I would like to thank Viva La Manosphere for including me in their line-up, Bill Powell, Matt Forney & The Private Man for tweeting my links, everyone who added me to their blogroll, and all my awesome commenters! Thank you all for everything; I really appreciate the love 😀